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Chapter one

From the journal of Higurashi Kagome

The day started out normal enough I got up got a shower dressed of school had breakfast got annoyed by my little brother got in my car turned to radio on loud sang to the songs, but thing's have a way of changing on you want you don't want you too.

I got to school to find my best friend by her locker talking to the school prev. and standing by my locker was none other then the school's big player Taisho Inuyasha, just because his father Taisho Sugimi own the biggest company he thought that everyone would do what ever he so pleased. Yeah well he never came up against Higurashi Kagome and I never knew the meaning of the word quite.

End journal entry

"Hey there Higurashi what do you say we skip school for the day? I'm sure I can find something to teach you"

"Go to hell Taisho"

"Wow someone's feisty good I like them rough"

"Mr. Taisho you better not be causing trouble again this morning"

"Shut it Sesshomaru, I don't have to listen to you just because you're my half brother"

"You forget yourself Mr. Taisho I have the power to hold you back another three years and if I remember right that would mean that you won't get that soccer scholarship you so badly want"

"You wait till father hears of this"

And with that Inuyasha walked off in a huff, Kagome who was trying not to laugh finally looked at the man whom made the annoying creep leave, what she saw almost made her fall perfect long silky silver hair, piercing gold eyes, pale skin so flawless it looked to be made out of glass, perfect eyebrows any girl would kill for. Looking over the rest of him Kagome soon found that it just wasn't his face that was perfect but everything about him just screamed out perfection.

"Something amiss?"

"Oh a no Gomen for staring it's just I've never saw you around here before and well you Good-looking there I said it"

"Why thank you but it's wise not to say such things about and assistant Teacher you could get into trouble"

"Oh so you're the new TA well about time they got one I got sick of having to miss class because a teacher need something"

"Why would you have to miss class if a teacher needed something?"

"Well because they would get a smartest to do your job"

"Oh well it seems almost time for class may I walk you there?"

"Yeah alright I've got honors calculus room 7a"

"Wow honors calc I never would have thought my little brother had enough brain in his head to even thing of dating a girl that smart"

"Oh me and creepy aren't dating not now not ever"

"Oh I just assumed you were by how he's always by you"

"You know what happens when you assume right sessho?"


"It's a nickname don't you like it?"

"Do you always give nicknames to the TA's?"

"Only the cute one's"

Sesshomaru and Kagome made it to her class room and said there good byes before Kagome went in sitting next to her best friend Sango she told her about Inuyasha and being by her locker again. She didn't say anything about Sesshomaru though; knowing Sango she'd go off and tell the whole school that Kagome saw dating the new TA and Kagome didn't think they both needed that around the school.

As the day went one a few things were a whole lot thing were different for one thing Kagome didn't eat alone like normal; Kagome normally preferred to eat in the garden then in the school when she got out there she found that she wasn't the only one to think this was better then the school for she found Sesshomaru out there eating his lunch, she sat down and at first neither one said anything to the other, then as things went on they both found themselves laughing and sharing stories. Then all to soon it was time for Kagome to return to her work.

Then after that Kagome was on her way home feeling that she found a new friend and she couldn't wait to talk to him again.

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