All American Girl

Summary: Kitty Pryde is going through all those stages girls go through, shopping, make-up, clothes, high school, boys, developing mutant powers (okay, so most teenage girls can't phase through walls or levitate off the ground), but they do shop, obsess over clothes and make-up and become boy crazy. She's just trying to be like other girls and fit in the new glittering world as a mutant. Not easy, but she's dealing. Handling classes, a relationship and grueling workout sessions with Cyclops can strain any girl, but she still trying to be an All American Girl.

Disclaimer: Marvel owns the X-men, not me. I only borrow them, but I do return them, in mint condition, promise.

Rating: PG-13

Pairings: Rogue/Bobby, Rogue/Gambit, Jubilee/Pietro and of course, my new favorite couple, Kitty/Piotr!

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-song lyrics

Chapter 1: All American Girl

-To be that good it must be taxing

No such thing as satisfaction

You're making things happen while I'm relaxing

Like a Sunday afternoon

My Dad used to tell me I was lazy

I've got dance moves like Patrick Swayze

I'm the leftover turkey to the world's mayonaisey

The star next to the moon

Now I know I'm not here to amuse you

And I don't mean to abuse you

But if I could just use you one time-

Kitty Pryde sailed through the air in a perfect front flip and landed gracefully on her feet, like a cat might. She leapt up into a series of spinning kicks across the floor. Just as she did a high kick, her foot came in contact with a mat that protected a hand.

"Concentrate now." Scott Summers instructed, both of his hands covered and protected by the mat and he had a chest pad on as well to protect his upper body.

Kitty grit her teeth and leapt forward. She became a blur of spinning kicks and flying fists, attacking the mats and the chest pad with renewed vigor, while dodging a few blows headed her way. This was just part of the routine. Every morning she'd had self-defense sessions with Cyclops, then it was a shower and then breakfast. School right after that, unless it was weekend.

-Tell me what's it's like

To be the Queen of it all

The Neeman Marcus of the Mall

And tell me what it's like to the be the one and only

All American Girl-

The hot spray was soothing to Kitty's hyped muscles. A workout like the one she just had always got her awake and ready for her day. Without it she'd probably be dead on her feet during class. Thankfully, Cyclops was always up for teaching Kitty something new. He thought every mutant should know how to defend themselves without their powers.

Stepping out the shower, Kitty dried herself off with a towel. The girl's locker room was deserted this early in the morning. Kitty was one of the only students who worked out before school. Not that she minded. She enjoyed any training session, whether it be a workout with Cyclops or a mission in the danger room with her friends and teammates.

Kitty changed into a comfortable pair of hip huggers and the latest new top from Filenes. She, Jubilee and Rogue spent a lot of time shopping together, most of the time trying to find stuff for Rogue to wear that would cover up her skin, but Kitty and Jubilee occasionally splurged. This top was a black polyester shirt that had a wide neck that reached the edge of her shoulders and a silver buckle gleamed on her left shoulder. Slipping into a pair of black leather boots, Kitty threw her stuff into her bag and then stashed the bag in her locker. She grabbed her notebook and made her way to the cafeteria.

-Now I never had a supernatural feeling

Not to mention a sensual healing

But every now and then I get to the kneeling

To thank him for it all

But you probably got some inside connection

So many numbers that you've got to Rolodex them

So much muscle that you never got to flex them

To catch you when you fall

And I know I'm not here to amuse you

And I don't mean to abuse you

But if I could just use you one more time-

"Kit! Over here!" Jubilee waved from her spot at the table she and Rogue chose. Smiling, I grabbed my chair and made my way over to them.

"Hey girls." I greeted them cheerfully, a seat next to Rogue.

"Morning." Rogue smiled at her. "How was your workout?"

"Usual, lots of practice." I shrugged, dismissing the subject. "So, do we have a danger room session today?"

"Yup, right after sixth period." Jubilee groaned. "With the Wolverine."

"Ugh.' I dropped my head to the table. "You've got to be kidding me!"

"I wish I was." Jubilee shook her head. "Be prepared to save us all, Kit."

"Great." I muttered sarcastically, before taking a bite of my bagel. "Who's working with us?"

"The boys." Rogue replied, suddenly getting a starry-eyed look on her face.

Jubilee and I shared a look. "Bobby." We said in unison, watching the other girl's face turn pink.

"And Evan and Piotr!" Rogue shot back, stressing Piotr's name, as she glared at Kitty.

Now it was Kitty's turn to blush. She glanced over to the boys' table, where Bobby Drake, Evan Daniels and Piotr Rasputin sat, eating their breakfast.

Kitty had been smitten with the tall Russian boy since she first met him. Who wouldn't? He's completely drop dead gorgeous. He was taller than most of the boys here, reaching about 6'4. His hair was as dark as the coal he sketched with and his eyes were a piercing cerulean blue. His face looked like someone had expertly shaped it with a chisel, really distinguishing his Russian features. He had to be the most handsome boy she had even seen. Plus, he was really nice, smart, polite and adorably shy around girls.

