The Ledged of Zelda: Life after another

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Chapter one: Free for all

Damn… He lifted his glass and looked at the ale again, Damn. With disgust he threw the remains of the barely touched tankard on the floor, not caring about the look the owner gave him. He leaned back and sighed as the old man yelled on one of his boys to clean up the mess, he sighed again... Deeply.

He opened his eyes and looked up in the wooden roof of the shabby bar, or whatever the house they had, with no what-so-ever reason, stopped at was, but he hadn't said much in the matter, he didn't really care, it wasn't his place to. As long as these bastards pay up in the end… if they don't I guess it's their problem, he thought grimly.

He looked to his right, into the middle of the room, the others had occupied that part, they were laughing as usual, he just frowned at them, they weren't even worth his critics, no style or fines, and these was the best of the army that had hired him, and they didn't even dare to talk to him. As he thought about it in his dark corner, which hid him rather well with his dark green cloths, he gave a little smile for the thought, and that smile could easily be misread as a will to kill, he did have it on as he was laughing during the battles...

He picked up the piece of dried meat and tore a piece of it with his teeth, it was one of the last he had taken with him, he noticed. He thanked all three goddesses for that he had take them when he was offered, even though he had counted just how many he would need for the trip, and then asking, more than demanding, for that amount, and this far he had been right, as usual.

He just shrugs it off as he thoughtfully chewed the meat, bagging the rest for later. He looked over to the others again, and in someway comparing them to him, he came up with one conclusion: He doesn't belong here. None of his kind were, he knew that all to well, and on top of that he never liked being to long at the same place, and two full weeks here was not what he had had in mind… or rather, it was what he had had in mind, but he had hoped otherwise.

He head as someone fell to the floor and the laughter rose even more, Damn, these drunkards was the generals he had agreed to hire some of his finest warriors to? Goddess… he was right about the idea for him to go with them, otherwise they would probably have been sent back in boxes, or not at all, thinking about what the moblins did to fallen enemies, he had sworn not to let that happen. This far he had succeeded, might be the fact that only had been three of his one hundred that had died, but they had been his friends, more or less. He knew most of the warriors personally and he knew what each and every one of them was worth, two of the victims he had guessed would die, they had been young, only a year older than him, nineteen both, still children. It was the fact that one of the veterans, which he had known rather well, had died; he had taken out a good fifty moblins to get to her body. They had fled from the field not short after, he had hunted down as many he could reach, slaying them in ways that most of these wanna-be-soliders didn't even believe possible, he was partially proud of how he had disposed of the one that had dealt the fatal blow to his old friend. He had sorted out the moblin the same instant he saw it kill her he had then hunted it down, not completely ignoring those that came in his way, but not many did, those who did never knew what happened. He had snuck up in front of it and shocked it a bit, then without a word he had drawn his smitars and chopped its arms of so swiftly and quiet that it hadn't noticed the loss of its arms until it had regained enough sense to try to attack. Imagine finding that your arms not quite doing what you wish them to, then multiply that after your liking and then think how you'd feel face to face with someone who wanted you dead. He had quickly sheltered his smitars after that, and then he had gripped the throat of the beats and with all his force ripped out the creatures windpipe, not finding it enough he had began stabbing the creature with the piece of bone with a velocity that just didn't seem fitting for what he was doing, not that it hindered him in anyway. After the battle he had taken the spear of his fallen comrade and put the carcass of the mobling on in a rather grotesque way. He let it hang on that spear fro three days, watching as birds and other animals ate the flesh of the bones, after the three days he had hurled the remains on a termite nest, the commanding officer had demanded a talk with him after that, no one had seen him since.

Another bang as another of the generals went into the floor, that does it, he couldn't take any more, and his rage rose to the sky in the same movement as he did. He rose to his feet so fast that his chair flew several feet backwards, only stopping because of the wooden wall.

The sudden sound had silenced the rest of the room for a second, but when they saw what had caused the sound they even stopped moving. He sent all of them one of his now trade marked glances, all of them took a step backwards, some reaching for their weapons with evident fear in their eyes. His face twisted into something that showed his displeasure, but also a good deal of hatred. He grabbed his old and worn-out cloak and draped it around him, making sure it covered his weapons, he didn't like showing of, and he was more or less carrying a armory, then he pulled the hood over his head and just stared at the pathetic excuses for men.

