The Legend of Zelda: Life after another

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Chapter two: Bad boy back in town

It was closing in on the evening as the Gerudo forces finally got up on their horses and rode away from the Hyrlian army, which, after the fight between their commander and Link, was left somewhat bitter.

The Gerudos on the other hand couldn't be cheerier; they had decided that they would travel until they got home, which would be way past midnight. Therefore they had become somewhat annoyed, but mostly surprised when Link had said that he had to go to the castle, and they had instantly begun trying to talk him out of it, but he had just told them to shut it, and that had ended the whole dispute. They had clearly misunderstood and thought that they had to come, and a Gerudo in castle town was as rare as a Zora on Death Mountain… almost. As he thought about it he couldn't see why they were so against it, it's the place where they go to find husbands anyway, so why not?

They simply told him that it was a matter of principles, and he didn't feel like pushing the matter further.

After having traveled quite a bit into the later day they were just about to split up, near Lon Lon ranch if he wasn't mistaken, and it was hard to mistake the ranch for something else.

In either way this was were Link had asked for volunteers to come with him and fetch the gold, all said they would, but only five were selected, somewhat to the relief of the others he noticed, which he also found strange since they were almost obsessed with gold and jewels.

Azil, Elise and three others he knew rather well was chosen, much to Elises' dismay, she had found a husband among the Hyrlians soldiers, one that even Link had actually approved of, and she didn't like the way her sisters were looking at him. So after a calm explanation how she would kill the one who dared to approach him in a "bad-mannered" way as she nicely described it, they promised they'd keep their hands to themselves. If it was of respect for the girl or for the fact that Link looked at them with a glance that said more than a couple thousands words... only the goddess know.

Link and the girls parted with the main group with little excitement after the smaller details, but in difference from the bigger group Link decided to make camp and resume by dawn, but the girls weren't happy with that. After a long explanation why they should go to the castle and stay at a inn or something, Link noticed that all reasons had something to do with comfy beds and bathtubs, he simply told them that they closed of the castle at night. For some reason they yelled at him quite a while after that, not that he cared, he had just unfolded his blanket and was already trying to get some sleep.

Hmpf...The Gerudo women can be better than the Hyrlian soldiers, and nicer, but DAMN are they hard to understand! All women are when you think about it... oh well, he turned his head to first his left, and then his right; he was surrounded by females. It felt weird in some way, even though this was just a fraction of all the times he slept near women he wasn't used to it one bit.

Just feels wrong in some way...

He looked over to where Azil was building a fire, she had gotten the first guard, he himself got the last, he didn't mind, he got up early anyway. He watched her awhile as she struggled with the flints, not doing so much in the process, after ten minutes filled with the sound of two stones hitting each other Link found that he was mighty tired of the whole thing so he got up from his makeshift bed, startling Azil in the progress, then took the two flints from her rather harshly.

She looked somewhat hurt as he put the stones in her bag and pulled out one of his arrows from his quiver, he closed his eyes as he felt the magical force inside of him grow as he called out for the destructive power he possessed to lit the arrow. He heard a gasp from Azil as he finished his concentration, which was nothing near as exhausting as it once was, and soon the warming feeling of the heating fire spread through his hands.

He still hadit.

He opened his eyes again to look at the arrow, even though it had to be one of the ten thousands arrows to be enchanted with the power of Din he saw it still startled him, the sight of it. A arrow burning with a warm fire which didn't harm the arrow, but if it was to be unleashed...he smiled, then he stabbed the pile of twigs that lay unknowing in the tiny hole that had been made for keeping the fire in on place, a burning Hyrle field had felt unnecessary.

As the arrow hit the hard resistance of the ground it exploded in a fiery inferno. The twigs and stick did caught fire, but since nearly half of them flew in all directions it still meant more work than they had hoped for, but Link got of easy as Azil told him to go to sleep as it was her job since it was her guard, and he needed the rest. He just shugged and went back to his blankets as he heard some curses from Azil as she took a tad too little caution around the burning wood.

He lay awake for the whole time as Azil collected the pieces, not that he had much choice, it's hard to sleep as someone yell out from pain every now and then, but after that it didn't take long time for the darkness to claim him.

Later on the night he was awoken way to early, and also in a way that told him something was wrong, someone, as he didn't know who had guard duty at the time, was poking him in the back with the tip of her foot.

