I'm finally updating 'Westron Confusion' after, what, a month? Shame on me for not doing this sooner! I really must at least wrap up fanfics I don't intend on continuing, right? Oh no, I want to finish this one. Don't worry!

It just struck me; this does seem to be the only fic that I've seen where the Twins(Elrohir and Elladan) have if not a major role, then a very central one. They don't get much time in the book(Elladan being the only one who gets any dialouge; check your ROTK), and I didn't set out to make them figure so much into it. Oh well. And yes, Bilbo's still living in Rivendell; though where he's been all this time is a mystery to me. He'll show up soon.

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Chapter 4: Reasons
Saeth didn't dare lift her head from the sheets. When she did, the sun was setting, and crickets were chirping.

"Crap" she hissed, turning over and sitting up.

She felt horrible for acting like that; why had she run in the first place?

Saeth sighed and ran her hand over her brow. She was still confused as to whether she was still dreaming. After all, there was no way Middle Earth could still exist. It was just impossible.

"Oh well," she thought, "at least I won't have to worry about seeing either of them now. I've made a total idiot of myself"

As if on cue, the door opened, and, for a brief moment, Saeth thought she'd come face to face with the king of Gondor and Arnor.

But it was only Elrohir..or Elladan? Eru, she still couldn't tell them apart.

" 'Tis only I, Elladan," he spoke, then took a seat by her bed.

"Why did you run?"


"Speak the truth." Elladan spoke as if he suspected something. He had every right to, Saeth thought. She did simply just appear out of nowhere, claiming amnesia.

"I..I was afraid."

"Afraid? Afraid of what? If you have reason to fear the King, then you may be..."

"I'm not evil, alright?" she snapped, "I didn't want to be seen looking like a servant girl. What face is that to show to the Evenstar? I was sitting at your father's table; surely even she would've thought me a maid."

Elladan closed his eyes, and sank into thought.

"If she had thought that, Ala- Saeth..I or my father would have corrected her. You had no reason for worry."

"I didn't know that, now did I?" Saeth was still not in the mood to deal with a testy elf at the moment. Elladan stood up and left the room.

For a long while, he did not return. Saeth searched her memory for a way to wake herself up. She found nothing. Eventually, she became content to stare out the window at the stars, relishing the fact that she would never see them shine so brightly again.

The Elf returned, carrying a small bundle. He took a seat on Saeth's bed this time, and drew back the covers around her leg.

"It is healing quickly."

"Thanks to the care it's recieved" Saeth yawned.

"We could perhaps take the splint off within a few days, or even tonight;" Elladan spoke, "and you would be free to go"

Saeth didn't let frustration show, even though Elladan knew she had no place to go.

" I suppose.." the young woman's voice trailed off. Elladan tossed the bundle onto Saeth's lap.

"New garments. They are not what those of this house would wear, but they are not the clothes of a maid" Elladan left the room.

Saeth rolled out the bundle to discover a very plain dress; a grey bodice, simple sleeves, high neckline, but she didn't care. It was better than hand-me-down sleeping gowns that had probably once belonged to Arwen Undomiel that she had been wearing before.

A healer came into Saeth's room as she finished dressing. He smiled and spoke something in Elvish before he removed Saeth's splint. The young woman rubbed the limb a few times.

"Oh, that feels much better. Thank you."

The healer nodded and departed.

Saeth tested out her leg. A bit shaky from being unused for a few weeks, but otherwise fine. 'Must've been a hairline fracture', she thought, 'that's why it healed so quickly.'

It was late now, as Saeth ventured out of her room. She carefully made her way through Rivendell's main house, admiring the maps in the Halls of Fire, eventually stopping to rest on a balcony. When she looked to her left, Saeth could see Elrond, Arwen Undomiel, and the King Elessar seated on another balcony. Her innermost fangirl mind wanted to make every move to meet the king and queen, but common sense over rode it.

Unless invited, she decided, I won't intrude.
The night air was cool, the stars shining like diamond dust on velvet. The king's eyes studied the Sickle in the sky, but listening to the words his father-in-law spoke.

"She came here a few weeks ago; Elladan brought her. He told me she was injured, so I came to heal her. I tried to ask her from whence did she travel, but she gave no answer. She did not even speak the Common Tongue; though it seemed almost like it, I could not understand what she said. Only through a charm does she speak it now."

Elessar glimpsed a young woman on a nearby balcony, then fixed his eyes on Elrond.

"Are you saying that she is from an enemy, my lord?"

Elrond sighed heavily.

"Elladan suspects that. She did run when news of your coming was told."

The Lady Arwen finally spoke.

"Do not be so quick to judge, Adar. May I visit her, and ask of the events? Perhaps she would speak the truth to me."

The king and Elrond looked hesitant.

" She will not harm me. I know it."