Dear reviewers,

I have not abandoned this story, just this version of this story. I know many people liked this version, but I come nearly four full years since starting it and realize how much utter crapola this story is. I have changed a lot since the first chapter of this was published and as such many of my ideas have changed. This story is getting a FULL rewrite. Much like From Destiny to Fate (if any who read this also read that, which I am pretty sure there was/is at least one reviewer who read(s) both) this version will be deleted within a year as the other one will be posted separately.

Thank you for all who reviewed this and I hope you will all go and look for True Allegiance: Rewrite which will be out within the next month (if all goes well). I have a lot of new ideas to incorporate and a lot of old ones to bin, but the basic idea is the same, there's just some twists that I wasn't ready for when writing this originally.

When I originally wrote this story, I was a friendless teen suffering from depression and social anxiety disorder. While I still have both, I am dealing with it much better and actually have some great friends. I am also no longer a teenager and I know the world doesn't revolve around me, but is still a horrible cesspool of capitalism, greed, corruption, war, rape, murder, and politics. But I now realize there are bright spots in it and...not everyone will betray me.

Thank you all for the reviews, the favorites, the C2 adds, the alerts, and everything else. It is because of you that I refuse to abandon this story and that I write the rewrite. Thank you for all the support you unknowingly provided during a really hard time in my life. Thank you all, so much.

With much thanks and love,

Anime Monster