"You call yourselves soldiers, warriors and knights?" he looked at each and every one of them to make his point heard "Heh... don't make me laugh" with that said he went to the door and left.

It was rather cool outside, good, he thought, I'd probably burn up from anger otherwise... Damnit! He kicked at a rock rather violently and it flew of into the darkness, he walked on under the cold, cloudy, sky until he saw the warming fires of the army, most of them was drunk, he could tell by the noise.

He just sighed, if those moblins had half a brain they would attack now, but since they didn't he didn't have to worry, he did anyway. He ignored the main camp, it notice and smell and instead scanned its' outskirts, he had been told that they would rise the tents far enough from the others to be able to sleep at night, after a couple of moments he found what he was looking for, their camp, his camp. He walked over with quick steps, wanting to get there fast and at the same time avoiding the reeling drunkards that was supposed to be Hyrles finest. He walked over to and passed that camp, it was easy to tell by the square-shaped tents, and went over to the more cylindrical-shaped tents, here it was more quiet and normal volume on the conversations... which ended as he entered the camp. All of those present flew to their feet and saluted. He just sighed "Stop it, I've told you that's an unnecessarily action, dismissed" they smiled at him and then went back to their talking. He looked at them and thanked all things he could name that he led these discipline women and not the drunkards next door.

He made a straight line for his tent, which was just the same as the others, even though they had tried to force him to live in the royal tent. He had just told them that they could give him a sign that said 'shoot me' and a place on the graveyard at the same time, the point got to them rather fast, they weren't stupid, he sent a meaning glance towards his "allies" next door. Some of the women greeted him as he came and some offered him to sit down, he did say 'hi' but had to turn them down on their offers, he had to fix up his gear, they just told him that the offer remained. He was happy to be with sophisticated people again, so he quickened his pace and was soon by his tent, he put in his arm and just picked up the bag resting next to the opening before leaving towards the others.

He walked over to the big bonfire that had been built in the center of the camp and sat down in the group, there he opened the bag and picked out several cleaning tools. He placed the tools on the ground and then took of his cloak placed it in front of him and began removing his weapons. First off came the twin smitars that he had been next to forced to wear, he was fighting in the colors of Gerudo after all. He placed them neatly on the cloak and then removed Biggarons sword, from what he knew he was the only non-goron that could use it with one hand, and then lastly he removed his saber. The saber hade been a gift from the Sheikah and, boy, it was a nice gift, made of a gold-like metal and decorated with blue jewels which he could only guess the value of. He didn't care about that, but the fact that it could more or less cut through anything and that he never had to sharpen it, he did. Lastly he took the shield he had been using the last five years, it had dents and the color was almost completely gone, but it was still there, the Mirror shield reflected his face perfectly whenever he looked. Sure, the reflection changed sometimes, he was a bit tanner, the weather had hardened the young skin, more muscular than before and he needed a haircut again, but that was things that just did change. But his blue eyes was still the same as he had found them after waking up that day seven years ago, something was lost, and something had been replaced with things that no man should see or feel. He had thought about that many times before and probably many times again would he think about it.

"Link? Are you alright?" He was brought back from his thoughts and found that he had started on the cleaning, but he directed his attention to the white-wearing Gerudo looking at him. He had been brought back rather abruptly and that had left him a bit surprised and a bit confused, emotions, which he had learned to hide during the years. He gave her a corked, and somewhat warming, smile, those that didn't know him would never believe he could be so encouraging.

The woman, Azil, returned the smile, but not without adding the slightest frown, which he picked up the same instant it left her mouth. He looked at her with the same smile, but the edge in his voice and the sharp stare from his sapphire eyes told exactly what he really meant, "I did let that direct breach of protocol go, don't test you luck" as the stare cut into her eyes and the cold hint came on, she was scared, the pressure that landed on her like a blow to the head was overwhelming. She flew from her sitting position to a begging or praying position in front of him, shaking like a leave, she probably wanted to scream out all sorts of apologies, but could only muster a shaky line:

"I'm sorry, sir, I-I forgot the safety orders" she swallowed and made a stand "Give me a punishment and I will take it without struggle, and I will deal myself the punishment with fair rigor" when done she silently awaited his decision, the others around them trying their best not to stare, not doing so good though.