-Tell me what it's like to be the house on the hill

The number one diet pill

And tell me what it's like to be the one and only

All American Girl-

"Hi Jubilee, Rogue, Kitty!" Theresa Cassidy waved, as she walked by with her friends, a naïve girlish smile on her face.

"Hey Siren." The three girls greeted the freshman in unison.

"She would look so pretty it we could convince her to get her hair styled." Jubilee sighed. "It'd look so much better than that blunt cut she has."

"I think she looks fine, but she would look better." Rogue commented.

"I didn't say she didn't, just that it'd look better." Jubilee replied.

"It's her hair. She can wear it however she wants." Kitty interrupted.

"Still, she look great with layers like yours, Kit." Jubilee gestured to Kitty's layered style. The longer ends flipped out at her shoulders, while the shorter ones curled under to frame her face.

"Thanks." Kitty smiled. "She just has to decide when she wants to cut her hair. I was so scared when I finally cut my hair. I didn't want to part with my long brown locks." She reached up to run her fingers through the shorter do.

"You look great though." Rogue nodded her agreement.

"Thanks Rogue." Kitty flushed under the praise.

"Piotr certainly seems to think so." Jubilee grinned maniacally. "Don't look now, Kit, but a certain brooding Russian is checking you out."

"Really?" Kitty brightened up, suddenly getting excited.

"He was." Jubilee's grin faded. "Damn Spike, had to engage him into their conversation."

Kitty stole another glance over her shoulder and noticed that Piotr was indeed having an animate conversation with Evan, while Bobby threw in his own comment occasionally. Kitty turned back to her friends. "Oh well." She shrugged. "Better luck next time."

"Kit, seriously, you should just go talk to him." Jubilee urged.

"And say what? 'Oh hey Piotr, yeah, I know we haven't talked very much, but I just wanted to say that I think you're totally gorgeous and have been crushing after you for two years now.' Please, that sounds so juvenile. I want to be cool. "I scoffed.

"First of all, you are juvenile, Pryde and secondly, you'll never be cool unless you take lesson from Mua." Pietro Maximoff smirked, as he plopped down beside Kitty.

"Oh bite me, Maximoff." Kitty shot back, a playful grin on her face. Pietro had to be her closest guyfriend. They were like brother and sister.

"Just tell me when and where. Sweetheart." His wiggled his eyebrows flirtatiously.

"I'll do that." Kitty playfully smacked his arm. "What's up?"

"Nothing much, just need some of your expert tutoring skills." He sighed. "English is such a pain."

"But we're reading Lord of the Rings!" Jubilee pointed out, staring at Pietro as if he were crazy.

"Jubes. We're talking about Pie, here." Kitty rolled her eyes. "He needs a lot of help and not just in the tutoring area."

"Har har." Pietro returned the eye roll. "So will you help me or not?"

"Of course, Pie." Kitty laughed. "I'll always help you, unless it's doing something illegal."

"Great. Catch ya later then. See ya, Rogue, Jubilee." Pietro zipped off to hang out with his friends.

"Kit, how can you be obsessing over Piotr, when you have a sexy Maximoff hanging around you all the time?" Jubilee sighed dreamily.

"Ugh." Kitty made a face. "Me and Pie?" She shuddered. "Bad mental image. Pietro is more like my brother than my boyfriend."

"I think he's dreamy." Jubilee gazed adoringly at the handsome, white haired speed demon.

"So we've noticed." Rogue teased. "You're one to give Kitty romance advice when you're so busy gushing after Pietro Maximoff."

"Thank you." Kitty saluted her friend with a smile. "Come on, let's finish. I've got English first today."

Now I bet you won't say you get lazy

-Or that you don't shave your legs

When you're lazy

Or you're just like everybody else in the world

You just got lucky that's all

And I know you're not here to amuse me

But you sure know how to confuse me

So if I could just ask once again-

"Better than Biology." Rogue muttered, rolling her eyes. "I swear science and I don't get along. I must be allergic to it."

"I'd like to see you take that excuse to Dr. McCoy." Jubilee laughed. "Besides, you have Bobby and me to keep you company."

"That's true." Rogue nodded.

"Yeah, I've got Maximoff." Kitty replied sardonically.

"And Piotr." Jubilee teased.

"Shut up!" Kitty's cheeks went bright pink.

"We all know that's the real reason you like English so much anyway." Rogue joked.

"You two are horrible." She buried her flaming face behind her hands, while they giggled at her expense.

-To tell me what's it like to be a star on the rise

A breakfast cereal prize

And tell me what it's like to the be the one an only

All American Girl

The All American Girl

The All Amazing crazy Girl-

Like the giggling girls they were, the trio stood and prepared for another day at Mutant High School, better known as Xavier's School For Gifted Youngsters.

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