"Xander!" Gibbons yelled and Xander's head snapped up. "Have a nice nap?"

"Actually yes I did." Xander said dryly and a few agents snickered.

"As I was saying, we have a serious problem. Our mainframe was hacked into again and

we are no closer to finding the hacker. But she, or so we've guessed, always leaves a calling

card." Gibbons said and typed a key on the keyboard in front of him. An angel appeared on the

screen, its wings flapping. Only it wasn't a normal angel, this one looked like the little girl from

The Ring. Her head was tilted down, black hair hanging down, and it was looking up. "Who are


"Razor Wings." The 'angel' said, its voice soft and delicate sounding, some of the agents


"What do you want?" Gibbons asked.

"For your world to end."

"Who do you work for?"

"The White Rabbit." It said and laughed. Gibbons pressed another key and the image


"We crossed checked 'The White Rabbit', nothing we then cross checked just 'White

Rabbit' one hit came up." he pressed another key and a website came up, on it was a picture of

a white rabbit. He clicked on it and a vortex appeared, when it cleared away they were left

looking at several images, one of which was the 'angel'. A banner appeared at the top of the site.



"After checking the hackers registered we did in fact find one with the alias of Razor Wings,

the name and image taken from the name of songs and cover art off of a Collide CD, Chasing the

Ghost." Gibbons said.

"Collide?" an agent, asked.

"They are an independent Industrial band based out of California. We've talked to the

members, kaRIN and Statik, and have concluded that they are not involved, nor did they know

who this person is. In the last hacking, Razor Wings got sloppy and left behind something more

than a calling card, she left behind verifiable identification." He pressed a key and a rap sheet

popped up, along with mugshots of an attractive woman with dark purple hair and gray eyes.

"Danica Lewis, a.k.a. Razor Wings. Spent three years in minimum security for fraud and hacking.

Low priority. Xander this is where you come in." Gibbons said and Xander perked an eyebrow

at him. "There is going to be a Collide concert in LA three days from now, all arranged by the

CIA. Ms. Lewis is an extreme Collide fan and will most likely be there. Xander you will be there,

neutralize her in anyway you can and we will come in and detain her."

"Why me?" Xander asked.

"You don't look like an agent, you'll fit right in. The flight reservations have already been

made, have a nice flight Triple X, meeting dismissed." Gibbons said and the agents left, but

Xander stayed behind. "Yes?"

"I would like the file on her, if you don't mind."

"A little light reading for the trip?"

"Something like that." Xander said and Gibbons printed the file out and put it in a folder

handing it to him.

"Happy reading X." he said and Xander left.

He was on a plane headed for LA. He still had a place there from before he became an

agent, hopefully the window were replaced. When the plane landed he got up, got his bag and

left a man was in the waiting area with a sign that said 'CAGE'.

"Xander Cage?" he asked and Xander nodded. "This way, your car is waiting." Xander

followed him to the parking lot and smiled when he saw his baby, a blue 1967 Pontiac GTO with

a new matching hardtop, since the last one is probably in a trash heap somewhere in Prague. The

agent tossed Xander the keys and went to his own car, getting in a driving away. He got in his

car and started it up, it roared to life and the smile widened. Damn he loved this car. The dash

was still decked out with whatever an agent might need, flame thrower, rocket launchers,

grenade launchers the works. He looked over at the passenger seat and could almost see Yelena

sitting in it smiling at him. His anger boiled up as he remembered what she had done to him.

After getting what she wanted she ditched him in the middle of the night, when he woke up

in the morning and saw that she was gone he realized that all he was, was a tool. He had actually

fallen in love with her, and she had been using him the entire time. Bitch.

Shaking the thoughts from his head he swung his bag into the back seat and closed the door

driving away. He turned the headlights on as night fell, so obviously they had been fixed also after

he had launched rockets through them. He pulled up to his place and got out swinging his bag

over his shoulder. He took the elevator up and entered his place, turning on the lights. Yes the

windows had been replaced. He threw his bag on the floor and looked around, it was good to

be home. He went into the back rooms that served as the kitchen, bathroom, and bedroom. He

unpacked, took a shower, brushed his teeth and went to bed.

When he woke up the next morning, his vid phone was ringing. He groped for it and

opened it. Gibbons's heavily scarred face peered back at him.