A moment passed, and another, but no reply came, Azil started shaking again, thinking about what she had seen her leader do to the enemies, if he did a fraction of that to her she wouldn't be out of bed in a near future. She mentally shock her head, she had herself to blame, he had given strict orders not to call him by his real name or other names that might reveal his real relation to them, for the time being he was simply the leader for the elite troops and the representative for the Gerudo. She had broke that order and was to be punished, but she wished that he wouldn't drag it out like this... then she felt his hand on her head, her eyes widened in fright, was he going to kill her? Snap her neck like a twig for crossing the only line he had made for them? Then his hand began to stroke her hair in a very calming way, she couldn't bare it, she slowly looked up at him, making sure that her eyes wasn't in the same level as his, and opened her mouth to ask what he had decided. She found that she couldn't. He had pulled up his right leg and was resting his arm against the knee as he was stroking her head with the other, trying to calm her. And he was smiling at her, with his whole face. "Punish you for worrying? Couldn't do that, just... don't do it again and I'll forgive you since it didn't do any harm" he stopped caressing her had and returned the cleaning his swords, as if a needle punctuated a bubble, the tension in the camp loosened, all those that had heard the conversation let out a sigh of relief, and most choked on their spit as he added "And that goes for the rest of you too"

The unfriendly atmosphere had loosened faster than anyone had believed it would and Azil was now talking rather freely with her commander, who was only listening since he was eating a piece of roast dear that had come to close to the camp. He had to admit; they knew how to cook, for being warriors, though, he wouldn't tell them, they might get to proud of themselves if he praised them. He sent his equipment a quick glance, he did every now and then, just to make sure they were still neatly stuffed in his cloak, he didn't want them to disappear, and now that he had spent an hour cleaning them he really didn't want them to disappear.

He remembered the first day they came here, the regular soldiers of the army had been treating them like trash, he had taken that, he had stopped his solider from slitting the throat of the cocky men and he had let it slip past him every time taunts was thrown in his direction.

Then someone had stolen one of his smitars from his tent as he had been sleeping, when he woke up the following day and found it missing he went to tell the commanding officer about it and he "asked" for permission to find the culprit and punish him. The commander had agreed, seeing how this was an act of disrespect against allies, he had simply thanked the commander, walked back to his tent and gone total berserk with Biggarons sword in the Hyrlian camp, it had taken thirty of the Gerudo veterans to stop him, the smitar had been returned the same night. He smiled at the memory and went back to listening to the talking in the camp, when Elise, who had been on guard duty ran over to him and whispered something in his ear, and that always rise interest, which they weren't all too good at hiding.

After Elise had finished her message the answer came the same instant "Tell him I'll be over, did he tell you what it was about?" she simply shock her head and then excused herself and was just about to leave as someone caught her eye "Didn't I tell you to wait?"

Most didn't know what to expect when they turned around, but the sigh coming from their leader they could guess what it was about, and they were probably not far of, coming walking was the commanding officer, one who had been told many times that he wasn't allowed into the Gerudo camp, he just couldn't take a hint.

