Disclaimer: I don't own Yu Yu Hakusho.

Title: Forbidden Sins

Genre: Romance/Adventure

Pairing: Youko Kurama/Botan

Rating: PG-13 (rating might go up)

Summary: Botan is a princess. She is betrothed to marry Karasu but she doesn't love him so she ran away from the palace. For several days, she would wander around until she got kidnapped and sold to Youko Kurama as a pet.

Background info: There are five major kingdoms. Each governed by a great and extraordinary prince or king. The princes from the north, south and east are friends and allies to each other f need. They despised the prince of the west because he's arrogant. Koenma's kingdom is located in the middle of the other four so it is surrounded by theo other four but it's protected by a magic shield and the river Styx that surrounded it.

Main characters

Youko Kurama: He is the prince of the north. His kingdom is the second major kingdom of the five kingdoms. It's located the farthest form the others. He is really strong and powerful. He's also a thief. His powers are: the rose-whip, rose storm the death-plant and some more.

Lady Botan of Rekai: Rekai beloved princess. Betrothed of Karasu; sister of Koenma. She is a free-spirited person and refused to be tied down to someone she doesn't love. She's also the most powerful sorceress but she's under a spell, therefore cannot use her powers.

Hiei Jaganshi: He's the prince of the east. He's also Kurama's best friend. Like Kurama is also powerful and influential. His powers are: dragon of the darkness flame; he is quite skilled with a sword and is very fast.

Yusuke Urameshi: He's the prince of the south. He's also a great fighter. His powers are: the spirit gun and some more.

Lord Koenma of Rekai: prince and heir to the throne of Rekai. He loves his sister very much and would anything to make her happy. His powers are: unknown for now.

Lord Karasu: Prince of the west. He is betrothed to Botan and somewhat is smitten with her because she's the only woman who doesn't fall at his feet. He's determined to make her his no matter what. His powers are: unknown for now.

King Enma: King of Rekai. He's the father of Botan and Koenma.

Queen Ayama:Queen of Rekai.She is Botan's and Koenma'smother.

Kitana: Botan's Nanny

Shadow: Botan's pet tiger. He's a white tiger with black stripes.


Lady Botan sat in front of her mirror, powdering her face. Her servants had just finished doing her hair. She was already dressed. She only had to make a few adjustments before she was ready. Tonight, the king of Rekai was having a grand ball. All the noble families from entire Rekai and Mekai were invited including her wretched betrothed, Lord Karasu. She had only met him once, and she took an immediate dislike to the man. Why did her father have to choose him for her as a husband. She didn't want to spend five minutes in his presence, never mind a whole lifetime. The man was a sneak and she knew that he only wanted to marry her because he wanted her father as an ally against his enemies.

Done with her make, Botan stood up and straighten up her dress. It was a new dress, made especially for this occasion. "What a waste." She thought. At that moment, a knock was heard from her door. She bid whoever it was to enter. It was one of father's guards.

"Good evening, my lady. I've come to accompany you to the ball room downstairs. Your Father bid your presence."

"What for?"

"Your betrothed have arrived."

"Alright. I'm ready."

The guard offered her his hand and she took it. She followed him downstairs. The ballroom was already full of guests. She was able to recognized a few of the people that were mingling and dancing. Sometimes she really hated being a princess, especially now. Since she had to play hostess and smiled whenever she come across someone important. She spotted her father at the end of the room. He was seated at his throne with the queen on his left and her brother, Koenma on his right. The guard accompanied all the way to the throne. People stopped and bowed down as she walked by. Finally she was standing in front of her father.

"Good evening, father." She said.

"Daughter, you looked absolutely lovely tonight." Her father said.

"Thank you father."

The king got up and walked toward his daughter. He extended his hands to her.

"May I have this dance" he asked.

"Of course."

They walked toward the middle of the ball room. Her father mentioned for the music to start and soft melody drifted across the room. Father and daughter danced to the sweet melody. Botan was starting to enjoyed herself when her father brought the subject of her betrothed up.

"My daughter, I wanted to tell you that your fiancé is here. It is imperative that you not be rude to him during his stay here."


"Yes, Lord Karasu would be staying at the palace for a few days. He wanted to get to know you better. Naturally, I oblige since you two would be married shortly."

"What do you mean, father. I thought you said that I did not have to marry until I turned twenty three."

"Well, daughter, things have changed. You're already twenty and you're not getting any younger."

"But father..."

"It's time you married and have children."

"You're sure that what you're worry about?"

"What are you implying, daughter."

"Nothing, father."

The music faded and Botan left her father. She walked to the balcony and stared at the night sky. She really didn't want to be married right now. Especially not to a man like Karasu. But what choice did she have. As long as she stayed here, she would have to follow her father's orders.

"Sometimes, I wish I could just leave this place." She thought.

Or maybe she could leave. She could found a way to break the magical barrier. Maybe she should just run away from all this. she knew the reason why her father wanted her to marry Karasu so soon. Last night she had overhead her father talking to her brother. He said that her feared that Lord Youko Kurama was planning something against Rekai and it was important that they were ready if he did. he also said that Karasu would only help them if he married her sooner than she had agreed to.

Why did she have to do this. Why couldn't she married someone that she loved. Why did she have to sacrifice her happiness for the sake of her kingdom.