Harry Potter and The Unknown Cousin

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It has been almost a month since school had let out and since then Harry Potter has been thinking about Sirius death and about the prophecy. Not that his summer hasn't been bad but it hasn't got any better. Ever since Moody talk to the Dursley's they had ignored him completely. But now it is nearing his 16th birthday and he wants to go the number 12 Grimmuald Palace. He has been writing to Ron and Hermione to let them he was ok. By the sound of their letters they were in the same place.

Meanwhile In Salem, Massachusetts

There a young girl is preparing to leave to find her biological family. Months ago she found out she was adopted and that her real last name was Evans. Just as she shuts her school trunk an owl comes through her window with a letter.

Dear Ms. Evans,

I know who your remaining family member is. Go to the ministry of magic in Salem and organize a port key for England. Tell them the Burrow is the place of arrival. Also you have been accepted to Hogwarts School of witchcraft and wizardry. You will hear more about the school when you arrive.


Anonymous writer

There was no signature and no return address on the letter. So she goes to the ministry of Salem to get the port key ready.

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