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:Chapter 7:

Naruto was up before the rise of dawn and went to train in the woods as part of his normal regime. He started off the training with some basic meditation and in a way an excuse to talk to Kyubi about the day.

During the three years of training, Kyubi became very good friends with Naruto; they normally had a good chat about Naruto's troubles or discussions. Naruto enjoyed the advice Kyubi gave about his general life, his training, his social life plus solving some problems.

"So you now back to his place again" said Kyubi softly looking as beautiful as ever

"Yeap..." replied Naruto "today's the exam and I am by myself only this time"

"Well good luck" Kyubi smiled

"And try not to hurt them so much, remember to show respect to others" she added

"Yea no worries I will as you keep constantly go reminding me" sighed Naruto

"Good... maybe then you girls to like you" she muttered

"Hey! My charm is unbreakable... you'll see!" Naruto was generally insulted

"Just joking" laughed Kyubi, knowing full well how to get on Naruto nerves.

She came forward and planted a kiss on his forehead, "I think you ready, go kick some ass!" she smirked at him.

"That... I can do very well" Naruto waved back "bye"

With that he was instantly back to the present reality.

The rest of the morning was spent doing some hardcore training that was familiar to him that been drilled inside his brain. After some general jogging deep inside the wood he found his favourite spot for training near a streaming lake. He enjoyed his area because of its peaceful tranquillity plus the gentle soothing sound of the water dripping onto the rocks.

He started with some Taijutsu by practising some of the martial arts thrusted to him by his mother plus the art used by Itachi which is generally more based on speed and accuracy.

After some intense training, he took out Xeo and unsheathed the sword out to present a fine bright blade with a tint of blue. Kisame helped to teach him the correct ways to use a katana and advantages of having a sword in your hand. After slicing through countless rocks and wooden blocks, he relaxed by walking towards the streaming lake.

He ended his morning training by practising his own type of charka control. Skilfully, he took off all his clothes apart and changed to a pair of swimming trunks and walked on top of the water and stood in the centre, eyes closed deep in concentration. Slowly, he silently descended into the water causing not even an oxygen bubble to be heard of seen. The art of this type of charka control is immense as he stained to put the accurate amount of charka to merge under perfectly. After around half an hour he inclined up and even hovered a little above the water through releasing the precise amount of charka to do so.

Naruto rested on one of the rocks feeling refreshed from what he calls the "Morning Shower" that not only helped him to train but also gave him a cool sensation at the same time. He munched straight away on some peaches and mangos he brought from the shops specially last night and sipped on some mineral water Itachi left him.

He decided to call it a day and went back to his apartment in no time to pack his stuff needed for the exam. He took a few schurikens and Kunais plus a med kit. As usual he took a lot of fruits and a silver hip flask given to him from Itachi part of his 14th birthday which he uses to store some of mineral water. The flask it self was silver plated with his name engraved on the front and on the back were the words "Dreams Don't Die". It was a great present which kept a smile on Naruto's face every time he used it. He looked at it and placed it safely inside his jacket.

As he checked his stuff around, he noticed the team 7 photo inside his bag and took it out and carefully placed it on his bedroom window. He smiled upon looking at the photo; "well, I'll be seeing you guys very soon" with that he grabbed his katana, Xeo, checked everything and left without a sound.

Team 7 was at the bridge listening to Kakashi for the last few words of advice from the famous copy-cat ninja.

"Remember, for you sake, work as a team" signed Kakashi, he been doing on about this for a lot now, and couldn't emphasis it enough

"It is fourth time now... taking this exam"

Sakura and Ino looked at each other and nodded. Sasuke looked at them and did his normal grunt, "Humph" and nodded slowly.

"You better go now" said Kakashi and then giving them a optimistic look

"And by the way, I think you'll find someone else in this exam as well this time" he smiled under his mask

Sakura turned towards her Sensei, "who Sensei?"

She looked pleadingly at Kakashi for an answer, Ino and Sasuke was equally confused as her.

"Oh... you'll see" replied Kakashi, "Sooner or later"

With those words, he got out his book and disappeared in a buff of smoke shouting out loud "I see you all in the exam... good luck... definitely going to need it!"

Team 7 watched the smoke vapours clear up wondering about what he said.

