7 Points
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Chapter 19: Safety

BSG-75 Galactica

Adama smiled at the weary officers of Hells Runner as they completed their report, yes they had seen the Alpha Centauri system, yes they had seen unmistakeable evidence of long-term occupation, yes they had seen Alpha Secundus and it looked suitable.

Adama hadn't the word of the Tau'ri, but for the sake of the survivors he had had to be sure. And Hells Runner was the best choice to send, it was armed, it was small and relatively expendable whilst still being powerful enough to get the job done.

And they had been taken to the system, they had seen what had needed to be seen and they had reported back faithfully.

Now it was the fleet's turn to move.

"Colonel Tigh" Adama said formally to his Exec "Signal all ships to rig for tow, signal the Teal'c, the Valour's Hour and the Del Shakka Mel to prepare for towing operations"

"Aye sir, but I'm afraid Blastboat hasn't reported back yet and they just sent Invincible on SAR for her" Tigh replied.

"They were checking out those reports of supposed colonial military transmissions weren't they?"

"Probably got bounced by cylons, they were on their own after all" Tigh commented darkly.

"Hmm…" Adama shock it off, it wasn't really his problem "ask the Del for some more information please"

" Del Shakka Mel, kind of an odd name don't you think?"

Adama smiled tightly, "I'm told it translates as 'I die free!'"

Tigh swallowed tightly as he released he had put his foot in it, said "aye sir" and then turned away, heading for the bridge.

One after another, the gathered ships of the fleet vanished, towed into hyper and taken to Alpha Centauri by the three largest ships of the relief fleet, the two Ha'taks, and the Asgard Teal'c.

Even given the depleted state of the fleet, it took two days to shift all the civilian ships. Then Galactica and the three tow ships were on their own, Invincible hadn't returned from SAR and Blastboat was still AWOL, the rest of the Tau'ri relief fleet had raced home, amongst rumours of a suspected Goa'uld attack.

Then it was Galacticas turn, the three massive vessels taking up the strain as they slowly pulled the massive warship into hyper.

With a flash, the Galactica appeared in the outer edges of the Alpha Centauri system, its tugs breaking rapidly off as the mighty warship surged into position as head of the gathered refugee fleet, the ships following the battered, scared yet valiant and undefeated lady as she led them the final steps to Alpha Secundus, their new home.

At a distance, two squadrons of Lancers patrolled, aided by two MTBs as they escorted the fleet to their new home, guarding against intrusion in this solemn moving moment.

"We got to get a new name for this place" Tigh finally commented as they gazed over the world that would soon be theirs, "Alpha Secundus? Come on, whoever thought of that one wasn't trying"

Adama broke into a rare wide smile "Freedom Tigh, lets say we call this world Freedom"

Tighs lip quirked up, "Freedom… aye sir"



"You failed"

Six grimaced as she gazed at the dark cloaked figure in front of her, failure. Her 'God' was going to kill her then, she wondered momentarily if it would be permanent this time, he knew the codes and overrides that would arrange that.

Dying was annoying, it wasted time and effort.

Their 'God' seemed to like it though.

"Not only did you fail to destroy this outpost of humanity, but you allowed them to ally themselves with the Tau'ri!" 6 glared hatefully at the lackey, this minor 'God' by the name of Iblis, a servant of the dark one in front of her.

"That is unfortunate but you neglected to provide us with the equipment needed to deal with that should it become nessicary"

"Your ships…" a hissing, sinister voice spoke from deep within the cowls, "they will be upgraded, do not fail me again"

With those words, Anubis left a quivering, shaking Number 6 alone in the room.