The officer walked on a line over to the male in the camp, on the same time throwing dirty looks on all the women in the camp, he didn't want to try something though, one who had was still fighting for his life in the medical tent. "S'up Niles?" he looked down at the boy in front of him, it wasn't proper protocol, but he hadn't been given any information on the boy, all he knew was his name and that the Gerudo obeyed only him, and then he knew about his actions on the field. "Good evening Neyii, ladies... Neyii, you and I have to talk" without a word the boy rose and walked out of the warming circle of light and nudged Niles to follow, Niles nodded, and when he did his full plate armor gave away a clanking sound, Neyii, as he was know by the Hyrlians, just rolled his eyes. They walked away from the others and didn't stop before they were out of reach for even the guards to hear, then Neyii stopped and looked questionably at Niles. Niles understood the meaning and cleared his throat before speaking, hell... you aren't going to do a speech, we're just going to talk... stupid bastard, Niles put on a smile. "The war is over, the moblins has declared peace!" he threw his arms out, as if to make a bigger impression of what that meant. Neyii stood unmoving, arms crossed as always he had to listen to someone he didn't like, "Are all you people stupid or are you just a exception?" the smile instantly faded from Niles face. "What do you mean? The war's over, we won, they gave up!" He looked like he was desperate, poor idiot, "Do you mean to tell me that that the moblins came over and asked if it was alright for them to give up? That they would come here and ask that?" he looked amused at the confused face from Niles who just nodded. "And now you tell me that we're done and we'll recive our payment from you and everything's over?" Niles nodded again, this time a bit more proud of himself, but still not understanding where they were going with this. "Niles, have you ever seen moblin up close?" this he took as an insult "What are you talking about? Of course I have seen a moblin up close, I've been at war with them for almost a year" Neyii kicked at the ground "And you still don't know that moblins don't have a brain to know what give up means? And the fact that they can't speak another language than their own mumberling? And yet they could ask you for peace? Think over that" Niles was a little chocked over the reaction, he would have thought they boy would be happy, not this resistant, even if he did have the biggest point he ever had been placed in front of. "Boy, the war is over and that as they say is that, you and your men... women can leave tomorrow, we'll talk about your payment then" Niles said as a last statement, but then boy only began to chuckle, "You're the boss, it's over, finito, I'll leave, but when they start to attack you again and you guys come crawling to us, you're at my mercy, at that's not a pretty thing" he turned and left without another word, still chuckling.

Niles stood at the same spot, frozen from fear... the boy had laughed, laughed like he did during battle, just before the strike. That hollow laugh that simply stunned anyone who tried to oppose him, cause they knew that if they head it, they would die.

Bad mood, I can't believe it, it was visible to anyone in the camp, all stayed away from a bomb, if they were lucky it would be a dud, but would you take the chance with something that can kill you? They actually believe that the moblins of all things would ask for peace? Why? What would they gain? All they want is what they can't have, it's a trick, don't they see!? He stormed past everyone, who was keeping their distance, for which he was grateful; he didn't want any more accidents on the cost of this good damned war. He got to his tent quickly, not stopping for anything until he reached the opening of his tent, there he turned around and yelled with all his might: "LINE UP! BREIFING!" all the Gerudo dropped the things they held and ran as fast as they could to the assigned meeting spot, in front of Links' tent.

They assembled quicker than others could have done with half the group, none moving, it wasn't something you'd do if lightning shot out from the eyes of the man that decided if you'd live or die. For a moment nothing was said, there were some sounds from confused Hyrlians who wondered why there was a assembling in the middle of the night, and why no one was there to tell them.

"Mehina semods..." it was somewhat shocking when he started talking on the Gerudo language, until now everything had been in the common language, but it told them that it was important. "Mehina semods, zes casdaare kan levito. Meha drekased onor de capitan, wina nads ts ekito nadana…"

They looked at him for a moment, then they began to talk in whispers with each other, until he held up his hand to silence them. "It's their war, they make all the choices, even the wrong ones, but we are out of this, we'll leave tomorrow, I want everybody ready to go before midday. And sleep well tonight, because we're not going to stop before we get home, which will be sometime tomorrow night... it will be good to come home won't it?" he got a somewhat dreamy look and then shock it of with a smile "Dismissed"

Night, or almost morning might be better, but despite the time it was only uneasy sleep that had taken the Gerudo, but Link hadn't been able to rest at all, who would make the moblins seek peace? They don't have a leader anymore, they had one once, hmm... funny, I can't remember his name... oh well, he can't be what leads the moblins, he wouldn't make them ask for peace, and he wouldn't have ignored the fact that the Gerudo was fighting against him. So then what could? I think I'll investigate this a bit more after we received our payment, hopefully things will go quickly, I'm tired of this... a hot bath in the springs of "Death mountain" would be nice. I need to see old bro Darunia anyway; he said something about the Goron-go-bouts for the year... I hope I told him to sign me up. He smiled at the memories he had from the previous go-bouts, he had a title to defend there he was the "Sword Goron" from his skill with the sword Biggaron had made him some years ago, I could take the opportunity to ask Biggaron to do a real ground check over the sword... ahh, I can't wait! With those happier thoughts he could fall asleep.