"Weird pervert" muttered Ino and started walking forward "You guys ready?"

Sakura and Sasuke both nodded looking towards her direction, "let's go" they muttered and ran towards the exam room.

Naruto was the first one there, he used to been so punctual and sat in the corner as he made himself unnoticed. He felt the presence of some others coming towards the room and also the presence of his previous friends.

First came in Kiba looking as energetic as ever with Akamaru by his side. The dog has sure grown a lot since Naruto left and now can no longer be called a puppy. Akamaru's white fur shown brightly with pure light reflected from it, still looking as cute as before on the outside, but inside there is still the wild untameable aura that Naruto can still sense from this pedigree.

Soon followed were Shino and Hinata, still acting slightly nervous entering the room. Its clear Shino grown taller through the years, around the same height as Naruto but Hinata grew only slightly, but that didn't cause any defects towards her composed and clean face. Naruto sensed her gentle aura realising that although she was as pure hearted as before, however he can still feel her anxious jumps now and then.

Behind them came Lee, TenTen and Chouji all looking quite confident. TenTen and Lee seemed close as they were busy into a deep conversation. Lee grew a lot from the years, still slim as ever but also showed good built but also stayed with Gai's haircut and eyebrows, although he left the haircut slightly longer than Gai's otherwise they might as well be identical twins. Chouji on the other hand was also making a few extraordinary changes, bigger than ever, he munched on his favourite crisps, now labelled "Light – 90% Fat Free!"

Finally came the team Naruto been looking forward meeting, Sasuke, Sakura and Ino walked gracefully in. Ino immediately went to talk to her old team mate Chouji commenting on his new eating orders. Sasuke and Sakura went and joined the old group exchanging small talk and confident glances.

"So they changed the team" Naruto thought, feeling all their presence, still not looking up towards their direction.

"I can feel they changed a bit... but nothing close as much as me... I don't think they'll recognize me... man I even taller than all of them"

Also in the exam was the Sand trio with Gaara, Temari and Kankuro looking very confident as usual. Amazingly they went talking with the other groups, with Gaara having a deep conversation with Rock Lee about their improvements, Temari, TenTen and Hinata giggling over something, whilst Kankuro was having a very mono-toned chat almost secretly with his arch rival, Shino.

Naruto continued to shuffle his cards with Chakra emitted from his hands making them flying from one of his hands to the other, it quite amazing to watch.

"Sakura... I can feel you being more beautiful than I left..."

Finally he decided to look up and saw them from the other side across the room resisting it no longer.

"Hmm... I guess I was right, my senses don't fail me... my Sasuke more confident and arrogant as ever... plus Sakura... wow..."

Naruto stared for a while looking at Sakura talking to Ino about the trails and parts in the exam.

"She was definitely worth the wait..." he gasped to himself silently

He sighed to himself turning back to his cards, this time spinning one slowly pivoting the centre with his thumb, waiting for the exam to start.

"OK!" came the shout of Ibiki, surrounded by a crowd of Chuunins with a poof of smoke

"Get in there!" he pointed at the entrance of the first exam "And shut the hell up!"

They all went inside, however all the other examiners inside were shocked to see Naruto in the corner of the room already as they turned around.

"How the hell did he get in there so quick... without even noticing him?"

They all muttered among themselves "Haven't seen that guy before..."

"Who is that kid" one asked

"No idea" came the whisper of another Chuunin

"There is no reference of him here..."

"Probably just a new kid signed up at the last minute" sighed Ibiki trying to shut the controversy

"You get those..." his eyes focused on Naruto hidden face, not leaving it.

After Ibiki explained to them all about the first test on f the exam paper, which is testing all their metal abilities. Every Chuunin in the room was resting their eyes examining on Naruto.

Although the exam questions were placed there to be too difficult for even most of the Chuunins, after all the mental lessons with Itachi, Naruto answered them easily and finished in less than one minutes. The speed which he wrote and read was truly incredible.

This only caused more trouble with the Chuunin examiners.

"Did you see that guy?" whispered one of the Chuunin to Shikamaru

"He jotted down all the answers faster than I could see him write..."

"Yes..." sighed Shikamaru, now awake "He does look...and feel... oddly familiar"

"I thought you wouldn't forget" thought Naruto "It's not something for someone like you to forget... regarding your IQ level"

He could hear their conversation perfecting due to his hearing training, the over senses are coming extremely useful to him in everyday life.

