Chapter 12:

-You're the kind of friend who always bends when I'm broken

Like remember when,

You took my heart and put it back together again

I've been wastin' time with whom, this guy

But now it's over...Let me tell you why I'm through

I met someone new who's just like you!-

They were quite the group; Colossus with an unconscious Iceman thrown over his shoulder, walking beside Shadowcat and Gambit, with an out cold Rogue cradled in his grasp.

"The rest of the X-men should be close by." Piotr Rasputin, Colossus, stated as they maneuvered their way through Magneto's lair.

"We already sent Quicksilver and Jubilee ahead, while we came after you." Kitty Pryde, Shadowcat, replied, her eyes scanning the deserted halls for any signs of movement. More fighting could be heard through the walls, but they could not see anyone.

"Gambit jus wan ta find de X-men an den get outta here." Remy Lebeau, Gambit, shifted Rogue in his grasp. "Chère here be kinda heavy afta awhile, non?"

"Hey look!" Shadowcat excitedly pointed to the prone forms of Magneto's henchmen, each with three distinct stab wounds. "The Wolverine was here."

"He must be close." Colossus nodded in agreement, also recognizing the patent claw marks.

"De Wolverine?" Gambit inquired with a quirk of an eyebrow.

"Trust me, Remy. This guy is the one guy you do not want to get on the bad side of. He'll make your death look like a painful accident. You'll be a footnote in history." Shadowcat commented lightly, causing Colossus to smile at her tone. "Don't take anything lightly with the Wolverine."

A resounding crash kept Gambit from replying to her quip and had the three of them running in the direction from whence it came. Only to discover Sabertooth slumped against the wall, clutching his wounded arm. The look on his face was one of pure malice and it was directed at the Wolverine, who stood in front of a frightened Jubilee, wary Quicksilver, indifferent Scarlet Witch and a determined looking Spyke.

"Okay Furball, why don't you try that again and see where else it lands ya?" Wolverine growled, his adamantium claws protruding from between his knuckles with a definite snikt.

"Hey Gambit?" Shadowcat looked to her friend. "Mind giving the Furball a nice blast into the past?"

Remy's red on black eyes twinkled at her request and he removed the two of clubs from his deck of cards. The black and white card immediately burned neon pink between his fingers. "It would be mon pleasure, Petite."

Sabertooth spotted them just as Gambit's simple flick of the wrist sent the card flying into his chest. The card burst at the contact, sending Sabertooth ricocheting through the wall and into the black oblivion.

"Paybacks a bitch, ain't it homme?" Gambit smirked at his joke.

"You guys are okay!" Jubilee ducked around Wolverine and rushed over to them. "What happened to Rogue and Bobby?"

"Pyro." Shadowcat replied. "He's out cold now, so no worries."

"Nice to see you're okay, Half-pint." Wolverine interrupted gruffly.

"Thanks for coming to my rescue." She flashed him an affectionate smile.

"Don't mention it, Kid, literally." He gave a rare grin before turning serious. "Seems like I'm in charge of the junior squad. Okay, here's the deal, Storm, Cyclops and Nightcrawler are still in the building. Also, Mystique, Magneto and the Blob are about. I want us to split into three teams. This is a retrieval mission."

"Speedy, you and Shadowcat are going after Cyclops, there's no doubt that he's probably faced off with Magneto. You two have the best chance against his powers." He continued. "Colossus, you and Gumbo here will go after Storm who's probably facing Mystique. Blue girl is spry and flexible. Don't let her throw you off guard. Spyke and I will head for the Elf, who I'm guessing is against the Blob, some metal and spikes should do the trick."

"What about Wanda and I?" Jubilee asked.

"You two get Iceman and Rogue out of here and back to the jet, your hexes and firebolts should protect you from any other cronies milling about. Understood?"

The teenagers nodded, already in mission mode. Wanda took Iceman from Colossus and began to drag back the way they came, with a disappointed Jubilee dragging Rogue behind her. Wolverine and Spyke wasted no time in going down one hallway, leaving the other four behind.

"Be careful." Shadowcat reached up and gave Colossus a kiss on the cheek. "We have a lot to discuss when this is over."

"Same goes to you too, Katya." Colossus rested a hand on her shoulder. "Take care of yourself against him."

"I will." She turned to Gambit next, who didn't hesitate to hug her.

"Be careful, mon Shadowcat." He warned.

"You know me." She grinned.

"Exactly. Remy mean it, no unnecessary risks." He placed a butterfly kiss in her hair.

"Will do." She pulled away from him and faced Quicksilver. "Okay Pie, let's get the leader."

"Ladies first." He made a grand sweep with his arm towards another hallway.

"Chivalrous, rare for you." She quipped, stepping in front of him. "Let's rocket."

"As you wish." With another grand sweep of his arms, Shadowcat found herself cradled against his chest as the steel halls became a blur. Quicksilver's super speed shot them down the hall in seconds as they began their search for Cyclops.

-You're it, you're the ultimate

It's automatic I'm sure of it

No lie!

So don't even try

To tell me that you're not the guy

'Cos I've been waiting all my life

For someone just like you

But you're it, you're the ultimate you!-

Meanwhile, it didn't take long for Gambit and Colossus to find Storm and Mystique exchanging blows in one of the lower levels of the Brotherhood base. Limber and agile, Mystique could easily dodge Storm's weather attacks and fight hand to hand, so it left the weather goddess with no choice to fight the same way. Her skill at hand to hand was limited compared to the other members of the team, as she usually created the diversions or bombarded her opponent with attacks from the air.

Mystique was the exact opposite. Her blows were direct and swift, that of a skilled street fighter. It was not something Storm would be able to keep up with for long, not without her powers. But, growing up on the streets of New Orleans, experiencing many a fight and training from the Thieves Guild, Remy was in his element.