He stood in the middle of seven lights, they were of different colors, was big as melons and were hovering two foot of the floor, but he wasn't even fazed by them. They seemed to talk to him, but he couldn't hear what they said, but he noticed himself laughing at them, or with them, it was like he wasn't a part of the conservation, he was as a third person. Then he noticed that it wasn't himself of today that was standing there, the man standing there was himself some years ago, when the marks of always traveling and fighting hadn't began to show yet, he still thought that man looked older than that though. Then they turned against him, as if expecting an answer or just to hear his thoughts...

He woke up from the sunshine that had entered the hole in his tent that worked at a chimney, he stretched a bit, he hadn't slept for long, weird dream, well, I suppose I've had worse. He sat up from his pile of blankets on the ground that worked as a bed for the traveling time, he found it almost as comfy as a real feather bed, something the women Gerudo just could not understand. He got dressed rather fast, not wanting to get caught in the food line, even though the others would be glad to let him pass he didn't want to use his influence for such small matters, if he did none would take him seriously when it would really be important, or that was what he kept telling himself.

When he got out of his tent it was very few others awake, only the cooks and the ones that had had last nights guard duty, so he really didn't have to stand in any line. As he ate his breakfast, made of meat, egg and roast potato, he watched as the others woke up, how they came out of their tents only to hide their eyes from the first light of the sun, how they went to feed their horses and how they went to pick up their own food.

He looked out over the fields, the horses was playing catch, he noticed that Epona wasn't with them, as usual. He had never felt more understanding than to that horse. She was like him in some way, she couldn't live on the same place all the time, she had to have the free feeling of finding out what's behind that hill, he sometimes envied her, he had more responsibilities than her. Even though she would never let him down, she might not have as many responsibilities, but she took those she had with extreme loyalty.

"Neyii?" he looked up at the voice "Niles" he looked down and continued his food "We have information about your payment..." he looked up again, chewing the last of his food "Good" he swallowed the food and rose to his feet, put the plate on a table and went over to Niles again. "So, where's the gold?" Niles took out a scroll from a bag that hung by his side, papers bad, no papers... goddess, why don't they just give us the payment straight on? Niles cleared his throat and began to read for the scroll:

"Neyii, representative of the Gerudo, I thank thy for you efforts, on the behalf of our country I ask you to follow my representative in the war, Niles, to the royal grounds of Hyrle Castle Market Town, here we will give out thy rightful payment as well as well as my eternal thanks.

Yours serenely.

Queen Zelda."

Niles folded the scroll and looked with respect in his eyes on the man before him, he gave him a smile, which the boy missed since he had his hand against his shin and was most likely thinking about something. "Niles, since when is it 'Queen' Zelda?" this made Niles very ethylated and he skipped like a little girl that just had to give out the latest gossip. Link put his head in his hand the mumbled some unheard curses, then he motioned to Niles to tell him: "Well, it actually a surprise for the people, but the king – god guide his soul – died some weeks ago, and your payment fit nicely in as the first thing she will do after we put the crown on her head. The ceremony will be held that same morning as we arrive at the castle"

A woman on the throne? Damn, these people really are morons straight through... his teeth grinded against each other as he remembered Zelda, something that he remembered of his past, and the thing he wanted to forget the most, to her he was dead. He had never returned to the castle after his trip to Termina, and that was only for the fact that she had forgotten about him, that he knew, he had friends near her. He had tried to contact her in most ways possible, but she had never even tried to reach him, he had even talked to Impa, who had promised to talk to her for him, the reply had only been that Impa couldn't see him in the eyes anymore, but he knew these kind of occasions, he would have to this time, but I can try...

"I guess there is no declining in the matter?" he looked up at Niles who looked dumb folded, then the rage came "Absolutely not, are you– a low life swordsman – declining a direct invitation, no, a direct order from the queen?! How can you even think a thought like that!"