"Ahh... what have we here" thought Naruto sensing one of the examiners about to activate their Byakugan to see his face.

"Neji... it won't come useful anymore... against me"

Neji, now promoted to a Chuunin from last year's exam was also very keen to see who Naruto was, unfortunately, with Kyubi's powers given to Naruto; he gained a Natural defence against it with her eyes.

"What!" thought Neji "I can't get past his clothes... his guy isn't right"

Naruto feeling the slight jump of surprise emitted from Neji felt a slight enjoyment knowing that his Chakra points are now in safe hands. He felt all the examiners stop staring towards his direction and decided to lie down on the benching trying his best to nod off.

However he could feel the presence of a girl with both strong pair of eyes starring at him intently.

"Long brown hair, light skin...umm emerald eyes..." he thought to himself

He turned around and tilted his head and saw her, grinned before giving her a killer smile.

She blushed furiously as a response.

"I was right" he thought, enjoying testing his senses.

He moved his paper very gently towards her direction for her to see and then leaned back against the wall and shut his eyes almost immediately.

"Hey Kyubi!" shouted Naruto as he opened the gate.

He saw Kyubi standing in front of him in light jeans and sports vest smiling at him. He was now used to Kyubi like this...

"Looking great... as usual" he added

"What's up kid" smiled Kyubi walking towards him

"Tired of the exam already?" She asked as she summoned two chairs for them to sit down

"You feel different about everyone don't you?"

Naruto knew she knows everything about him a little too well and laughed.

"You never cease to surprise me..." Naruto looked at Kyubi square in the eyes

"I suppose it's just weird about coming back and seeing everyone that I missed three years ago"

"Yes well" replied Kyubi softly

"Don't be sad kid... remember that you are here to show your abilities and how much you grown but also for your father's honour and the Uzumaki name... you aren't dead last anymore... remember that"

Her words brightened up Naruto who normally came to her for some reality check or confusions.

"Thanks Kyubi... feeling better already"

He stood up and grinned back at her mischievously "I can feel that girl string at me again..."

He sighed "Now I know what Sasuke feels like all the time"

"I guess they can't resist the Naruto charm" he smirked

"Oi Smoothie!" said Kyubi loudly, looking slightly annoyed

"What did I tell you about playing with girls minds... you never listen"

She knew Naruto was too lazy to argue with her plus he somehow does seem to take in whatever she tells him.

"Now get back and finish off your exam" she smiled

"Good luck... not that you need it...but the next exam should be interesting"

"Yeap sure will" Naruto nodded and made his way towards the gates and turned around

"Miss you" he said cheekily and was gone back to reality.

He opened his eyes now back in the exam. He turned around and saw a few girls down his row starring at him with dreamy eyes.

"Oh great..." he thought "might as well cheer him on"

He smiled very cheekily at every girl looking at him which causes a ripple of blushes spreading out from their faces. He also noticed quite a few teams have been sent out from rubbish cheating when he was away.

"Ok!" shouted Ibiki looking at the resting of the group starring at each and one of them in the eye.

"Normally I'd say you'd passed but I decided to change the rules" he smiled crookedly at them all, sending some shivers

"With the ones left, you'll get through based on how well you performed or to most of you... how well you need a minimum of six out of ten to pass"

He smiled at the response he received from most of the shocked faces.

"Now hand your papers!" he roared

Everyone stood up and handed their papers, the ones who passed stayed behind whilst the others left.

"5 out of 10...out, better luck next time! Next!"

"3 out of 10...absolutely crap, Next!"

The loud shouts of the Chuunins were now frequently heard with the bellow of these scores; however there are others with sixes and sevens a few eights who did pass.

Naruto lined up last with the girl sitting next to him before now in front. He can see that team 7 has passed with Ino jumping up feeling extremely proud of herself with a six, just scrapping through whilst Sasuke and Sakura both got seven. However Gaara's team performed even better with his brother and sister scoring seven whilst he attained an eight.

The girl in front handed her test paper looking slightly nervous looking anxiously at the examiner going through her paper.

"7 out of 10, very good" he said and smiled letting her pass.

