Undercover by Electric Spyro

A.n. it's another fic by me!!!! n guess what - it's the clana fic i told u about in my other story Poltergeist (which you should read btw)!! it's very vaguely based on the chick flick Whatever It Takes but not entirely 1) because i don't wanna make a fic EXACTLY like a movie cuz thas pointless really.. and 2) because i haven't seen that movie in years so i don't even remember that much of it

also i have finished this fic already. this means that updates will be faster (as long as you guys review) and i can inform you there are eight chapters plus and short epilogue (cuz i felt like it) unless i counted wrong which isn't entirely outta the question

SO i'm sure you don't care about any of what i just typed soooo here ya go! chappy 1!


The chirping of the morning birds outside Clark's window slowly brought him out of his much needed sleep. He blinked open his eyes immediately being greeted with the blaring sun blazing through his bedroom window. Rubbing his eyes in a weak attempt to help him awaken more, he glanced over at the clock. It was 6:56 AM. And that's when he remembered what he'd been dreading last night before he'd gone to bed. He dropped his head back onto his pillow in frustration wishing he hadn't woken up at all.

Today was the day. Today was his first day of high school.

"Clark?" Martha Kent's muffled voiced questioned through Clark's door plastered with posters of planets and star formations. "Clark? Are you up yet? Today's your very first day of high school! You don't want to be late do you?"

"No, I'm coming," Clark answered through his pillow. Later, after he was sure his mother had gone, he added, "in about 30 more minutes."
An hour later, Clark stumbled down the stairs wearing the new pair of jeans Martha had gotten him and a red and blue plaid shirt. His hair was damp from the shower he'd just taken and his eyes still showed that he was about half awake.

"Clark! You're barely going to make it to school on time! Here, take this," - his mother shoved a pop tart in his hand - "and eat it on you way. You can run and get there before 8 can't you?" She looked into his eyes eager to hear an answer.

Clark just knodded feeling that the way she was acting was entirely too enthusiastic for the morning.

"See you after school, Sweetie, "she said as she kissed him on the cheek, "and let me know how your first day went."

He smiled weakly and made his way out of the house shoving in huge mouthfuls of his pop tart.
When Clark reached the street of Smallville High, he kicked off his super speed and jogged the rest of the way to the school. Slowly the huge form of the building began to appear behind a vast parking lot crowded with cars and students. A red and yellow banner above the entrance read 'Welcome Back Crows!' He swallowed and tried to put on the most confident face he could muster as he made his way to the school.

As he passed groups of upper-classmen, he heard quiet mumbles and giggles. He wasn't sure if they were about him, but Clark could already feel the pressures of high school lowering themselves onto him. So many girls he saw were wearing gobs of makeup and complained tirelessly about how terrible they looked to guys with perfect haircuts and perfect bodies. Every so often he saw one or two kids who were sitting on the benches by themselves or getting mocked at my the preps.

So far, all these new thoughts were bringing Clark out of his sleepy daze and pressed worry into his mind. Why couldn't he recognize anyone? Would he too have to sit alone on a bench and be mocked at?

"Clark! Your here!"

Clark's heart leaped as he heard the familiar voice of Pete Ross, his best friend. He saw him sitting on the steps of the school with Chloe Sullivan, another one of his friends.

"Pete! Chloe! Boy, am I glad to see some recognizable faces!" he exclaimed happily.

"Yeah, looks like we're the only kids from our school that are going to Smallville High." Chloe looked around as if to catch eye of someone else she would know.

"Hey, there's Lana! We haven't seen her in like years!" Pete stated.

"Who's Lana?" Chloe asked curiously.

"You wouldn't know her. She went to 5th grade with us. Remember, Clark?" Pete looked over at Clark hopefully.

Lana....Lana...of course! Lana Lang! How could he have forgotten her? He'd had the biggest crush on her in 5th grade. He rememebered that was the only year of school when he could hardly wait to get there so he could see her. Wow, that was four years ago...had it really been that long?

"Yeah, I remember. Where is she?"

"Over there by that tree."

Clark looked in that direction and felt something inside him explode like a firecracker. It was Lana. She hadn't changed at all. Except maybe vertically. Her hair was still shoulder length and a silky dark brown. Her face still looked so smooth and soft and her smile was exactly like it was so many years ago.

"Wow..." he blurted out accidently.

"What?" Pete asked frowning.

"N-nothing. Nothing. I just didn't expect to see - "


"That's the warning bell. We better get going to our first hour class. What do you have, Clark?" Chloe said standing up and pulling out her schedule.

"Um..." - he checked his schedule - "Physical Science. Then Art, then honors algebra, then spanish 2, then world history, then honors english, and p.e." Clark explained as they all heading into the school.

"Two honors classes? And you skipped over spanish 1?" Chloe repeated with awe.

"Why does that not surprise me?" Pete asked smiling. "Clark's too smart for his own good."

"I just figure if we have to go to school, why not make the best of it?" Clark admited openmindedly.

"Well, I guess I'll see you 2nd hour then, Clark." Chloe wisked off to her class and Pete turned the corner leaving Clark to walk to his first class alone.

As he turned to climbed up the stairs he nearly ran into to students standing in front of the stairwell.

"Excuse me," he muttered before looking at their faces. His stomache turned. It was a tall blonde guy with an annoyed expression and - "Lana!"

"Sorry," she muttered pulling herself and the guy aside. Then she looked back at Clark with curiousity and narrowed her eyes. "Wait, how do you know my name?"

"I'm Clark. We went to fifth grade together," he explained smiling. His grin slowly faded as he noticed that Lana looked as if she had no idea what he was talking about. "You probably don't remember - "

"Hey, you tryin' to use a pick up line on my girl?" the guy announced with annoyance.

"No!" Clark added quickly seeing the angry in the guy's voice and face. Why didn't Lana remember? And who was this guy who called her 'his girl'?

"Of course! Clark Kent! How could I have forgotten about you!" Lana suddenly blurted out smiling with great happiness.

"What? Was he your little boyfriend in grade school?" guy wondered still feeling rage bubbling inside.

"No, Whitney, quit being so over-protective. Clark and I were best friends that year," Lana explained looking at the guy. She then turned to Clark still grinning broadly. "You know, I'd love to sit down with you and catch up on the last four years sometime. Maybe during lunch today?"

"Uh, yeah. Yeah, me too." Clark felt his mouth go dry. Not his dumb shyness again...

"Ok, great. We better get to class." Lana reached up and kissed Whitney on the cheek and rushed off.

She wisked away causing her hair to swish silently. He turned back to Clark. "Sorry I kind of exploded a little. It's just a lot of guys tend to - "

"No, it's okay. So Lana's your - um - I mean, she's...dating you?" Clark asked hoping the answer would be negative.

"Yeah, we met over the summer." Clark lowered his head sadly. "So I guess we have science together. Take it from a guy who's flunked this class two years in a row already - it's not that easy," Whitney said as he climbed the steps along side Clark.

"I've always liked science. I think it'll be pretty easy for me," Clark admited still feeling terrible that Lana had a boyfriend and even more terrible when he realized the guy going out with her was trying to be his friend.

"Well, maybe you can help me to actually pass it then," Whitney exclaimed laughing.

"Right." Clark faked a smile and reached his a desk in first hour class just as the bell rang to announce the beginning of school.

'High school with Lana Lang...this should definitely be a good year,' Clark thought in his mind optimistically.