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Author's Note: Obvious timing for Sailor Moon, Dragon Ball Z timing after Trunks told them about androids (didn't tell who mother was). I never saw Stars so if there was a Sailor Chaos, oh well, let me have my senshi.

True Allegiance

Darkness Consumes

Sailor Moon Dimension

"Moon Crisis Power! Make-Up!" Sailor Moon shouted. Her heart crystal appeared and showed more brightly than the sun. It transformed her into Super Sailor Moon. Super Sailor Moon went into the darkness that was Pharaoh 90 fighting Sailor Saturn.

Suddenly Pharaoh 90 was destroyed. The senshi looked for Sailor Moon, but didn't see her.

Dragon Ball Z Dimension

A bright light dropped from the sky as a woman wearing a tattered sailor fuku appeared holding a blue bundle. The woman's blue eyes were sightless and distant. The light faded as a red crystal vanished into the woman's heart. The fuku was replaced with an even worse looking one.

She stumbled forward hoping to find someone to help her. She didn't get very far when she fell to the ground shielding the bundle with her body. Two shadows appeared over her.


A disembodied voice spoke calmly, "What a mess." A woman appeared in a black and white fuku shaking her head. She had her black and white hair in two mile long braids and held an odd looking staff (cross between the Time Key and Silence Glaive). "The senshi of chaos, Sailor Nothingness, will have to get to the bottom of this," she shook her head again.