"She must have only copied some of my answers" thought Naruto "Therefore it won't seem too suspicious...clever girl"

The girl turned around and smiled at him whilst blushing at the same time, and muttered a timid "Thank you"

"No problem" Naruto smirked back making her blush even more and handed his own paper.

Everyone was eager to see what he got, especially Ibiki and the other Chuunin examiners who been careful around him ever since he finished so quickly.

Sakura, Sasuke and Ino focused extra attention on him and Naruto could feel everyone's anticipation around him.

"I don't believe it... a perfect 10 and even the hardest question on the paper, you answered it correctly" gasped the Chuunin examiner

Everyone now was facing Naruto and those who didn't before were now glancing towards his direction. Even Ibiki was slightly shocked from Naruto's result but hid it well for no one to see.

"Plus you did this under a minute...I timed you" muttered the Chuunin examiner

"A record time that I doubt anyone can ever beat..." he added

Again this caused a lot of controversy as everyone in the room murmured among themselves. Naruto could sense Sasuke was raged with envy whilst Gaara was more interested than anything else.

Some of the girls who seen Naruto earlier were eyeing him on dreamier than ever, all this time Naruto face was hidden as he covered it using his jacket.

"Pity that none of your team mates were up to your standards..." the Chuunin carried on

"None of them got through... so I am sorry to say that you also fail"

Naruto still was looking at the ground replied calm as always but in a polite voice.

"That could be because I don't have any team mates with me in to this exam"

This hit everyone quickly as realisation soon came upon them that they saw no one dressed or looked even similar to the style Naruto was shown. However they were deeply anticipating what would happen next.

"Then you can't get in" replied the Chuunin equally surprised "You need a team of three"

"Yes... I know the rules" Naruto replied "however I talked to the Hokage and she agreed to this..."

"'ll just have to believe me..."

Nobody moved and still stared at him with great interest but even more so at the Chuunin who was deep in thought of what to do next. After what seemed an eternity, the Chuunin finally spoke.

"Tell me... what is you name?" he asked, feeling he knew this person from somewhere before

"When you want to learn someone's name, you should give yours first"

Naruto lifted his chin higher, no longer hiding his face anymore, now facing the stunned Chuunin.

"What..." thought Sasuke, "that's was my line years back in this exam... who is this guy"

His thoughts were the same for Sakura and the previous team eight, Neji, Rock Lee and TenTen who all heard Sasuke use this quote on their first attempt for the Chuunin Exam.

"Isn't that right...?" asked Naruto as he broke in to a smile, still facing him


Team seven, eight and ten all froze looking directly at Naruto from his last answer, all started to reminiscence with memories pouring back in to their heads. Each were staring at Naruto from a different angle with the up most concentration, even Gaara's team was quite focused on him trying to figure out if they met him before.

Sakura seemed to pick it up the fastest as she quickly held her hand over her mouth from shock due to realisation.

"...No...can...can it be...?" she stuttered to herself from disbelief

Shikamaru looked Naruto's face from top to bottom slowly as if examining it like some laser machine, finally all information flooding back in, until he realised from the slightest change of his eyes.

" finally comed back... after all these years..." he stated calmly, "about time don't u think?"


"Hmm..." smirked Naruto, "Have I changed that much that even Mr. IQ 200 plus don't even remember me..."

Both he and Shikamaru laughed and hugged each other quickly returning each others friendship after all these years.

"N...Naruto-kun..."muttered Hinata, completely taken by surprise but glad at the same time

Ibiki was also slightly taken by Naruto's appearance, knowing the fact that the kid was the container for Kyubi and was disappeared secretly for over the past three years came as quite a surprise for him. "Hmm... I feel this kid is hiding something strong with him" he thought to himself.

"Ok guys... you all have to stay until you are being called upon...Chuunin examiners, we are leaving" he called to them all

He turned to see both Shikamaru and Neji giving a sort of plead look in their eyes, knowing the fact both want to spend more time with Naruto, he decided to alter the rules a bit.

"Ok... Shikamaru and Neji... you two can stay behind to check up on these lots... just make sure they don't kill themselves" he signed

With that and a gigantic loud burst of grey coloured smoke all of the Chuunins were gone.

"Alrite!" shouted Kiba bursting the bubble of silence, "You finally back Naruto!"