He withdrew a short metal stick from within the folds of his trench coat and with a flick of his wrist; it extended into a long, metallic Bo staff. He discarded his trench coat, leaving him in only a pair of fitted jeans and a tight black t-shirt. The staff twirled between his fingers, as he stepped in front of a winded Storm to take her place. His signature smirk almost matched Mystique's sinister smile.

Colossus decided this wasn't a fight he was to partake in and decided to check on Storm. She was leaning against the wall for support, catching her breath. "Are you all right, Storm?"

She blinked up at him and managed a smile. "Yeah, a little tired, but just give me a minute to regain my breath. Who's that?"

"His name is Gambit, he's Kitty's friend." Colossus shrugged. "He's her so-called kidnapper, which apparently wasn't so much of a kidnapping."

"Okay." Both turned to watch the Cajun in action. Mystique may have been quick on her feet, but Gambit was extremely handy with a staff. She apparently had not been expecting such a skilled opponent, as he dodged her blows and countered with direct hits. His fighting style was poetry in motion, with a little bit of Remy attitude thrown in. It was an admirable sight for another fighter to witness him move.

-You're the kind of guy whose hands in mine

Send shivers up and down my spine

You took my heart and put it back together again

You're the kind of guy that blows my mind

But now it's my turn,

You've been right in front of me

Everything I need, why didn't I see…?-

"I can't believe we got stuck with the baby-sitting jobs!" Jubilee whined, as she straightened an unconscious Rogue on one of the cots in the blackbird.

Wanda merely yawned, leaving Bobby where he was, not bothering to move him into a more comfortable position. "The less interaction I have with my father or the other Brotherhood members, the better."

"Don't you ever believe he could change, though?" Jubilee questioned. "He is your father, don't you want to hold onto the hope that he could change and be a good man?"

"I gave up on hope with him a long time ago and Pietro before me. Nothing matters to Magneto, not even his own children. The only thing he cares about is the mission. His plan is the only thing that keeps him going. He'd sacrifice Pietro and I to make his dream come true." Wanda tugged absent-mindedly at her hair. "I have Pietro for family, that's all I need."

"It just seems sad, that's all." Jubilee shrugged.

"Yeah, well we can't all be fortunate in times like these." Wanda sighed. "My father is only my father in the biological sense. Who knows, maybe I'll fit in at the Xavier Mansion and create my own family here. Anything's possible."

-You're it, you're the ultimate

It's automatic I'm sure of it

No lie!

So don't even try

To tell me that you're not the guy

'Cuz I've been waiting all my life

For someone just like you

But you're it, you're the ultimate you!-

"Kitty, down!" Cyclops hollered.

Kitty ducked just as a huge scrap of metal went sailing over her head. Pietro was zooming around Mesmero, trying to distract the telepath from attacking Cyclops of Shadowcat, and he was doing a decent job. He was like a fly torturing someone who couldn't nail him with a flyswatter.

The metal changed its course and headed back towards Cyclops, who tried to blast it away. Making a running dive, Kitty phased herself and Cyclops so the metal went right through them and into the wall.

"This is getting ridiculous. We've got to do something!" Kitty released her hold on Cyclops.

"I'm open to suggestions." He replied grimly, sending another optic blast in Magneto's direction.

I believe I can take it from here, Scott, Kitty. A familiar voice played through their minds, as Professor Xavier rolled into the room.

"Hello Charles. Welcome to my humble abode." Magneto floated back down to the floor.

By this time, Pietro had stopped running around and appeared beside Kitty and Scott. Mesmero was watching the exchange with growing interest.

"Eric." Xavier looked to his students. "Scott, would you please escort Kitty and Pietro back to the Blackbird. The others will be joining you shortly."

"With all due respect, Professor, I would hate to leave you outnumbered." Scott argued, gesturing to Mesmero.

"Very well, Kitty, Pietro, will you please join Logan and Ororo at the Blackbird. The rest of your teammates shall be with them." Xavier nodded encouragingly.

Kitty and Pietro looked at each other, before nodding at the Professor and with a whirl, Pietro gathered Kitty in his arms and they were gone from sight.

"I see you've been mentoring my son, Charles." Magneto smirked.

"Pietro is a very talented and gifted young man. He's mastered control far beyond his years." Xavier wheeled forward. "We have much to discuss Eric. Why did you kidnap one of my X-men?"

"Surely you can't be that blind, Charles. She has extraordinary gifts, my old friend. She'd make quite the addition to my team." Magneto shook his head and smiled in amusement. "I just never got the chance to persuade her."

"And you won't. Kitty is loyal to us." Cyclops snapped.

"Only time will tell, Scott." Magneto stated.

-You're it, you're the ultimate

It's automatic I'm sure of it

No lie!

So don't even try

To tell me that you're not the guy

You're it, you're the ultimate

It's automatic I'm sure of it

No lie!

So don't even try

To tell me that you're not the guy

'Cos I've been waiting all my life

For someone just like you

But you're it, you're the ultimate you!

You're it, you're the ultimate you!-

Author's note: Hey guys, I'm sorry it's taken me so long to update this fic. My computer crashed and my mom had her tech order me a new one, and then it wouldn't get the internet for so long. So I could write, I just couldn't post new chapters. On a positive note, I've created this fic into trilogy series. So once this is finished, there will be one called "Going Between" and after that there'll be "Coming Home". It's action packed and full of even more characters, like, Angel, Moira McTaggert, Rahne, Betsy Braddock, Brian Braddock, Pete Wisdom, John Constantine, a couple of my own characters, and many more. Stay tuned and above all, review!