:Written by Xaerox:

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Genre: Action/Adventure and Romance
Rating: R – quite a lot of swearing but who can blame me – it's natural...
Paring: Naruto/Sakura and some others
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Kyubi's growl rumbled throughout the Hidden Leaf village of Konoha, all the shinobis of the Leaf were trying to control this humongous beast; it looks like their efforts were prevailing.

The fourth stood next to the third staring at this chaos "time is short and I have to seal Kyubi inside my son", he said quietly.

"Promise me you tell him nothing about me until the time is right..."

The third looked surprised "why? He needs to know who his father and mother are plus his family knowledge..."

"Yes, I know... "replied the fourth "that's why I am leaving you this box with all the information he needs to know... I am also leaving the most secretive knowledge of my clan with him as well..."

He stopped looked in the eye of the third "I know he is going to have a heavy burden on him after Kyubi is sealed, but the knowledge of my wife and I are far too secretive for him to know such a young age... it cant be revealed to the enemy, no – one at all apart from him"

The third looked and nodded his head slowly.

"I know you'll look after him well, give the box to him when he matured, its only then will he be able to unseal the information" he sighed

"I also added a few things of his mother side of the family... think that's everything" looking at the box thinking if he left anything out

"Oh and this" he took off his black bandana from his head and handed it to the fourth.

The fourth looking at it closely and felt the smooth long silky black cloth with a thick silver stripe down the middle. It really is a genuine high quality bandana.

As if reading his mind "Nice isn't it" said the fourth "It was passed down from my great great grandfather down our clan... I hope he wears it proudly just like I did..."

He left it with the box sighed "I think the time is now... I will stop Kyubi's destructive force any further..."

The third nodded slowly "I will fur fill the task you left me, I'll promise to look after Naruto for you"he said in a calm slow voice

The fourth looked in the eye of the third "my friend, we will meet in another world... don't worry as I feel I have mastered the way of the shinobi by fulfilling my dream in life as both Hoskage but also saving the village of Konoha I love... farewell!"

With that the fourth took out his hand, the third did the same, they shook and embraced each other.

With that he was gone in the silent night. The third stood and watched "You will be much missed my friend... fair well ..."

With that he stood and watched till the roar of Kyubi died down.