"Look at you now... you so grown up man!"

Naruto scratched the back of his head lazily showing some similar actions to Shikamaru but feeling pleased from Kiba's last part. It is true, he knows he has grown a lot from the past three however he was surprised from their reactions, he was certain they would at least recognised him straight away.

"Well... I got a bit taller now..." he smirked, feeling glad that finally his genes finally started kicking in with the height different compared to the most people in the room.

Before he could continue with the thought, he was virtually attacked by questions from his old group buddies for the Sasuke rescue mission. In came Neji and Lee giving him a quick hug before Akamaru jumped on him and started licking him endlessly. As he finally got Akamaru down, Chouji came crashing down from a quick jump to give Naruto a king size bear hug.

"You scared the crap out of us when you left!" he shouted with his deep voice, not releasing the embrace

"" choked Naruto, feeling extremely tight from the strong grip, "is this ...s...some new move of ...y...y...yours?" he gasped

Chouji quickly released his strong hold as everyone started to laugh from the scene killing the previous silence and shock. Only Gaara and Sasuke didn't show any response, Gaara was more or less emotionless whilst Sasuke was still not sure what to make from Naruto's return.

"Well look at you now Mr Uzumaki" continued Kiba, staring at him

"You look so different..."the others nodded with agreement scanning him up and down again

"Yea..." starred Lee closely, "Man, I like your jacket!" again the others nodded

"Well...thanks lee" replied Naruto, "it...umm... was a present"

" does seem to be hiding something" added Neji, he turned and looked at the others and without any signs or warnings they all rushed to take off his jacket thinking Naruto really is hiding something from them. However their tactics was shorted lived as they had a hard time getting it off, not because of Naruto, but because of the jacket's weight.

"Man, this is heavy" signed Rock lee who was normally used to his weights, as they took off the clothing.

They stood there in front Naruto and gasped just like everyone in the room from the transformation in front of them.

There before them, in their eyes stood a true ninja in bright white Ki with a tint of blue to bring out the clarity and intensity of the colour. The Ki itself had a large black spiral logo drawn on the back and was secured with a black and silver silk belt around the waist. Bandages were applied on both wrists up to the elbow with an added one around the lower right knee. All over they could see was rippling with lean muscles and across the chest was an imprinted black leather strap that carried a beautiful sheathed Katana on his back. From the transformation, the others also realised his new height and was now a fairly tall guy for his age, it's amazing to think three years ago this guy was the shortest guy in the year, hardly surprising some were getting slightly intimidated from the strong aura been emitted from the new Naruto.

Naruto looked as everyone was at awe with his new appearance. As he glanced around the room, he could see that virtually all the girls weather leaf or not were blushing mainly looking focusing around his chest.

"Ok..." he muttered finally "so I changed a bit..."

"No shit!" cried Kiba, still looking around Naruto as if examining Naruto as if he was a product for sale

"Hey by the way..." He continued, "I really like that bandana", Akamaru barked agreeing with him

"And that sword..." muttered Neji, as he looked closely at the sheathed blade

"What a piece of beauty... really stunning" he added

"Umm... thanks" replied Naruto, feeling slightly hot around the collar from their praise

"Another... present"

Suddenly out of no where, Ino just appeared and grasped on to his arms, it was incredible at the speed the girl ran.

"Naruto-kun!" she cried, squeaking loudly

"I missed you so much!" as she grasped on to his arm a lot tighter

"Umm... thanks Ino... I guess" replied Naruto, not sure what to make of her actions. Her actions were unnoticed, as around the room nearly every girl was giving Ino a death glare, quite frightening.

"Oi!" came a sharp cry from behind

"I have been waiting to hear your voice for too long..." thought Naruto, not needing to guess who this voice belonged to.

"Ino pig!" cried Sakura from behind "Get your dirty hands off Naruto-Kun!"

"Naruto-kun now..." he thought "Since when did she start calling me that..."

"Shut up forehead girl!" Ino shouted back, warning Sakura to back off

"Go and have your precious Sasuke-kun!" her ending reply did what she planned as it made Sakura blush and go red close to a beetroot.

"Ino cares more about me than...than Sasuke?" Naruto thought

"Man... this is weird"

He turned to the now furious Sakura and spoke to her politely.

