The Meaning Of Command

Author: Chaoseternus

For the record: I do not own, nor do I claim ownership of characters or concepts from Stargate SG-1, or any other tv series/movie/book used within.

Chapter 1: Reflections

Captain Peters watched the fleet vanish into the depths of Hyper with mixed feelings. While she couldn't deny that the vessels had to go to reinforce Blastboat and Valour's Hour she was unhappy about the state of the ships. Of course, only Persephone was in bad enough shape to loss her SPACOMSAFE designation (SPAce COMbat SAFE) but unsurprisingly considering they had just been in a major engagement, every one of the returning warships had had several red crosses marks on the checklist. Her engineers had done as much as they can to reduce the list of down checks whilst the fleet was rearming but there had not been enough time to deal with them all, and the ships own engineers having dealt with every critical repair had largely been gassed into unconsciousness by their captains to ensure they got some sleep.

As far as the new Merchant class fleet support ship, which she had named Liberty in honour of the Liberty ships of World War 2, she had her SPACESAFE designation but could hardly be called finished, the majority of the crew facilities would have to be completed on route for instance, but relief supplies were needed and Liberty was the only ship capable of carrying them in significant amounts so that, as they say, was that, and Liberty was sent.
Now she had to figure out why the Darkside sensor array on Lunar wasn't working, allowing the Al-kesh Doug Masters and his Eagles had kicked for six to approach, and more importantly why nobody had noticed the failure. Somebody's head was going to roll for that one, that's for certain.
She also had to figure out what to do with Persephone. She was a dry-dock job, that was certain as the abrupt failure of the bridge controls had caused several safeties of the kind that only dry-dock's can remove to slowly slip into place, disabling the hyperdrive. So not only did those safeties have to be removed and replaced but it also meant an investigation. Why had the body hitting the control panel caused the bridge controls to fail? They were cushioned against knocks so that shouldn't have happened. Not only that by why had it triggered the safeties? Those particular safeties were supposed to prevent a massive power surge causing an instability within the reactor core, and not only had they been triggered by a power spike from the damaged bridge controls that barely registered and should have been well below the safeties threshold but had caused the safeties to slowly slip into place, instead of slamming into place, which to put it mildly, was indicative of a possible major safety issue.
But she had no-where to put Persephone. Bay 8 was the only empty bay large enough to house a cruiser as large as a Prometheus class but she was configured for Merchant class hulls and reconfiguring was out of the question. Bays 1 and 7 housed Prometheus class ships under construction, bay 2 held a pair of MTB's that were just fragile skeletons at the moment and the other bays, numbers 3 through 6, were loaded with Dauntless'es that were under construction. The earth side bay where Prometheus had originally been constructed held a pair of MTB's that were under construction so that was ruled out.
Peters sighed, that left only one choice really. She turned around from the curved window of her office and flicked on the intercom.
"Dodge, this is Peter's"
"Yes Captain?"
"Report to my office please"
"I'm on my way"
The SGC might not like her decision, but it's the only choice she had for the moment. Persephone would have to operate as a system defence and training ship for the moment, restricted to this solar system. All her other damage could be repaired without a dry-dock but the hyper drive could not, and so Persephone would have to be restricted to this system till the end of the week when the new Prometheus class cruiser Roosevelt would launch, then Persephone would get priority on the bay. Until then, her HYPSAFE (HYPer SAFE) designation would be revoked.
Peters frowned. SPACOMSAFE, SPACESAFE, HYPSAFE? Bloody yanks had to insist on butchered names for everything. It was annoying.
A knock came at her door and Captain Dodge poked his head through. Time to face the music then.
"Dodge, come in! It's about Persephone…"