Seeing that she tried to get his attention without notice he rolled over as if he was still sleeping, in profile he could see that it was July who had the shift, he quickly came to the conclusion that is was the shift before his own, but something wasn't right being woken like this.

July ignored him at first, but then opened her mouth as a very thin slit, so thin that he almost missed it, and out for her mouth came a low whisper, but it was high enough for him to hear:

"There is something spying on us by seven a clock, but I'll scare it away if I turn to check..." he understood the message and with the arm he was using as a pillow he fished up his necklace, and the egg sized crystal that were tied to it. Without too much trouble he put it to his eye and used his eyebrow to keep it at place, then he turned back to how he was facing before and scanned the hills very discrete and carefully seeing as through a magnifying glass.

After not to long he found something that might have been what July had noticed, but what the hell is that anyway? It wasn't like anything he had seen before, not even in Termina had there be such strange creatures, it reminded him of a moblin, but was much smaller both in high and built, but the seemed somewhat smarter, seeing how well it hid itself, which in that resulted in that he couldn't see any more detailed features in the darkness.

He waited a while before he turned back to July, all for not raising any suspicion, then he let the crystal fall to his chest, he liked the little thing, it was one of the valuables he got under one of their more successful raids, but now was not the time. He motioned to July to get her equipment, she did as she was told, but she didn't see how that would help them.

She walked a bit as if checking that all was ok, then she went over to her horse, which was sleeping heavily, and relived it of it's burden. She then went back to her place by the fire, squatted down and put the bag in her lap, she the opened it and began moving things around, not really looking for something, but hoping it would look like it.

"Take out your bow and one arrow, I can't reach mine without the thing discovering that we know it's there, and add much more wood to the fire"

Not knowing the whole plan July only did as she was told and added almost all the remaining twigs to the fire, then she took out her bow and arrows in an attempt to fool the uninvited guest that she was cleaning and adjusting the instruments, and she was, from what she could tell, successful.

As the fire grew steadily she lined up arrow after arrow on a sheet of leather, they were all nicely polished and ready to by used, as was the bow, but she had finished that first, so it already lay by the arrows.

As she felt somewhat done she waited for instructions as she was going over her twin blades, once again as a distraction, and something else to think about. She was absolutely shocked as the fire swayed with the wind and she found herself staring at Link, she had been so shocked that she had missed the whole 'jumping-out-of-her-skin' part. She blinked a couple of times and Link put a finger to his moth to make sure she didn't do anything stupid at such a crucial moment, she was obviously in the state of doing so. July couldn't quite comprehend what happened and risked a glance towards the blankets where she had seen him before, it still looked as someone was there, but she saw that the head was made of her own bag, which she also noticed didn't lie by her side, the side away from him. She looked up at him with a very asking look on her face. 'Sheikah trick' was all she got out of him by doing so, but July didn't understand one thing; why so much fire? The it hit her; if she could only see him occasionally thanks to the wind, then what ever was looking at them wouldn't see anything but the fire, that or the heat waves would hide him.

Now though is when things will be getting interesting, July though. Link took the bow and one arrow as he saw that he would only get this one shot, if he missed the creature would run away and a moving target would not make things easier, and the distance was already out of the possibility factor.

He picked up the bow by the tip and dragged it towards him; he also, in some weird way managed to hook an arrow to the opposite tip, resulting in everything going much faster. He readied the bow and then closed his eyes and took a deep breath. When he snapped his eyes open again they were filled with determination and from Julys view through the fire he looked almost scary. He scanned the hills and found his target and put the bow in the angle he needed, then he drew the string towards himself, he drew it so far that the wooden bow made creaking sounds in protest. Then he waited. The bow was locked and not even the slightest movement rubbed its course. And then, as Link saw the figure move to look once again he let if fly.

The arrow left the bow with a silent 'twang' and then ripped through the fire and soared through the night black sky until gravity claimed it and it sank, still keeping its speed and deadly course. And Link never let his eyes of the arrow until he saw that his aim was true, and the light of the fire colored his face red and black as an inhuman scream went quickly through the night.

The others, who had woken up by the scream, looked around with their senses in override and weapons half drawn as they tried to get in the whole situation. They did calm down somewhat as they saw July sitting calmly and repacking her bag though, as if nothing was really wrong, she looked up at them after finishing packing, her eyes widened only the slightest by the surprise.

