My Bloody Princess

Chapter Seventeen: Forever


"And I will never see the sky the same way, and I will learn to say goodbye to yesterday, and I will never cease to fly if held down, and I will always reach to high cause I've seen, Cause I've seen Twilight."

Twilight Vanessa Carlton


Kagome's POV

Even after hours later, I still cried. I cried for Sango, I cried for her child, I cried for my Grandpa and Daddy, and I even cried for myself. I had never felt so alone in my entire life...

But, Inuyasha was always there, comforting me and helping me. Saving me when I thought no one could. He would never get tired of holding me in my sleep, and never tell me he was bored of our endless talks. You know, those ones that ended up lasting till the wee hours of the morning... His golden eyes would always be there to look upon me.

My mother came to her funeral 2 weeks later.

She was wearing a black dress, and trying to be a respectable person. I could tell she had tried so hard to impress me, with the crisp and barely evident make up and professionally done hair. It worked, to some extent. She did walk up to me and tell me that she had dropped Hichi like a rock when he admitted to doing those horrible things. That had made me smile a little in spite of the melancholy mood. Katana told me that I could come back to her house anytime I wanted.

I remember I had looked over and saw Inuyasha, talking quietly with Sesshoumaru. He had moved some hair out of his eyes in a casual manner, but my heart had melted. I had looked back into my mothers eyes for a moment, before I told her no and thanked her for coming. She had only nodded sadly and walked away, saying "I'm sorry."

She moved away the next morning, out of that miserable house in which so many horrid things happened and up to the states, California or Nevada, or so I was told.

I have never seen her since.

Miroku had come to the funeral too, but only for a little while. He had said a prayer for Sango, looked at her face for a good moment, and walked away without another word. Just like that.

Now about 6 years after I first met Inuyasha, we are living in an apartment back on Big Hawaii. Nothing really tied us down to Oahu, though I do miss the short walk I had to take to go to the North Shore and get some good waves or watch the cute surfer boys.

Sesshoumaru had ended up marrying his girlfriend of so many years, Rin, and they are now expecting their first baby. Rin told me that she doesn't want to know the sex of the child until she's birthed it, but she truly hopes it's a boy. She also told me if it was, she would name her child Sota, after my lost little brother. I had hugged her very tightly, and thanked her. They moved away in the next couple of months, going to Florida because Sesshoumaru had a good job offer. Inuyasha still calls his brother about once a week, and Rin and I always have our little chats as well.

Inuyasha and I, on the other hand, have passed out of those dark times I once knew. I am now 21, to his 22, and we are settling down. He is working 3 jobs to try and help me pay my way through collage, and I'm trying to work part-time at a graphic art studio. It design's images and back-rounds for top magazines, things like that. I really want to work full time though, and become a manager of my own graphic art business.

He told me that after I get my dream job, he's going to try and get his. He wants to be a pediatrician. He had blushed so much when he told me that, but I had only told him to, "Do what your heart tells you."

He had told me he loved me about a week later, you know.

We had just been sitting there, watching the sunset on the portch, and he had told me. I was so happy that I actually kissed him for the first time. We ended up making love that night for the first time as well. Just like that. It still makes me giddy to think about it.

Inuyasha had even come with me to my court trial against Hichi. I had sued the bastard for every penny he was worth. He had lost of course, but only after Sesshoumaru called in some 'connections' that helped get the evidence to win the case.

Hichi is now in jail for 5 counts child molestation, 2 counts rape, 7 counts child abuse, and over 17 counts of illegal drug smuggling and abuse. He was sentenced 47 years by the court, 45 if he has good behavior.

That fucking prick got what he deserved.

Now I am sitting in the kitchen, listing to the rain outside, mixed with dim sounds of Inuyasha fighting with Henya over the phone. Henya ended up becoming quite the surfer. After giving up drugs and dealing, she went pro, and damn, you can't pick up a issue of Transworld Surfing without her somewhere in it.


Normal POV

Kagome brought her pen to her lip and though for a moment. She was currently writing in the a brown leather book her old friend Matt got her for her birthday one year. It had different things that happened to her in her life.

Kagome felt that the moment she wrote all of those bad things down, they didn't matter anymore. They all went away and left only the good. "Hey Kag, C'mere!" She heard her boyfriend's voice call.

Rolling her eyes, she got up reluctantly and walked into the living room. Inuyasha was off the phone and sitting on the couch. She looked at him with an expression that said, 'what do you want, loser?'

He smirked his arrogant smirk and stood up. "Lets go watch the sunset." He told her. Kagome looked at him and her cocky expression melted into one of pure love.

"It's raining you dope." She told him, pointing out the window.

He looked at her with a raised eyebrow. "So? Like that's stopped us before!"

She smiled at him again and grabbed his hand and they walked out of the apartment onto the small deck that had been build in. One of the reason's they had rented the place was because of the wonderful view.

It was now dimmed down with the grey sky's and thick rain that was falling. A wonderful moist smell could be intoxicated by anyone, and Kagome always felt so much more alive when it rained.

Inuyasha plopped into one of the two pink lawn chairs that had stuck out there. He grabbed Kagome's hand and pulled her on his lap. She complied, very willingly, but pretended to be grumbling about it.

For about 10 minutes, they just cuddled happily, enjoying the rain and feeling it was over them.

"Kagome?" He asked, sounding a little unsure.

"Hn?" She replied, looking back into his eyes.

"Thank you." He whispered. She smiled slighty.

"What do you mean?"

"Thank you for saying yes..." He said a little more cockily. Kagome looked completely baffled.

"Yes to what?" She asked. Inuyasha fumbled around in his coat pocket for a second before taking out a small gold ring with one beautiful ruby on it. It sparkled from the raindrops falling on to it. "For saying yes to becoming my wife silly."

Kagome stared at the ring for a long time, mouth gaped a bit. She then pulled her hand behind his neck and pulled his lips to hers. He broke back a little and put the ring on her respective finger. Kagome stared at it for a little while longer.

"Is that a yes?" He asked, again a little unsure of himself.

Kagome looked at him, and felt her heart melt. "Yes!" Kagome yelled, leaning in for another kiss, and letting the rain, and tears wash over her.

: "Grandpa!" the small girl with two butterfly clips cried.

The old man turned around and picked her up, twirling her. She giggled and let her arms fly free and hair get tangled in the wind. The old man gave his granddaughter a kiss on the cheek before whispering,

"I love you my little Princess..." :