I would like to Thank the Artist for the wonderful work I have used in this story......

The list of songs and Artist as as followed....

Beautiful-Chirstina Augilera
Beathe-Faith Hill, Can't fight the moonlight- LeAnn Rimes
Remember me this waqy-Jordan Hill
Everytime, not a girl not yet a woman-Brittney spears, looking through your eyes-LeAnn Rimes
Miss Independent-Kelly Clarkson, Pieces of me-Ashley Simpson
Cry, Crush-Many Moore, I Know What Boys Like-Vitamin C
The Way,This is the night-Clay Aiken, I do-98 dergees
Forever and always-Shania Twain, This I swear- Nick Lachey 1000 word-sweetbox
how do I- LeAnn Rimes, Never had a dream come true-S club Seven, The voice within-Chirstina Augilera
don't-Shania Twain, One sweet day-Mariah Carey
nothin about love makes sense-LeAnn Rimes, dreamin' of you-Celine Dion,a monent like this-kelly clarkson
First Love-Utada Hikaru, forever love-X-Japan