"You're up early sisters, it's my shift now, but I guess that we will move on a bit now anyway" she looked at Link who still was somewhat hidden by the flames, she could make out that he was in the position he was in as he released the arrow just a few moments ago. He remained like that for only some second more and the he looked at the newly woken Gerudos.

"July's right, we'll move now, we'll be at the castle as the drawbridge opens and the traffic is resumed, but first I want to see our new friend..." and with that he got to his feet, from the previous keeling position, handed July her bow and walked out of the circle of fire light, leaving July to explain to the others.

It took him about three minutes to walk to the body of whatever it was he had shot, but when he got there he couldn't care less about the little walk, information about your enemy was a very important fact in the equation of war. He was somewhat surprised when he saw the body though, it was indeed very small, but it didn't look like it had anything that would make up for that loss, it was a moblin without strength. He looked over the equipment it carried and found very little of use, but did take notice of the spyglass it held in its now cold hand, it was simply a spy, huh? He looked at the face and noticed that it had an un-proportional large shin, he just shugged.

"Nice shot, highness" he looked around slowly and gave Elise a glance, he didn't like being called that, but if it pleased them so... he turned back to the body. Nice shot? He frowned, "What are you talking about? I missed" he stared atthe arrow which had hit in the throat and emerged though the neck, "...You missed?" he heard Azil answer "Yeah, I was aiming for its eye, need more training" there was silence for awhile and then Elise spoke up again: "You shoot a bow twice the distance it should be able to, in darkness, and then complain about not hitting the eye?" he just looked at her before returning to the body once more, and Elise could nothing more than sigh.

"Hush now, it's a matter of pride" one of the girls said, and at that Link gave a slight smile "Why I'd never think that one of you would, or could, feel that way... Jules... what-ARE you doing?" he said as the girl had begun looting the dead body "Huh? I'm taking the good stuff," she said motioning towards a thick silver and bronze bracelet she had relived the dead body of. From pride to looting a dead body... that I should have the right to... Heh, my girls! He patted July on the head as he rose to his feet and walked over to his gear and opened the bag to hold out his arm so that the newly acquired spyglass sled out of his grip and into the bag, a smile spreading through his face as it did so.

As the girls had finished fussing over who would have what of what they had managed to find on the body, which was left for whatever fate had stored for it, they got back upon horseback. They didn't get very far on the road before the sun rose slowly to their west, and as it did the trustworthy rooster of Lon Lon Ranch sang its greeting to the sun.

The would soon see the castle from what Link knew of the geography, and he had a good knowledge of the matter, he thought about how he would react to the sight, he had been overwhelmed the last time, would it be different now? As they got on the top of the hill he heard the others gasp, and he maybe would have too, if it wasn't for the fact that he found it rather dull, but he couldn't see why.

The sight of Hyrle Castle in daybreak was like a painting made by an artist who was blessed by the goddesses themselves, it reflected the rays of the sun and it made it look like it had an aura of holiness emitting around it. The towers were high and the shining white coloring looked like it was made during the night, the same went for the sea blue roofs which cled the houses.

As they stood there, the girls with their mouths open in shock, the drawbridge went down slowly and landed on ground with a loud 'boom' all of the others jumped by the sound, but Link and Epona wasn't too impressed. They got down there in a slow trotting not caring much for the traders who went by them to get into the market as quick as possible, the others didn't regain their consciousness until when they had to race their horses to catch up with him.

The market was already blistering with activity, so traveling with horse would be a harder job than it was worth, so they decided to first of all take in on one of the higher classed inns, the girls refused anything that didn't have hot water and feather beds as a compensation for dragging them with him, I asked for 'volunteers' didn't I? Oh well, I guess we can go for this one occasion. So without much more argument he paid for three rooms, one single for him, one double for Azil and Elise and a double with an extra bed for July and the rest. After that they put their horses in the inns stable and walked towards the castle, Link faintly remembering Niles telling him to go there and 'report' in. Doing so wasn't an easy thing though, since all the girls was stopping at each and every stall and looking for nice things to buy at good prices.

As they stopped for the umpteenth time Link snapped and looked over to the girls who was now pointing at things and giggling like maniacs, why do they pretend to dislike the market when they can't stop looking at things!? It's their choice though; I told them that we were in a hurry. Since he knew people in general rather well he had some advantage, and the girls had gone to far this time. He looked over to where the girls were and waited, it took a while, but when one of them finally did look over she went rather pale. After coming over the shock somewhat she punched the others to get their attention, and soon all of them looked at him with the same paleness. It was now he picked out the steel objects he knew would get their attention, and seeing how their eyes widened he guessed the understood what was to come. He held the hand he held the objects in out for them to see, they swallowed really hard by now, and then he took the other and waved in front of it, and when he was done the keys to the girls rooms was gone, and they wined in despair as he pointed for them to move.