"You gotta stop doing that Gibbons." Xander said running a hand over his face and shaven


"Sleep well Xander?"

"Not really."

"Too bad, time to work."

"The concert is in what, two days? I got time."

"Did you read her file?"

"Front to back and then some."

"There's been a development."

"What kind of development?"

"She hacked into our mainframe again last night."

"Son of a bitch."

"Well put." Gibbons said with a ghost of a smile. "I'm sending you some Collide CDs, let

you get a sneak preview of what you'll be hearing."

"Super, can I get back to sleep now?" Xander said and Gibbons sighed.


"Okay then hold on a second." Xander said and got up putting an oversized T-shirt on over

his tattooed muscled chest. "Okay, back to subject. Did she take anything?"

"Not that we're aware of, but we're still looking. It just seems like she's going in leaving her

card and leaving."

"If that's all she's doing then why go after her?"

"X, we have some of the most complex safeguards and firewalls in the world and she went

through them like they were wet tissue paper. She don't want her in jail, we want her as an


"Don't you guys have some kind of tracking...thing to pinpoint her location every time she

hacks in?"

"Yes, but every time she goes in and the tracer program kicks up, it says she's in a different

location. First it was Paris, and then Rome, then some little town called Cohoes. We can't get an

exact location."

"Okay, I get it. Then how do you know that she'll be at the concert?"

"Call it a hunch. I'll send over some more info on her. Good luck X." Gibbons said and the

connection went dead. Xander flipped down the tiny screen and lay back down on his bed. He

was about to close his eyes when his doorbell rang, grumbling he got up and went to the door

finding a FedEx delivery guy on his front step. He signed for the package and the guy left, ripping

open the package he took out two CDs, one of which had the picture of Razor Wings' angel on

it, Chasing the Ghost. He put the CD in and hit play, it wasn't that bad, it wasn't exactly his style

of music, but it wasn't that bad. With the CD still playing he went into the bathroom and took a


Two days Xander pulled up to the warehouse where the concert was being held, long lines

stretching into the large field in front of it. He walked right to the head of the line and the bouncer

nodded at him to enter. The place was close to packed, and it was dark except for the strobe

lights and the laser lights. Industrial music blared out of the speakers hidden in the ceiling and he

looked around to try to find Razor Wings. He spotted her easily; she was by the bar, her purple

hair in braided pigtails on the sides of her head, her bangs down covering her forehead. Dark

purple lipstick was on her lips and matching eye shadow on her lids. She had on what looked

like a bright purple spandex long sleeved shirt with a black men's tank top on over it, a black

miniskirt and bright purple tights, knee high black leather boots on her feet.

"Ladies and gentlemen, now for the show you all came here to see. Collide!" an announcer

said and she along with hundreds of others cheered. A man and a woman walked onto stage, the

woman walked over to the microphone while the man stepped behind a synthesizer. Music

started and the people cheered harder, Razor Wings grabbed the arms of the people who were

obviously her friends and dragged them away from the bar going to the dance floor where many

people already were.

"Wind up your reasons demons and ghosts wind up your circuitry loves you the most. Your

wings on fire but you can't find them your wings are higher I've never seen them before. Chasing

the wings of steel chasing the ghost of time wind up your circuitry loves you the most wind up

your complicated chasing the ghost..." the woman, who was obviously kaRIN, sang and he

watched as Razor Wings danced moving her body along to the smooth beat.

(A/N: Collide is actually a real band for all of you who didn't know it. Chasing the Ghost is

actually one of their CDs and those are the actual lyrics from their song Wings of Steel. I got

them from the CD jacket. So obviously I have the CD, it kicks ass. kaRIN does the voices and

words and Statik does the noise. If you're interested just go to Collide-dot-net.)

The song ended and another one began, he recognized it as Dreamsleep.

"Shivers run down my spine like the hunted perfect and true only you borrow what you

hope for only you borrow. I recognize that you might have don't believe that it's true and there's

a fire tonight don't believe what you do in an instant distant sorrow like there's no tomorrow..."

the words and music were haunting he felt himself float into them. Soon the song was over and he

opened his eyes, he didn't even know that they were closed. His dark brown eyes settled on

Razor Wings again as she was walked back to the bar. Now's his chance. Meeting her at the

bar she looked at him briefly before ordering a shot glass of vodka.

