My Bloody Princess

Chapter One: Live


"Raise high monolithic status so fragile, As they fall I am ever enthralled. Gaze, lie, and smirk in your time, Your arrogance will suit you well till fashion is dispelled. As waves of plastic fame go out of fashion, Your forever unknown. From above a rain of ashes descends."

Makeshift Wings AFI


"Kagome..." An old man told her, his cheeks red from the cold. "Come here, sweetie."


A young girl in pink shorts and a butterfly tank ran up to her beloved Grandpa at full speed, and hugged him desperately. The young girl, Kagome Higurashi, 5, had black hair, held back with two frogs clips.

Her startling green eyes, like the ocean, where her most beautiful quality. That was of course besides her pure heart, and loving ways. This little one was as innocent as they could get.

"Grandpa! Tell me a story!" She cried, poking his cheeks and laughing as she made funny faces out of him. He nuzzled her nose affectionately. "Of course, Love." He said, sitting down on the old rocking chair Saru Higurashi had made for his daughter.

The room they resided in had wooden floors, and sun was shining through the many windows, making the wood shine as well. It was a beautiful, and warm, day in Oahu, Hawaii. For once, no clouds were in the sky, and had Kagome been a little older, she would most likely be at the ravenous beaches, crowded with sexy surfer boys.

But to this little girl, boys still had cooties.

Her Grandfather closed his eyes, making a small 'Hmmm...' noise.

"What story to tell you...?" he wondered out-loud. Kagome looked at him before clapping her hands.

"A story with a princess! And a happy ending!"

Her grandfather shook his head. His eyes had taken a sad glaze to them, unbeknown to the girl. He remembered how his own wife had always told him to tell a story like that. Goddess blesses her soul.

'Not all stories have happy endings.' He though, quickly regaining his smile, and choosing some random story about a shrine maiden, and the demon who loved her. The girl was overjoyed at his choice, and listened to it with glittering eyes.


Kagome feel to her knee's with a plunk. The scenery had changed dramatically. Instead of the warm, wooden room, she was in a lonely cemetery. Tears fell down her little cheeks, making them swell and tint to a red color.

The rain pours sullenly, and the mood was so... melancholy.

The many people who had came to see the burial of Grandpa Higurashi were filing out, very slowly, and whispering prayers. All of the people in black had scared her, but sadness outweighs fear in her mind.

Pounding the ground with her fists, she wanted her Grandpa back badly.

Her mother watched her, and bent over, rubbing her daughter's back soothingly. She was, off course, very sad. It had been her husband's father, and her daughter was so close to him.

Katana Higurashi had seen the damage it had caused her husband, Saru, but her daughter expressed her grief more clearly. Grandpa Higurashi had died of a heart attack. That she was at least a little glad for- his death had not been painful.

"Kagome... he is flying with the angels now." She told her daughter, and tried coaxing her off the muddy ground. Kagome wouldn't move. Pounding on the ground of few more times, the young girl yelled, "Grandpa! You never told me the end to that last fairy tale! Please come back and tell me!"

Katana shook her head and a tear feel from her cheek.


A now 6-year-old Kagome crammed her head between her pillow and lumpy mattress. Her parent's curses and yells could still be heard through the material. They were always fighting now, and Kagome couldn't stop it. Her brother, Sota, was the cause of this one.

He had spilled some of her mother's beer and she had punched him.

Salty tears fell from her cheek.

Her Grandpa would always tell her these fights were just her parent's way of working out life. Kagome had believed him, as an innocent young child should, but now she doubted his words.

Her mother's shrill voice rang in her mind. "SARU! DON'T YOU DARE WALK OUT ON THIS FAMILY!"

The door slammed, Kagome sprang from her bed and ran to the front of the house. Her mother was on the couch, trembling. Empty bottles of liquor were tipped over on the coffee table, and beer pooled onto the nice wood floors. Katana looked at her daughter with a dark look Kagome had never seen. A look of almost hate.

