Ch. 7: Progenies of the Apocalypse

"You know the truth. It is time to set it free..."

"P-please..." the man in the hunter green suit groaned.

"What Harada? Now you beg for mercy?" Rahne growled as she stood over Harada. All around her, bloodied walls stood silent testament to the struggle that befell her. "You know nothing, do you? You fancied yourself a genius, but in the end you knew nothing!"

"Of course he knows nothing, Rahne. He is but a puppet."

"And you too, aren't you Goldberg? You're a puppet to."

"Of course," he said flatly. "I live only to serve my mistress."

"Whatever. Come on Reiko, we're leaving."

"Where are we going?"

"We've beaten all we can out of Mr. Busuzima, now its time to see what Ah can wring out of Roman Tylon." Rahne made her way to the window, ready to leave the battered Harada, when Stephen Goldberg locked eyes with her.

"My mistress awaits you, Rahne. When the time is right, she will send for you."

"Not if Ah find her first." Rahne fell out the window, turning into her bat form on the way down. Reiko followed, leaping from rooftop to rooftop. Making their way to Tylon Headquarters. Rahne hovered for a moment, then descended. She approached Tylon's office, and opened the door. Kojiro stood in a darkened corner, and Tylon sat with his chair turned away from her.

"Tylon!" she shouted, with a quick glare to Kojiro. "We will have words!"

"No, you will not," Kojiro answered in defiance.

"Ye wanna try and stop me?" Rahne hissed back.

"No. I'm afraid Tylon will not be having words with anyone. Ever again."

Rahne approached Tylon and swerved his chair to face her. Suddenly, she found herself holding Tylon's severed yet bloodless head. She dropped it to the floor, and looked at the message scratched on his desk. "Jenny"

Rahne glared at Kojiro. "What aboot ye? With Tylon dead..."

"His brother, Stefano, controls the corporation. My duty was to Roman, but only because of her daughter. I am a Tylon's ally no longer."

"Well that's good ta hear. I was afraid I'd have ta hurt ye."

Reiko entered the room, sniffed the air. "It smells of death in the place. Rahne, you didn't?"

"Kill 'im? Can't say Ah didn't want to, but it looks like our prey has beat me too it." Reiko ran her fingers over the desk, making out the letters carved into its surface.


"Yeah, Jenny Burtory... It was during the days of the Divinity project. I was there not to stop Divinity, but to accelerate it. Apart from Tylon, Harada though... he could... I was a specimen, an original vampire used to create the clones. Jenny was there to put a stop to it. It all happened so fast... She burst in, I was in the cloning chambers... and the vampires... they... they devoured her, in front of my eyes. There was nothing I could do... nothing..." Rahne's eyes began to tear up, and she fell to her knees. "I as good as killed her..."

"Rahne, you didn't know..." Reiko said, trying to console her. "I... Rahne... I..." Reiko let out a deep sigh. "I've been working for Lisseth this whole time. She said if I helped her, she would give me my eyes back... but I didn't think it would hurt you this much..."

Rahne quickly rose to her feet, grabbed Reiko by the throat, and shoved her against the wall. "Where is she?! What does she want with me?! TELL ME REIKO OR SO HELP ME I WILL BREAK YOUR FUCKING NECK!"

"Rahne... I don't... I don't know..." Reiko gasped. "P-please... you are... hurting me..."

Rahne released her grip, and stormed to Tylon's desk. She reared her arm back, and slammed her fist into it, shattering the wood and sending splinters all over the room. She then grabbed Tylon's chair with the body still in it, and threw it out the window. She let out a deep, primal scream that caused both Reiko and Kojiro to shirk back.

"Turning ye against me, playing me the fool, making me doubt me own sanity, Lisseth has been playing me like a harp from Hell since this whole caper started. And Ah've had enough."

"If you are ready... come... to me..."

"I can hear her calling me. Stay here, tha both of ye. This is something Ah need to handle alone..."Rahne jumped out the whole she had just made, turning into her bat form and soaring on the night winds, heading towards the mysterious voice calling her... to her destiny.

Reiko approached the window, and let out a dejected sigh. Her brother approached. "What do we do now?" he asked.

"What she said. We wait here, and we pray."

"You are close... so very close..."

Rahne set down among the ruins of a long abandoned building. A place she'd never willingly go. This place carried to many memories. This was the site of Divinity. Where her progeny came to be. A mist began to form along her feet. A voice, spoke to her from the dark.

"It is a lie, you know. Your version of what happened, Jenny being devoured by our children, is as much a lie as her death trying to shut down. Do the gaps in your memory not betray these truths?"

"Lisseth. What are ye doing dragging these up?"

"You never actually saw me until that day, did you not? Not until the son of Shina Gado, the woman who funded Harada's experiments, began to expose what happened?"

"Shina thought Harada was working on medicines, not breeding an unholy army of the undead! As soon as she found out, she pulled the funding!"

"Yes, it is true. But the damage had been done, hadn't it? We had been created."

"Ye mean ye had been created. Ah was the original..."

"Is that what they told you? Tell me, Rahne do you remember what Jenny looked like? Can you tell me how she wore her hair? What color her eyes where? Can you tell me what her voice sounded like?"

"Of course I can! She... she... her hair it was..." Why can't ah remember?"

"So you know nothing..."

How since ancient times, we lived among them.

"The human who broke the taboo..."

They were determined to find the secret.

"... through sorcery and alchemy to science, to find the way to end the end..."

Eternal Life. Harada Busuzima and Roman Tylon, ambitious men, with a single goal.

" be that much closer to Gods."

But it could not be.

"They needed the blood of man, just like us. Feral, primal creatures, each one a failure, each hungrier than the next."

Those created for eternal life became nothing more than killing machines.

"Busuzima would not give up. He found one last vampire, and used her to create his masterpiece. The raw materials were pure, engineered from a single female vampire. Made into me, and YOU."

I am... I am YOU LIE!

"Lies? You are built from lies, Rahne. Why you recall being raised by Jenny Burtory, but cannot remember her face. You speak with a Scottish accent; yet have no memories of its streets or countryside. Why your memories abruptly began at the Divinity Project. And why, in your long existence, you can never recall once looking at a calendar. They laid your memories like a stones of a grand skyscraper. Our mother, JENNY BURTORY, the last pure vampire died in captivity FIFTY YEARS AGO. But her legacy lives on, in you and in me. I am you, Rahne, and you are me. We are both Jenny Burtory. That is why you can't..."

I do remember her face. It is our face. We are...

"We can be one again, Rahne. We can remake our ancestor. All you have to do, is let my life's blood flow into you, alow my flesh to enter yours, devour me, just like the false memory of our mother. She left the clues in us, now is the time..."


Two Years Later.


She walked down the street, a cold chill hanging in the air. It had been cold for a long time, ever since that night. Rahne left the office of Roman Tylon, and never returned. She waited, longed for her return, which never came. She rebuilt her life, her and her brother. Under the more moderate control of Stefano Tylon, Tylon International became a force of good. She, her brother, and Stefano all worked to undo the misery Roman had caused. Now if only she could be happy...

The chills continued. She felt as if she was being watched, almost constantly. But it wasn't the nervous sort of paranoia that often bred insanity, but almost as if it were a benevolent force, looking out for her.

"You are still out there, aren't you Rahne?" Reiko walked away, as a fine mist swirled a nearby building.

Yes and no, my darling. Rahne Wallace lives no more, but Jenny Burtory, the woman you really knew, lives on. But there are things that are not meant to be, circumstances even we cannot control. But I'll be there for you, Reiko. Forever...