Without more distraction they made it to the Castle gate, some of them not even trying to hide the fact that they were sulking, something that they had to pay for when they got there. The keys were given back, granted, that stopped the sulking, but the detail that they had to do a hundred laps each on the horseback shooting game, without horses, was not as approved. As he saw them feeling that the laps, even though it wasn't the best thing, was a nicer punishment than the loss of their rooms he just shugged, women!

With that over with Link went over to one of the guards, who had looked strangely at them during their little 'agreement' about the punishment, and looked at him wondering. The guard felt rather uneasy as the cloaked man stood in front of him, he didn't know who the man was, but it wasn't hard to see that this was a important man. "Sir? Is there anything I can help you with?" Link looked at him and waved it off "Not really, I'm supposed to report here, but I don't know if I should tell you or someone else" the guard froze "Are you...Neyii?" Link smiled "What, I famous now? Yeah, that'll be me"

The other guards looked wide-eyed at the party in front of them, making the girls feel hyper and Link feel like a fool "Was there anything else, private?" the guard realized he had his mouth open and closed it quickly as a blush began to find its way up his cheeks "Sorry sir, we have heard so much about you that's all, I hope we haven't offended you in anyway" "Don't worry, Neyii would care less even if you had" the looks were drawn towards Azil who was looking out one of the guards in a way that he clearly didn't feel comfortable with. Link let it slip, she was single, what could he expect?

His attention was drawn back to the guard as he pulled out a scroll and passed it to over "I'll let the commander know you're here, but you're free until tomorrow, that scroll should tell you what you need to know, sir" Link took the scroll and thanked the man and motioned to leave "Hey, Azil, could you please stop seducing the poor guy?" Azil stopped what she was doing, blowing into the paralyzed guards ear, and looked at her king. She gave the guard a suffering look and a peck on the cheek, then she whispered something in his ear, which made him go beet red, and then she went after the others.

They went back down to the market where they split up; seeing how the girls wanted to do things Link really did not want to do.

Link, being somewhat practical, went to the smithy to get his weapons cleaned, it took him awhile, partly for all the people being in his way, partly for the fact that he had no idea where the smithy was located since he hadn't been there for a long time.

When he finally got there he was somewhat disappointed, it was much smaller than he had hoped for, a small smithy often meant long waiting periods, and he had no intention on waiting here a day or two for the things to be done. He knocked hard three times before entering the sole room, which made up the entire smithy, it was stuffed with tools and the fire burned with one of the brightest red he had ever seen, but he saw no one who could use the equipment. He knocked again and this time he heard someone greet him, but the voice was muffled by something, he was just about to look as a hatch in the floor was thrown up and a sooty man jumped out. He was clearly dwarf, but was very muscular despite his age which seemed to be well over fifty, he was bald and had a gray beard which hung down to his chest. He was smiling with a huge grin as he came out, but it faded as he saw Link, probably deceived by his young and handsome features.

"What ye be wanting lad? I'm rather busy if ye don't mind" the man said in a very unfriendly tune, not that I care what you think of me old man, but that was uncalled for. Link motioned towards the tools "Do you only create or do you also clean?" the man frowned and went back to what seemed to be one of his works "That depends laddie, what do ya want shaped up?" he began hammering one of the hot iron bars he got from the fire, ignoring Link as much as he could, that is until Biggarons Sword dug into the anvil. The man snapped his attention back to Link, who held the sword in one hand and very courtly said: "I want you to fix all my gear by tonight... you up for it?" the man ran a hand along the sword in front of him "Aye lad, if you're that kind of costumer I'm all in, what do you have for me then?"