He held up his hands and let out an easy laugh, which was more of a exhale, so Niles missed it over his rage, he then did a snide bow and walked away. Niles put a smile on his lips, thinking he had won a small victory over the boy, his first, but itwas at that moment that Link turned his head around and said just loud enough for Niles to hear: "I don't want to cuz' the only royal about her is that she's a royal pain-in-the-ass" he walked of again, leaving Niles stunned "Nice doing business by the way"

It took Niles a good minute to recover from the remark directed towards the woman he had sworn his life to serve, but when he understood the remark clearly, he drew his sword "Stay you worming!" he got the attention of the whole camp, the last one to actually look at him was the one he had directed his threat against "Yeah?" The way the boy had answer and now was facing him made Niles boil for anger, he held out his sword "A duel, only if you win will I allow you to enter the royal grounds, if you lose, you lose it all!" the Gerudo, not really on the clear on what was going on now had smiles over their faces and one word was steadily repeated over the fields "fight, fight, FIGHT, FIGHT!!" Niles was scared of the atmosphere that had cloud around him, and the eyes and the smile of the boy was cutting deeply into him "You want a fight? Then by Din you'll have one old man!"

By noontime the whole Gerudo camp was packed and ready to move out, but they had gathered in a ring around the actual ring that had been made for the duel. The ring was bigger than usual rings, but the reason for that were so more could see what was happening, many Hyrlian soldiers had joined the ranks of spectators and some were betting money.

In the edges of the ring there was two tables, one on each side, which the weapons of the cobatendants lay upon. Niles had borrowed some from his officers, not wanting to look inferior to the boy who had a impressive collection, not only swords it seemed, there were all sorts of things. And then in the middle were the combatant warming up, and already there it showed which would walk away as the champion.

Niles had his full armor on, which it was to hot for, but his fighting was based on how to use the Armour to his advantage, he was warming up against two of his higher ranked officers and it looked more like child play than actual fighting. They attacked in turns, Niles was first and made a lousy attempt for an attack, which the other blocked, then the other officer attacked Niles and to that Niles put up his shield, and so it went on, none was really hitting the other.

Then there was Link, who had skipped out on his dark-green tunic and was fighting only in his thinner long-sleeved which he always had under. He had that, a pair of Gerudo pants, black for him, and then he had the silver Gauntlets, and the twin smitars that he spun like a madman. He was sweating freely as he deflected, countered and attacked the fifteen Geudo which was even more taken by the high tempo than he was, and they were all bleeding from nicks and cuts, Link had some too, but not as deep.

As Niles to his men to stop Link finished his battle by performing a Gerudo spin, which he preformed with the blunt side of his smitars, which resulted in a knock out for most of his assistants, as the few who had been able to side steep the spin gave up a laugh cheer arose from the crowd.

Even if it might seem different Link liked this kind of attention, so he raised his hands, still clutching his smitars hilt-first, silently into the air and the cheer changed into a roar when the crowd went wild. He turned towards Niles, waiting as sweat and blood rolled down his cheeks.

"I take it you're ready then laddie?" Niles said as he strapped everything into position, Link smiled "You still have the chance of running away, old man" Niles grunted and fell down his visor "Don't get you hope up, punk!" Links smile grew even wider as took a stance with the tops of the hilts of the smitar directed towards Niles "Oh, to bad, I would have hoped that I wouldn't have to humiliate you"

As the last part was said Niles rushed against Link with a furious scream, but the rush was so slow that Link began to laugh, and when Niles brought his sword in a powerful downward arc, Link simply sidestepped it all and bashed Niles nonchalantly in the head with on of the hilts. Niles, not ready for either the sidestep or the blow to the head, staggered forward, and the second which passed was Links to use. As Niles tried to regain his stance Link thrust both his smitars out and neatly cut the straps holding Niles helmet in place, it went much to fast for most to notice though, but the only thing Link cared about was that Niles didn't know.

Niles was on his feet rather fast and decided to gain some distance from the boy, whom he had underestimated greatly.

When Niles had gotten a good forty feet distance or so between himself and the boy he stopped and brought up his wide-bladed sword for a counter, he was going to wait the boy out.

Link smiled, he had fooled Niles to do exactly what he wanted, he bought up his smitars again, still he had the hilts directed against Niles while the blades ran along his arms and behind his back. And then he was of, he dashed towards Niles with a speed that could put even the fastest horses in shame, but Niles was ready, he swiped low with his sword, hoping to cut the legs of the boy. It was in that moment Link jumped.

Niles had played straight into his hands, as he soared through the air he hit Niles in the head with the hilt, making Niles fall backwards and drop his helmet. Niles did, though his head was rather blurry from the blow, notice the helmet going of his head, he also noticed the knee that was coming towards his head, after that though he didn't really know what happened.

