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Title: A Bad, Bad Chris.

Summary: Chris is a regular kid, except for the fact that he has supernatural powers, his father died in WW2, his mother is one of the 3 most powerful witches of all time, his brother is the most powerful being in exsistance, and he has a knack for getting into troble.

Chapter 1

Mischevious Middle Schoolers

I was really really bored, I mean can't stress how bored I was. It was Science class with Ms H. I fell asleep some where around the spiltting of a cell or something like that. I'm not sure but all I know is as soon as my nap started to relax me a big book hit next to my desk.

"Mr Wyatt, good to know your still with us, we thought you might have died." Ms H said, "And since your in good health you should get some excerise in, start by walking to the office." She pointed me to the door, so I went. I never realised how big the school was, or at least it always seems longer when your on your way to see Mr. Quimble. Oh how I dispise that man, I honestly think he enjoys getting me into troble. Well I finally made it to the office, Ms Sissy greets me at the door.

"Back again Chris? Your here more then my medicine kids are." She laughs, I like Ms Sissy, she is funny.

"Yea, I'm here once more, is Quimble ready for me yet?" I ask, and look around, its 1:45, maybe we can get this done just as the bell is ringing, Mom and Dad already had to come get me earlier in the week for putting gum in Maggie's hair, that was so funny, she couldnt get it out for hours.

"Mr Wyatt, come in to my office please." Quimble called from down the hall. He was wearing that stupid tie again, the one with the little clovers on it, and his comb over was worse then normal. I walked into his office and took my normal chair, "Why are you here this time?"

"We, my happy little leprechon, it would appear that Ms H has distubed my slumber, I don't want her to lose her job or anything but she really should know to let sleeping men lie." I said, thats normally how our little chats went.

"Christopher, you knwo fine and well that I am of Greek descent, and that you are to sleep at home not during class. Science is a very important part of life." He rambled as he normally did. Obviously I wasn't paying attention, "Well, since you seem to be so sleepy," there was great scarcasm in what he said, "I guess you just need to go home to sleep in your bed."

"But how am I spost to get an eduacation if I am at home?" I said, not that I wanted a useless public school eduacation, but facing my parents againg this week wasn't something I was looking forward to.

"You should have choosen school when you were decieding weather or not to fall asleep." Quimble said as he picked up the phone and dialed the number to my house, he had it memorized now. "Hello?.....Ms Wyatt.......Yes, its about Chris again, you or Mr Wyatt need to come and collect him.........Why? Oh he was just a little sleepy, and needs to take a nap......No he went to sleep during his class.....Yes, I'll see your husband soon." Quimble hugn up the phone, "Your father is on his way, you may wait in the office for him to come get you."

As I left his office I truned and said, "Are they really always after your lucky charms?" I laughed, Quimble's head was nearly about to blow off his shoulders. I sat in the front of the office for about 5 minutes when Dad showed up, well he wasn't his normal cheery self to say the least.

"Christopher Perry Halliwell-Wyatt, its time to go home, come now." He said sternly, though he wasn't lying I wasn't in the mood to challenge him. I followed him out of the building and we orbed home. "Chris, don't even bother with an excuse off to your room with you." I did as I was told, mad dead men are not things to be triffle with, especially if they are your father.

As I sat in my room I could hear my parents decieding my fate, but it wouldn't be a big deal, they punish me all the time, not Wyatt, he was too perfect, little mr high school superstar, and he was only a freshmen. I could hear Mom telling Dad that I should spend the weekend grounded and cleaning up the house, but she didn't say anythign about using magic to do it all. Ha, I win!

"Chris, come downstairs," Mom called me from the foye. I went downstairs to hear my offical punishment. "Your Father and I have decieded you are to be grounded all weekend, and help your Grandfather do his spring cleaning. You are going to go to his house tomarrow morning and Sunday morning. Any questions?" when I didn't respond she said, "I'll take that as a no. Dinner will be ready in about 30 minutes, so go practice." Oh boy, my favorite thing in the world, practicing. I've been in band forever, and I'm a percussionist, the high school band has let me play in their pit since I was in 6th grade. On my birthday a few years ago my parents got me a beautiful marimba, and they said I had to practice at least 2 hours a day. In the conserivtory I played music by Karl Jenkins. It seemed like I had just stared when Mom was calling Wyatt and me for dinner.

Dinner, well thats never a very pleasent time, more like Wyatt talking about how perfect he was at everything time. "Guess what?" he started.

Mom looked up so did Dad, and he said, "What Wyatt?"

"I made starter for football next year. Coach told me todya during spring practice." Wyatt seemed very proud of himself. I wouldn't say it out loud but I'm proud of him too. Wyatt still is my older brother, and he is great at almost everything. Wyatt and I get along pretty well, but when you share a room with some one, they drive you crazy.

"Thats great Wyatt." Mom told him. We finished dinner and Wyatt and I went to our room. There wasn't much space in our room , what with our two beds, all of Wyatt's atlethic trophies, my music awards, the tv, our clothes are always all over the floor and the desk for our labtops, we really are spoiled aren't we?

"So, Chrissy Wissy, what did you do now to get sent home?" he asked me as flopped on my bed.

"Nothing too bad, just took a nap, what a hanious crime." I said with a laugh.

Wyatt looked at me and frowned, "I would have expected better of you brother, last week you went home for pullin ghte fire alarm," he paused for a moment, "after you set the library on fire."

"I'd hardly call it the library it was just one book, and it was on burning witches, and being a wtich myself i found it to be offensive." I said with a smirk. The both of us nearly died of laughter when Mom came in and told us to pipe down. We played video-games for a few hours then got ready for bed. We lied in bed and told each other our favorite celtic blessing, "May you have food and rainment."

"A soft pillow for your head." he told me.

"May you be half in hour in haven."

"Befor the devil knows your dead. Night Chrissy Wissy." he said as he turned out the light.

"Night Wussy Wyatt." I loved it when the light was out, as we would go to sleep we would talk about everything, I love Wyatt he is the best older brother any one could possibly have. Mom always said we were way closer then her and our aunts when they were our age. Wyatt was the man, no douts there, he would tell me about his girls and sports and everything cool, then listen to me talk about music, even though he thought it was very boring. Wyatt was my hero, but sometimes it seems that I had more powers then him, but thats not possible he is the 'twiced blessed one' I'm just Chris. All I remember befor falling asleep was Wyatt talking about this amazing pass he made at partice today.