Here's a new fanfic from yours truly, inspired by reading a fic by Lady Lanet, which had this same premise.

Saeth, which means: arrow in Welsh( I did my research), although modeled after me, is not a self insert. Neither is her mother, Lilly, an insert of my mother. I'm just wondering what would happen if a girl who knew a lot about Middle Earth was dropped in there with her mother, who knew absolutely nothing(it's really just a variation on Lady Lanet's idea, though)

Yes, Frodo's still here! Sam was mayor while Frodo was still on M-E, if you remember.

Disclaimer: I own myself, but not Lord of the Rings, or much of the stuff in here. And there will be no romance whatsoever, unless I deem it so.

Warning!: Shameless, horridly unimaginable plot device in the first chapter, but nothing afterwards. It's emulating the style in which a particularly funny piece(I can't remember the author's name right now) called, "Care In The Continuity" is written. Go read it after you read this.
Saeth lifted her head from 'The Silmarillion', her fingers brushing against the page. Dark hair framed her face.

"Mom? Mom? Did you ask me for something?"

"No," Lilly called back from the next room, then leaned into the living room, a dishtowel flung over her shoulder.

"You're still reading that?"

Saeth didn't look up, but turned the page.

"It's absorbing reading."

"Whatever; get your brother and sister to come to dinner."

Saeth shook her head.

"They're both over a friend's house tonight, and Dad's at work 'till ten. We're eating alone tonight, I guess"

'The Silmarillion' reclaimed its place on the side table as Saeth joined her mother at the table. As usual, they began talking about one thing or another. This time, it was the languge of Westron, something that Lilly never understood about her daughter's favorite book.

"Wait, wait. So, J.R.R. Tolkien said he only translated the books? I'm confused."

"No, no, Mom...." Saeth voice trailed into a growl of frustration, "no, he did write the books. He just wanted it to seem like a translation."


"You still don't get it"


The two burst out laughing, forgetting totally the 'argument' that had occured mere seconds earlier.

Saeth cleared her plate and dashed off to her room, for no particular reason. Lilly smiled slightly and washed up, leaving the dishes to soak. Her favorite cop show was on, and she didn't care to miss it.

Now, in every other reality that your typical fan of, well, anything, the time-space fabric would behave itself. But every so often, it tends to act up, and results in strange hiccups. It(being of no state to rid itself of these horrid hiccups) finds several people to eject so it'll feel better. This time, it found two; Lilly and Saeth Rowena.

The air around Saeth grew heavy, and a great drowsiness overtook her. Her head fell to the pillow, but she dissapeared before it ever touched.

Lilly was experiencing the same thing, but she was in the middle of a battle of wits with the television, so it would've been an odd sight, had anyone been there to see it, to see her stop mid-rant and fall over.
Saeth landed with a thud and a audible crack onto cracking leaves. Her mind swam. Leaves? How the hell was she outside? And for that matter, how was it Autumn so fast?

She opened her eyes and gasped; intricate architecture decorated a small 'colony' in the valley. A strange, but soothing scent reached her nose. She sat up as best she could.

"Smells like elves" she uttered, thinking it nonsense, nothing but dream. Saeth tried to stand up, but pain shot through her right leg. She let out a groan as she looked down; mid-shin, her skin was swollen and bruised.

"Broken...damn" she cursed. Her eyes began to well with tears, but she blinked them back. She didn't know if she was alone, though she hoped such.

To Saeth's surprise, a voice spoke up behind her, in beautiful, lyrical, language that she couldn't understand.

" name is Saeth. Sa-ee-th."

The stranger to whom the voice belonged only gave her a blank look, then knelt down next to her and lightly touched Saeth's swollen shin.

"Ow" she yelped. The stranger, who had long, dark hair, looked up at her with dark eyes and seemed apologetic. He said something else, in a different languge that was still unknowledgable to Saeth. She only shrugged. The stranger's eyes blurred with confusion. He spoke again, in the same languge.

"I don't understand you" she spoke slowly. The stranger stood and seemed to debate with himself what to do. He gestured for Saeth to lean on his shoulder. She obeyed, and he helped her onto the chessnut mare that stood beside the path. The stranger helped her mount the horse, then rode gently to where the 'homes' were located in the valley.

The stranger helped Saeth off the horse and into a hall. He gestured for her to sit down, which she did. The stranger then turned down the hall and called out one word, "Ada"

Saeth blinked several times. Ada, it was elvish for...father, she remembered. She put away the nonsense;Elves didn't exist; she was having a dream, nothing more.

Her fractured leg throbbed in pain, trying to convince her that it was right, not her.
Lilly yawned, and awoke near a stunning, magnificent tree. Green grass spread as far as the eye could see. She smiled. She must have been having one of those nature dreams.

At least, that what she was convinced it was; until a strange, short creature with large, furry feet, sun-weathered skin, and dark blonde, curly hair came over the hill. He looked confused.

Just like Lilly.
So there's the first chapter; do you like? In case you don't know, Westron is the languge in which 'The Lord Of The Rings' and 'The Hobbit' were supposedly originally written in. I don't know of a languge equivilent in this world to it though...perhaps Latin? No..that's Quenya...

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