As Niles fell Link landed behind him with a roll, he was instantly on his feet and did a flashy backflipp while holding his smitars crossed, he was only vaguely aware that the crowd stopped cheering as he dug the twin blades deep into the ground on the sides of Niles throat, locking him effectively to the ground.

The crowd let out the breath they had been holding since the blades on Links smitars had been brought into the light of the now decreasing sun, and then they let lose the highest and most intense cheering of the day.

As Link heard the cheering go of he slapped Niles across the cheeks to wake him up, and to some degree he succeeded as Niles groggily opened his eyes, at first when he saw Link he wanted to jump to his feet, but reconsidered as he saw the blades less than an inch from his throat, that, and the fact that Link sat on his chest. He sighed.

"What are you waiting for, punk? Get it over with" Link looked down at him "What are you talking about?" Niles felt his temper rise a bit "Finish me! Don't you see even something as simple as that? I lost, now finish me of so I can have some dignity!" Link looked at the man and shock his head, the duel had been to fatal, huh? He shock his head as he broke away from Niles eyes and looked up into the sky, seeing some nice-looking clouds go by. He was aware of the stare he got from Niles, so in the end he decided to say something, not that it would please the old man, not that he cared if he did or not.

"Niles, the princ- sorry, the Queens letter said that you should come with us - me and some of the girls who will help me carry the gold - so if I killed you it might lead to war between our nations, and that would be a bad thing since we need the trading" well, he thought, that wasn't all to bad said, if I do say so myself.

He looked down at Niles again, his brain was likely working in overdrive from the looks of it, but in the end he came up with a conclusion:

"Do you mean the only reason you took up on the offer for peace – was so you could trade with us?" Link felt his eyes widen as he saw the horror full expression on Niles face "No, no, hell... don't get me wrong here, old man, we don't want war with the Hyrlians, and that's why I can't kill you now, get it?" Niles looked like he though about it for a moment, but then gave in.

"Oh alright, I trust you on this one, now how about letting me up?" Link laughed a heart full laugh "Don't even try it, you got to say the magic word, and it ain't "please" Niles mouth curled into a little smile "Well, you can't blame me for trying, can you? Oh, when I get home I'll never hear the end of this" Link knocked his knuckles against the breastplate "Hey, if someone insult you they insult me and one of my friends, and I don't think they'd want that"

Niles gave a grateful look "ok, I ACCEPT DEFEAT!"

As the words left his lips the crowd started cheering again - they had been rather quiet during the talking period – and Link quickly removed his smitars with one hand and offering to pull Niles to his feet with the other: "Thanks laddie, it's hard to get of the ground in these things" he was somewhat surprised to be pulled up so easily though, the boy acted like it was nothing, and with the armor he must have weight at least 300 pounds, so maybe it wasn't so strange when his looked over Links hand.

"How do you Gerudo train, it would take at least two to manage what you just did" Link needed a moment to figure out what he was talking about "Well, pulling you up wouldn't be a problem, but I guess I do cheat a bit, these gauntlets give me some additional power, but before a Gerudo can go to war she has to prove herself, and to lift someone like you is just preparing for thoses feats"

Niles looked at the gauntlets that covered most of the lower arm, he would never have guessed they had more purpose than decoration. He looked up and game Link a amused smile

"There is more to you than meets the eye, am I correct?" Link just frowned.

"Let's go laddie, you don't make the crowd wait, and neither do you make a woman wait, so you have two reasons to hurry. By the way, when I bring women into this anyway, what do you have against my queen?" Link was a bit unprepared for that one, but didn't show it.'

"Well, don't think I don't have the right to, and don't ask about that, but I have nothing really against her, It's just that she's in my black book for doing some things that broke a young boy in many ways"

"My queen did that? She wouldn't hurt a fly!" Link just looked at him as the flood of women was happily heading towards him "Know this about her; she's a politician and she's a woman, men can be regarded as something lower than that by that kind of person..."

Niles was shocked but didn't have the time to reply as the boy was snagged by the hoard of women who lifted him into the air and walked away with him, cheering the whole time.

Translation (since I made that gibberish up myself): My friends, the war is over. I talked with the commander; we're leaving in the morning.