Kiyomisa: Yes, this will be shonen-ai, and yes this will follow the movie very closely. However, to keep in character as much as possible, scenes will be changed to fit the flavor of Kingdom Hearts. Riku and Ansem will probably be the most OOC out of the cast, but I hope I still got the flavor of them. Enjoy!

Far away, beyond the End of the World, there lived the Heartless King. He was an ancient fey who took unwanted children and turned them into Heartless, expanding his Kingdom and power. For centuries his name was spoken in hushed tones as tales to frighten children into behaving, nearly no one believed in him anymore. But he was very much real and alive, and he had fallen in love with a mortal youth...A youth by the name of Riku.

It was a sunny day on the beach of Destiny Islands, like it usually was. And it was completely the wrong weather for the heated discussion taking place on its sunny shores.

"You're always hanging out with Kairi, Sora!" Riku accused, narrowing his striking teal eyes at the younger boy.

"Look, I'm sorry, but I made these plans with her a week ago," Sora protested, spreading his hands almost pleadingly.

"Well just unmake them!" Riku snapped, crossing his arms.

"I can't do that!" Sora snapped back, his own temper breaking as he glared at his friend.

"Fine! Go then!" Riku yelled. "I would've been better off if I'd never met you!" The youth knew he was overreacting, but he couldn't help it. It felt like his best friend was ignoring him, and that hurt and frightened Riku. He didn't like feeling afraid, so he turned it into a safer emotion, like anger.

Unfortunately, Sora did not handle anger very well. "Well it's not like you can get the Heartless to take me away!"

Hurt even more, Riku yelled back, "I wish the Heartless would come and take you away, right now!"

The silver-haired youth turned on his heel and began to storm away. He kicked a rock furiously, then shivered as a cool breeze picked up. The wind grew even stronger and the sky was darkening. Worry about the beginnings of a storm made Riku look back for the small brunette, but Sora was nowhere in sight. Riku frowned; he hadn't heard anything and Sora was too klutzy to get away without being heard.

"Sora?" he called, but there was no answer, only the sound of waves on the sand and wind in the trees. Riku hesitated, then turned back, looking for Sora's footprints in the sand. There were none to be found. Riku's heart began to beat faster and his eyes widened. Did the Heartless really-? He shook his head, ridding himself of the idea. The Heartless were just a fairytale, there was no way they could've taken Sora.

Laughter sounded from the trees, soft and dark, all different pitches, harmonizing like a disturbed choir. Riku jumped, dropping into a fighting stance, despite the fact that he didn't have his practice sword. Adrenaline was beginning to flow into his veins. He searched the foliage with his eyes, but he saw nothing.

"Show yourself!" he yelled, silencing the laughter as he clenched his fists, fear and anger coursing through him.

"I'm right here," a voice purred in his ear, deeper than the earth and smoother than the fine wet sand. Riku jumped away with a cry and whirled to face his foe.

There stood a tall man with tan, mocha skin and brilliant silver hair that shone even though clouds blocked the sun. His eyes were an unsettling shade of orange, like two cat eyes made of embers from a fire. For a moment Riku was too mesmerized by those eyes to say or do anything. Then he noticed the amused smirk gracing those sinful lips and he came back to himself. If there was one thing Riku detested, it was being laughed at.

"You're the Heartless King," he said, glaring defiantly, despite the way those eyes made his heart beat faster.

The king tilted his head in acknowledgement, his smirk giving the action a mocking flavor.

"Bring Sora back."

"Tsk tsk." The king shook his head. "Not even an introduction? I'm Ansem, nice to meet you."

"Bring him back," Riku repeated stubbornly, refusing to be drawn into inane conversation with the man.

The king crossed his arms and shook his head. "Now Riku, what's said is said."

"Bullshit, you know I didn't mean it," Riku retorted frostily, crossing his own arms.

Ansem cocked his head, his smirk as wide as ever. "Didn't you?"

Riku growled, resisting the urge to wipe that smirk off his face. "Bring. Him. Back."

Ansem sighed and uncrossed his arms, bringing one, entirely too warm hand to rest on Riku's shoulder. "Riku, go back to your island, practice your swordplay. Forget about Sora."

Riku forced himself to stay still, no matter how much he wanted to end the feeling of the man's touch. "I can't."

Ansem walked behind him, encircling him in his arms. The heat coming off of him was almost unbearable and Riku couldn't help but shiver.

"I've brought you a gift," Ansem purred in his ear, holding a good-sized clear globe that looked to be made of glass before him. When Riku remained silent, the king continued, rolling the globe through his fingers as if it were a penny in the hands of a master o f sleight of hand. "It's a crystal. If you look into it correctly, it shows you your dreams. Needless to say, this is not a gift for an ordinary boy. It rids his life of hindrances, those things that would hold him back from his full potential. Do you want it?"

Riku licked his lips nervously, for inside the crystal he could now see himself, older, a master of swordplay.

"Then forget the boy."

Riku clenched his teeth. "I can't. I won't."

The crystal vanished into thin air, and Ansem's hands moved to his shoulders. "Don't defy me," he almost growled, gripping hard. Shadows rose from nowhere and enveloped Riku, blinding and suffocating him. He struggled, to no avail. In another instant they were gone. Riku collapsed to his knees, gasping for breath. Ansem chuckled lowly.

"You see? You're no match for me, Riku."

Riku glared up at him. He would never admit defeat until he was actually defeated. "I want Sora back. Where is he," he demanded, standing up and willing himself to avoid being trapped by those ember eyes again.

The Heartless King's eyes flashed, whether in vexation or amusement, Riku couldn't tell. "You know very well where he is."

Riku narrowed his eyes, glaring stubbornly and refusing to speak.

The king narrowed his own eyes, then stepped to the side and pointed out to sea. "He's there, in my castle."

Riku stared at the castle now in the distance. It was too far away to make anything out, but it must have been large indeed. He strode to the edge of the water. "That's the Castle Beyond the End of the World?" he murmured, glancing back at the king. Destiny Island was gone, replaced by a sea of stars and a lone path of shifting light. Ansem stood with his arms crossed once more, his silver hair flicking majestically in the wind. "Turn back, Riku. Once you start on this path, there is no going back."

Riku snorted, trying to ignore Ansem's unwavering gaze. He looked once more towards the castle, now seated on a hill over-looking a vast labyrinth. "It's not that far," he said, more to boost his own confidence than anything else.

"It's further than you think," Ansem murmured, once again in his ear, and Riku shivered at the warm breath and velvety voice. "And time is short," the king continued, pointing past Riku to an elaborately carved clock with thirteen numbers that seemed to float in midair. Riku stifled the urge to jump away from the Heartless King's body, his presence and scent enveloping the silver-haired youth. He smelled of wood-smoke and spices.

"I'm going," Riku said, proud that his voice didn't waiver.

"Pity." Ansem drew away. Riku refused to look at the dangerously handsome man. "I'll give you thirteen hours to solve the Labyrinth, then Sora will become a Heartless-"

Riku clenched his teeth and closed his eyes, fighting the image of Sora's sky-blue eyes looking dully without a soul behind them, becoming a black and twisted Heartless.

"-And you will remain in my castle, forever."

Riku jerked his gaze back to the King, his stomach dropping. "What!?"

Ansem smiled. "You don't think I would pass up the chance to get a pretty boy like you, do you?"

Riku shivered and took an involuntary step back, staring at the silver-haired man. Ansem's smile grew. "I'll see you in thirteen hours, Riku." The Heartless King slowly vanished, his deep laughter lingering in the air.

Riku shivered again, then looked over the Labyrinth. "How hard can it be?"

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