Kagome heard her father's car start, and pulled away from the driveway. He gave her one last pitied look. Her two-year-old brother was sitting next to him. Sota was so little, and his big eyes looked confused. He had a bluish- yellow bruise on his left cheek.

"DADDY!" She screamed, flinging herself to the widow.

He drove away.


Kagome flew up in her bed.

She was sweating and panting slightly. Looking around her, her eyes focused on her familiar room. No longer was it the lovely wood room, but a cheap sell-off her bitch of a mother had bought after they sold her old house.

Her shit lay on the floor. Piles of cloths, old Cosmopolitan magazines, make-up, and on the upside-down crate she used as a bed-stand, the only possession that mattered anything to her, was a picture of her Grandpa.

The nightmares had always plagued Kagome, but they were always worse after she had gotten drunk. Shaking her head silently, she sat up in the small mattress. Her head pounded and she padded her way to the old run-down kitchen softly. Grabbing four Ibuprofens she shoved them down with a glass of stale water.

Her mother groaned from the couch.

Her house was small, and she hated it. Her mother was a drunken whore, who slept with her nasty pimp, Hichi Takashi. Kagome shivered at the name alone. How she despised the man. He was ugly, greasy, and smelled like cat vomit. The only reason she could figure that her mom fucked that bastard, was that she needed the money.

Guess strippers didn't get paid as much anymore.

The house only had four rooms. The kitchen, living room, bathroom, and one bedroom. When moving in, Kagome had taken the bedroom, telling her mother to fuck off and live in the living room where she belonged.

Katana had given in to Kagome, that once.

Their relationship was very fucked up. Kagome's mother blamed Kagome for her bastard father leaving. She would often tell Kagome that she was worthless, mostly because the bastard had taken her brother Sota and left Kagome with Katana.

Kagome silently hated her father more than her mother did.

Another muffled snore came from the couch.

"Wake up Katana!" Kagome yelled, walking past the couch and back into her room. Her head was still pounding from the party Sango had taken her to the night before, but Kagome figured she could last the day at school.

Putting on some blue shorts and a black t-shirt, she walked into the bathroom. The bathroom was Kagome's least-favorite place in the shit-whole that was passed for a house. It was an ugly aqua color, and rust caked everything.

She spent two moments pulling her hair up in a fashion bun, and brushing her teeth. Grabbing her old yellow backpack she kicked the couch. Katana's eyes opened.

Kagome glared. "Get up, slut. You have to go fuck guys for a buck, remember."

Her mother scowled, and spoke in a low tone; "Don't talk to me that way, girl."

Kagome rolled her eyes and kept walking, "Like you deserve any better?"

She slammed the door on purpose and was greeted by fresh air. The musty Hawaiian climate greeted her and the glare quickly left her face. She relaxed and let the wind rush through her body. Ever since they had moved, Kagome had walked to school because they lived so close, now that she minded of course. Her morning walks gave her time to daydream. Time to think. Living in town was one of the minor perks of living with a stripper. They couldn't afford cars, so they had to live in-town. Swinging her hips slightly, she walked into the school yard. Her head-ach was not all gone, but it had lessened considerably.

She saw her best friend leaning against a wall, smoking.

"Hey Sango. Wild party last night."

Sango snorted. "I had such a bad hangover, I didn't want to come to school."

Kagome rolled her eyes. "That's so you."

"Well, you know, we have to keep up our image." Sango smirked at her own comment, before looking down at her clothes. A tight black tank with the smallest mini-skirt they could find at Target. Kagome smiled as well.

The two bad-ass-princess. Kagome and Sango. They practically ruled the campus, and all the guys worshiped them. Most of the girls were jealous, but never mouthed of. You could always expect the worst when it came with those two. The daughter of a stripper and the daughter of a crack-head; they had many ways of getting revenge.

Walking to first period, they chatted about some random party. Then there was a distinct slapping sound, and Sango swirled around, smiling coolly yet dangerously. A very well manicured hand was placed on her firm butt, and the owner of the hand was smiling a very perverted smile.

"Hello Miroku."

"Hey Sango. I see you truly are a tight ass."