"Make that two." He said and she looked at him again as she sipped her drink. "You

enjoying the concert?"

"Very much so." She said and he held out his hand.

"Xander Cage, but my friends call me X." Xander said and she set down her drink to put

her hand in his.

"Danica Lewis, but my friends call me Razor." Danica said and went back to her drink. She

downed it and grimaced.

"Why do they call you that?"

"No reason. You been a fan long?" she asked and he down his shot too.

"Couple of days now, an acquaintance of mine gave me one of their CD's to listen to and I

like it. How long you been a fan?"

"Since their first CD came out." She said and Slither Thing from their Some Kind of

Strange CD came on.

"Would you like to dance?" he asked with a smile and she perked an eyebrow at him also


"Yes I think I would." She said and he put a heavily tattooed muscular arm around her

waist leading her onto the dance floor. He pulled her to him, pressing her body against his and

they began to move with each other in time to the music. She looked kinda surprised that he was

so graceful despite his large size.

When the song was over they went back to the bar and ordered two more drinks, this time

it was water.

"It's too hot in here, I'm gonna go outside you wanna come?" she said over the music.

"Yeah, it is kinda warm in here." Xander said and they left after getting the back of their

hand stamped with Collide's band logo so they could get back in. they walked out to his car and

she whistled when she saw it.

"Nice car, 1967 Pontiac GTO, excellent condition." Danica said and he smiled.

"You like it? Took me a while to find one, it was hiding in Berlin when I tracked it down."

"Lot of effort for a car."

"Hey this car is 100 percent Detroit muscle. Are you saying you wouldn't do the same?"

"I would do exactly the same." Danica said with a smile and hopped up on the hood sitting

down on it, looking at him. The dark makeup around her eyes made them look large and brighter

than they really were. Xander walked over and stood in front of her with his hands palms down,

on the hood either side of her. Raising one hand he touched her braids, they were rock hard and


"What do you use to keep your braids intact?"

"Hair wax, but it comes out when I wash my hair." She said and he kissed her suddenly,

she kissed him back and he felt her lift his shirt a little so she could touch the skin of his rock hard

stomach. After a little while he pulled away and she looked him in the eyes.

"Your place or mine?" he asked and she grinned slightly.

"Yours, I can follow you in my car."

"Screw that, we can go in my car. I can drop you off here in the morning." Xander said and

she smiled.

"Okay." she said and she got down off of the hood of the car, they got in his car and pulled


When they got to his place they started to kiss heavily in the elevator and when they got up

to his apartment, she had her legs around his waist and he was unzipping her boots as he walked.

It seemed like forever to get to his bedroom but when they finally did he pulled her boots off and

lay down with her under him. They kissed again and he reached in his pocket taking out a pair of

handcuffs. He held them up and she looked at them then at him.

"Xander Cage, I never would have guessed that you were like that." Danica said grinning


"I'll surprise you. So how about it? You game?" he asked and she nodded.

"Absolutely, but next time, and something tells me that there will be a next time, I get to

handcuff you." She said and he grinned.

"Sounds fair." Xander said and put one of the cuffs around one of her wrists; he looped the

chain around a bar of his headboard and cuffed her other wrist. When her wrists were secure he

got off of her and she looked at him in question.

"Huh...?" she started to ask as he took out his cell phone. He opened it and hit a number on

the speed dial.

"She's neutralized, time for pick up." he said and closed it, sighing he turned to her he hated

this part. "Danica Lewis a.k.a Razor Wings you are under arrest by authority of the CIA. You

will be detained and questioned." He said and she started to thrash on the bed, pulling at the


"You fucking bastard!" she screamed at him. "Take these fucking cuffs off me so I can rip

your fucking nuts off!" pure rage smoldered in her eyes. He went into the bathroom, the sound of

her curses and threats following him. He heard as Agents came into his apartment, and then his

bedroom. Her yells were muffled and she was probably gagged and he got up from his seat on

the closed toilet. Leaving the bathroom he caught them just as they were about to leave.

"Wait." He said and they stopped. He went over to them and removed her gag. "I'm sorry

Danica." He said and she spit in his face, he wiped it away with the back of his hand. She was

gagged again and dragged out. He gave her boots to one of the Agents and he watched from one

of the windows as she was pushed into a black car and the car drove away.

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