7: Alpha Centauri

Author: Chaoseternus

For the record: I do not own, nor do I claim ownership of characters or concepts from Stargate SG-1.

This is Number 7 of the Thundersdawn series:

1: Dawn Of Thunder
2: Thunder Rising
3: Dauntless
4: Thundergate
5: Chocky's Thunder
6: The Meaning of Command
7: Alpha Centauri

Chapter 1: O'Neill's Domain

O'Neill tapped the Paladins controls with a deft hand, bringing the small craft around in a perfect 180 degree turn, gaining an approving nod from the grizzled RSS instructor in the right seat--. O'Neill just grinned; he had thought this would just be a formality, allowing him after a few minutes work to be able to pilot any RSS small craft as and when he wanted too. His instructor had other ideas, and O'Neill cringed at how arrogant he had been to assume that just because he had a test pilots rating on atmospheric fighters, just because he had occasionally controlled smaller Goa'uld ships, he could handle all the craft the Tau'ri had available to them. Granted, he was one of the better F-302 pilots, but that was mainly because he had been piloting them from the start, in fact he had regained his test pilots qualification just so he could try those birds out when they first appeared. His instructor had shown him quite quickly that he knew absolute zilch when it came to flying anything else, and had been frankly aghast at O'Neill's lack of knowledge of the safety systems all the more modern craft were equipped with, and the limitations of the larger craft.

In fact the instructor had grabbed the controls of the Paladin back pretty quick the first time O'Neill had tried to fly one, and had blasted him with a long and vivid description of his sanity, not least of which was comments about 'possible structural collapse' involved with the manoeuvre he had tried to pull. Which rated an 'opps' from the Brigadier General.
Finally however the instructor had determined he was ready and able to fly the Paladin again, he had already re-qualified on the other RSS craft but this one the instructor had kept for last deliberately. O'Neill grinned a sardonic smirk as he led the craft in a sharp upward spiral away from Alpha Prime, pulling up and over the massive Goa'uld station where he had his offices, through the old abandoned mothership bay, now stripped except for primary structural members, most of which on the one side glinted brightly in the light of Alpha Centauri's three suns, showing their age, or rather lack off it. Everything in that section had had to be replaced, in fact the whole mothership area had been stripped, the Tau'ri were not going to be building motherships here, no eventually the whole area would be rebuilt to include fighter and MTB bays, small ship construction, training areas, all the additional support services, environmental, medical, research and development, and quarters the future headquarters of the combined RSS and SGC fleets would require. For now though, only the top half of the station was being worked on. With Thor having removed the Asgard derelict and the survivors the engineers had finally been able to start work on that part of the station, structural integrity at the top was good, but in the centuries the station had been abandoned it had suffered many micrometeorite impacts, causing small leaks all over the station, as well as the massive impact which demolished the mothership bay. Of the three Ha'tak bays which Ra had built into this facility, one had only just been vacated by the Asgard so no repairs had been done their yet, the second bay was airtight and safe, and the third… He grinned as he pulled the Paladin in a tight turn across the front of bay threes massive spot lit doors, bay three would be ready for use within a week according to the latest estimates. Already most of the tool-and-die sets the Tau'ri used was in place to enable the bay to produce both the SGC Prometheus class vessels and the RSS Dauntless class, the highly trained construction crews being able to switch between the two tool-and-die sets within eight days, though Thundersdawn unsurprisingly held the record, being the only operational capital ship construction facility active yet, at a mere 4 days, with a eight day average. He pulled the Paladin up across the top of the station, carefully avoiding the protrudances of the stations Goa'uld built primary weapons. They were old, outdated even by Goa'uld standards, but as yet he didn't have the resources to update them, or even repair them for that matter. This station for the moment at least, was wholly reliant on its massive shield generators, a priority refit job O'Neill had personally ensured was completed before anything else, and the few fleet elements which were maintained in system at all times. At this point in time that meant Indefatigitable, Blastboat, and Eagle squadron RSS. The eagles having been bumped up to operational status ahead of schedule after their effective demonstration of why you should never get caught with your trousers round your ankles in a war zone, also known as why the others guys ambushes always suck. Most of the Al-kesh never knew what had hit them. Finally, O'Neill pulled clear of the station, pulling up to that sweet spot a few kilometres above Alpha Primes atmosphere, where, for the next few weeks at least until the planets moved too far apart he would be able to see his whole domain. Alpha Prime and its station spread out below him, the focus of the Tau'ri's efforts within this system, Alpha Beta, a green globe barely visible in the distance, a perfect agri-world, if they ever got around to it and the three suns in their intricate dance across the stars. O'Neill smiled, "God, I love this job"
The instructor chuckled, wheezing slightly, then tapped him on the shoulder, "Manoeuvring tanks getting low, lets head home Pilot" he lightly stressed the last word.
"Home it is" O'Neill grinned, he was a pilot again.