"It's nice to see you again Sakura-Chan, looking beautiful as always..." he said in a very charming voice.

"To apologize for the corny line, I'd like to take you our for a meal after this exam... plus I need to repay you something as a way of thanks" he said, giving her a warm smile

All the girls were surprised to hear this, especially Ino and Sakura who both couldn't understand why Naruto is thanking her.

"...what is it that you are thanking me for?" Sakura asked, stammering on her words whilst blushing even more

"I'd like to thank you for all the hard work tidying up my apartment whilst I was gone all these three years" replied Naruto, giving her another charming smile

"I have to return a favour for all the time and effort you carry out whilst I was away...c'mon it's my teat... so what you say?"

Sakura blushed up to her forehead, "Well... I guess that's no problem...fine... I'd love to come..."

Her voice was going very rapid and taking very deep breathes from excitement and been so close to him.

Over the past three years, her thoughts never left Naruto; she constantly reads and re-reads the letter Naruto left behind for her, crying each and every time. It is true, since Naruto departure, she has been deeply affected from emotions, always waiting to hear her name being called by his loud bursts. It appears the long wait has finally taken its toll and she finally will be able to express what she really feels, deep inside, in her heart.

"Great, it's a date then" smiled Naruto happily, surprised that Sakura actually accepting a date with him.

The others were also slightly amused but how could they blame her, Naruto now looks and acts so handsome and charming, appears just like the split image of the fourth Hokage that it wasn't much of a surprise with her answer, however it did cause Sasuke to twitch his eyebrow a cm higher.

"I never thought you'd consider my offer after all those years" added Naruto, now feeling very pleased but remembering his past attempts. This caused Sakura to feel awfully guilty from her previous attitudes towards him. The other girls looked angry again.

Naruto turned and looked at Ino still holding on to his arms tightly.

"Umm Ino...normally I wouldn't mind you holding on to me this tightly..." he said facing her, "But I gonna need to get on my jacket"

Ino blushed and quickly released her vice grip, "Sorry Naruto-kun..." she muttered quietly

Naruto quickly put on his jacket very casually not really showing much effort even though of its big weight, he turned and looked back at them all.

"Well... we have lots of catching up to do..." he explained, "...I will talk to you all after the second test..." he smirked before adding his ending comment

"...sorry but my bladder calls and it's currently at burst mode..." he grinned

He was returned with the others laughing, majority the guys showing deep understanding whilst the girls just shook their head with tilted head towards the ground, not looking the slightest impressed from his comment.

"Thanks Naruto...I really wanted to know that..." muttered Shikamaru

"You still too troublesome..." he added

The others again laughed from Shikamaru's lazy comment but he just shook his head from the laughter, not really bothered to show any expressions.

Naruto turned facing them all and nodded before he was gone straight out of the door. This departure also caused a lot of murmur as it looked as if the door didn't move; the speed which he can now travel was immense.

The others looked at the Naruto who was there a second ago standing at a spot that was bare, with no marks of any strong feet marks to show strong amounts of Chakra spent. Another burst of interest whispers and murmurs was started as all the groups began to talk among themselves from what they just seen.

"How did he do, is that possible?"

"I didn't even see that guy go...this is weird"

"The hardly moved...what an interesting technique..."

"So silent...didn't even make a sound...if I wasn't looking at him, I doubt I'd noticed him leave"

"That guy was extraordinary...did you see that?"

"Naruto...I heard that name somewhere else...hmm..."

"He's so handsome...looks quite similar to the fourth...huh?"

The whispers and conversations were carried on for while as they began to discuss the exam and the astonishing entrance and introduction Naruto made. Sakura heard most of these comments and agreed with most of them, especially the ones about Naruto new looks and dress sense.

In the corner of the room, Sasuke was listening and hearing everyone's comments on the new Naruto and he didn't like it, his eyes showed everything he felt, the deadly intent to kill.

" he is a lot stronger now..." he thought "But by how much...?"

He was interrupted in thought as the speakers called everyone out to the forest of death to participate the second part of the Chuunin exam. As they made their way towards the forest, Sasuke was still remembering Naruto's speed but it didn't bother him because of his Sharingan.

"Well dobe..." he continued in thought, whilst smiling evilly inside himself

"We will soon find out..."

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