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And here it is. The very last chapter of my very first fanfic. I feel nostalgic already.


So much fun!

And so close to the endgame. So close to another item, one that the legends say has powers over the others. So close to one giant step closer to reviving Cynthia!

I will win, of course, but sooo much fun to rub it in!

After all, we all know that the real prizes are the souls of your friends, the money to help your worthless sister, vengeance against me, and last and certainly the least, self-respect and the money and fame to live your life your own way.

Well, you certainly won't be living that life much longer, little Ms. Valentine. Your soul will make a wonderful addition to my collection! And your body a wonderful host for my dear, sweet, beloved Cynthia!

The tragically widowed, world-renowned and beloved creator of Duel Monsters finding 'new love' in a fabulously beautiful young female champion duelist! I can see the headlines now.

And of course you all rattle on at me, or glare at me, but you know it's inevitable.

Poor Pharaoh, can't even get your dear little Yugi-boy to forgive you!

Here you are, doing everything in your meager powers for him, as I do everything for my beloved Cynthia, and you still can't even get him to care for you, to respect and use your powers to crush his opponents as he will need to to win this tournament and lose his soul to me! Whatever will you do!

Such a wonderful little drama.

Don't think I didn't feel you last night, trying to comfort him. Don't think I didn't know what you were doing, reuniting him with his beloved Grandpa, who you both refuse to believe is gone for good!

Poor little children. Pitiful fools, trying to deny me my heart's desire. You toss away your own so easily, don't bother to labor for it even a fraction as much as I do for mine! You don't deserve the happiness you had together. I'm so looking forward to when I take your soul and your puzzle and rip you two apart!

But you're doing such a good job keeping yourselves apart I have to wonder why I want to bother!

Ahahaha! Such a good show! Even better than Funny Bunny!

See how the poor lost soul struggles to duel to defend the one who hates him! See the one he would do anything to protect make a mockery of his efforts to do so by causing him to lose life points turn after turn to a duelist whose skills and powers would otherwise be no match whatsoever for his!

Such a good show! So foolish of you, Yugi-boy, to struggle against the Puzzle's forces instead of wielding them!

Cynthia and I never argued like this. Cynthia and I were so, so perfectly happy together! From the instant I set eyes on her I simply knew we were soulmates.

You two are soulmates, but you certainly don't act like it. Naughty, naughty Yugi-boys!

Oh! What's this? Ms. Valentine is trying to help you? Go ahead, you certainly need all the help you can get! I do want you to duel me, after all. I could probably cut a deal with you for the puzzle if you lost, even your own soul as you're just so noble and feeling so guilty for being about to fail those you think you care for right now, Yugi-boy, but I don't want to. I want to defeat you in a duel, see the despair in your eyes and the spirit's eyes as you are reft away from each other just like Cynthia and I were separated!

It'll be so much fun!

I can see it now!

As you are about to be torn apart, you will realize just how much you mean to each other, how much you missed by your petty little deceptions and your foolish pride and caring for others!

What's this! You beg and plead? How amusing. I pleaded, but it was finding the Millennium Eye and my actions that got me this far.

And now you are forgiven?

How amusing. What do you think about this, hmm spirit? Forgiven for a crime you not only didn't commit, but didn't even consider committing!

Why, I'm just trying not to crack up in my chair here, watching this soap opera. And now look, such infantile self-doubt. Don't think you can win? Why not take her soul? On no, but you're the good guy and little Yugi-boy would be cross with you…

…what's this? I sense a tremendous power.

Calling a card? Well, it's certainly not against the rules. I do it myself, and I wrote the rules and certainly didn't put in anything about that.

Ah good, the two of you are working together again. And Ms. Valentine is defeated! Good show, a wonderful performance, and on to the next one!

…I have to admit, as much as I don't want to, that I'm just a bit worried by all that.

Such a tremendous power… it seemed as though it came from both of you and the Puzzle… all my research and I haven't been able to figure out exactly what the Puzzle's power is. Oh, they all can steal souls and influence duels, but my Eye shows thoughts, the Torc sees the future and the past, the Rod controls minds…

What is this power that is born when the two of you come together to help each other, care for each other?

Well, if it is summoned by caring it will certainly be within my grasp as I strive to regain Cynthia.

The power of love? How droll.

But you two don't truly care for each other, otherwise this whole misunderstanding wouldn't have happened! What a stupid little argument that almost cost you so, so much.

But ah well. It won't matter in the end, now will it?

I will defeat you, and any powers you unlock will simply become mine when I seize the puzzle.

I will defeat you.

Your partnership is nothing next to the power of my devotion!