To Kagome surprise, Sango grabbed his shirt and pulled him down to her level. An inch away from his lips she purred, "Lets see if what they say about big hands is true." He had smiled, and his eyes glazed over. Kagome twirled around, knowing Sango would go in for the kill and probably pull his pants down, giving him a blow job right there.

Hopefully she would remember to take him to a utility closet or something this time. She had given a guy a hand-job in the middle of the hallway last year. The teachers had never looked at her the same way, then again, no one usually did.

"I'm going to first period!" Kagome called back, but the only response she got was a muffled moan. Smiling ruefully, she just told herself that it wasn't her fault her friend was so weird and horny.

Pouring herself on her bed, Kagome tried very hard to forget where she was and not fall asleep that very moment. It had been a long, long day. Despite her major attack of the sleepiness, she had shit to do.

"Looooong day." She murmered.

Sango had, somehow, not gotten caught 'playing' with Miroku, and had made it to first period with only being 23 minutes late. Her teacher had been thoroughly pissed, and told Sango she had a detention.

Kagome giggled very girly as she remembered that.

Sango had so many detentions for doing various things that if she chose to actually go to one, she would end there till next year. Kagome had a lot of homework to do, but she didn't give a shit.

Grades had never been that important to her. Sure, she wasn't failing, she just wasn't getting straight A's. But, no one really expected anything out of her so it really didn't matter if she failed or was on the honor role. It's not like what grades she had in school mattered about were she was in life at that particular moment anyways.

Sighing again, she pulled herself up and looked through the floor to find a cute outfit. She was planning to go over to Sango's a little later, and they would probably call a bunch of guys to come over. She had to be dressed in her best.

Picking out a pair of surfer shorts and a small, almost see-through T- shirt, she brushed her hair, and waited for the bitch to come back from the strip club so she could leave. She could already hear the comments her mother would say about her outfit in her head. Kagome rolled her eyes at those comments most of the time. Katana was the fucking hooker, not her.

As expected, Kagome's mother had returned home only a short while later.

Groaning, Kagome saw Hichi walk up behind Katana.

Rushing back to her room, she put on a sweatshirt. That greasy pimp Hichi had always had a nasty sort of crush on her, and she'd be damned if she let him see her boobs. Her mother walked into the house and glared at Kagome.

"Hey Slut." Kagome commented, smiling dryly at the dark look her mother gave her.

Walking into the kitchen, Kagome grabbed a hot pocket and began to heat it up. She heard Hichi talking to Katana about using a dildo or some other nasty ass thing, and rolled her eyes again.

It sickened her how kinky her mother was.

Kagome had always loved fucking guys the normal way. No weird shit pulled. It wasn't really her thing to use handcuffs or screw like bunnies in a small bathroom in McDonalds. Her mother started changing into something else and Hichi walked into the kitchen were Kagome was waiting patiently for her hot pocket to warm up.

"Hey Kag."

"Don't call me that." She muttered darkly, walking into her room and grabbing her purse. She locked her door, and walked back into the kitchen. Grimly, she remembered the reason why she even had to lock her bedroom door.

She had caught Hichi in her room, sniffing her thongs. If that wasn't gross enough as it is, her mother was laying naked on HER bed, and small sperm stains surrounded her.

Yuck. Kagome had been scarred for life, and had to go out and buy new sheets.

"Katana! I'm going to Sango's to, uh, study." She said, walking towards the door. Katana rolled her eyes, choosing to ignore her daughter, and put in a porn video that her and Hichi could watch.

Kagome had almost gotten to the door when Hichi cut her off.

He had her hot-pocket in his smelly hands, and smiled. He took a bite out of it and gave it to her, licking his lips as if her were sexy or something. Kagome flicked him off, and the smile dropped.

He glared and held up his hand to slap her, but he heard Katana saying;

"Hiiiichiii... C'mere!"

He glared at her one more time before moving out of her way. Would he have really hit her? She was sure of it. She rushed out of the door and half ran to Sango's.

Not before she threw away the last hot-pocket she would ever eat.


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