Blind By Gabby Castillo

I was gone for so long it seems

I've lost all touch with the world.

I didn't know what I was missing.

In a little ball I was curled.

All the light was gone

There was no hope for me

But you were there the whole time

I can't believe I didn't see

You were there

I said no

You turned to leave

You turned to go

You said I could be too late

By the time I figured out

How I felt.

Now I walk in the dark, alone

My thoughts my only company

But when I saw you, you spirit glowed

And you stood under the bridge with me

The whole space was dark

But somehow I found you

I was off, but now I'm coming back

I'm changing who I used to be

And in that room I confessed how I felt

To a stranger just like me.

You were standing there

On the other side

I had no idea

No time to hide.

You heard it all

And now you stand before me

Your smile lighting up the room

And I hold you close

Knowing I can never let go

A brand new future.

How could I have been so blind?