As Link placed down his swords, shield, the longshot and other things the grin on the old mans lips came back. "I don't know about you kid, but this here is some of the finest things I've ever seen, where did you get all this?" the man held up some of the things but stayed with the Gilded sword he had gotten in Termina. "I had that blade made for me in Termina, it's made of gold powder and the skill of Terminas best sword smith. I was still a child when I used that, but I kept it as a short sword" the old man just nodded and pointed at the sword he gotten from the Sheikah "That's a relic given to me by the shadow people, you won't have to sharpen that one, just polish it" as a last thing the man held up the longshot and looked it over "That's a hookshot with a bit of extra chain and power, don't set it of in here, no wood to take so it would ricochet until it got you in the leg" he put it down and looked up "Ok laddie, I have it down by nightfall and... I'll take a hundred rupees for the job" Link opened his wallet and pulled out a silver rupee and handed it to the man "Take two hundred, I expect a good job and done on time, and take the rest as an excuse for the anvil" the man looked over to his anvil, it was nearly cut half though, but was still good enough to use so he just waved it of. "Nothing to worry about laddie, now get out! I got work ta' do!"

Link went back to the market after that, he felt a bit bare without his gear and was glad he had kept the bow and gauntlets, with them he could still defend himself if needed.

Seeing how he had much time before thinking of going to sleep he looked around for something to do, he knew one thing he had to do, but that would have to wait for later, he didn't feel ready to go there yet. He gave the Temple of Time a last glance before walking in the opposite direction, looking at things on the many tables as he went. The place had grown since his younger days, not to surprising with all the people moving in from other countries. He moved gracefully in the crowd, he even nicked some rupees from a fat aristocrat who didn't notice a thing, but after a while he got bored, he didn't find the same joy in shopping as the girls did. He was just about to get something to eat, just to do something, when he found something that caught his attention, shooting gallery?

He went over to the door and looked at the sign on the door, well it seems open...he entered the door and was greeted by some old and annoying music, he frowned, but let it go.

The gallery was a small room, but almost filled with people, mostly men he noticed, but also a few women, but they seemed to be there for another reason than shooting since they tugged on the clothing of a few unlucky men in a very 'come-with-me' motion.

But link ignored all this, he didn't care for gossiping, he wanted to test out his skill by Hyrlian standards, and he guessed it was high since it was the best of the Gerudo, and in battle related actions they were a tad superior.

Over the cheering people he could make out someone who were playing, he seemed to be about average, missing some targets but still doing a good job, what was more interesting was the targets. It seemed that the targets came up at the same place every time, and at the same speed, but what was strange was the fact that the targets seemed to be rupees, what a waste, I heard the rumors that Castle town have had a economy gold year, but this is just plain stupid, but as the player hit on of the targets Link saw that it was fake, rupees didn't break that easily.

Being done with the reckoning from the audience-stand he walked over to the man behind the disk.

"Excuse me" The huge man drew his eyes from the on-going game and looked at Link and gave him a smile "Hello there boy, didn't see ya there ye wanna play?" Link nodded as he thought if everyone in town spoke like they were missing a few teeth. The attendant smiled as he saw the bow slung over Links shoulders"Ok, ye played before?" Link remembered vaguely about the time he played in his youth, so he shock his head. "Ok, well the rule's simple really, ya got ten targets, hit em' all and you'll get a little something, hit eight or nine and I'll give ye another try, less than that and you're out" he then waved towards a sign standing on the disk "if ya go new record I'll give you something better than usual, but the going record is hard to beat!" He smiled "Oh, and it's twenty rupees a game" Link took a red rupee out of his wallet, which was rather full even though it could hold much more than needed, and gave it to the man who smiled.

With that the man gave Link a bundle of arrows and told him to wait for his turn, there was two in front of him in the line, so Link looked over to the sign. It was a wooden board with poor writing, but that didn't care since the scores and names were clearly written, there were two sections of the board, one adult and one child section. Link frowned as he looked over the child section, most of the names were newly done, probably because of new records coming in, but the leading name was what caught his eye. It was old and the black paint was more a dull gray, he smiled, 'strange fairy boy, score: ten targets with fifteen shots (slingshot).

Still smiling from fond memories he looked at the adult section and went straight to the lead, not caring about anything below first place, and not to say he was a tad surprised, but as he read the name Impa his left eyebrow rose a bit. So you play here, huh? Well I guess I have to be good then won't I? He looked at the score and smiled, ten targets, ten shots, Heh, to be expected 'sage of shadow'. He was awoken from his dream state as he heard a cheer from the small crowd, knowing it was his turn he walked over to the stage and placed his twenty arrows in a pipe. He then took of his bow, it was a simple Gerudo bow since his more exclusive one was lost during a battle, goddess how he missed that bow. As he stood there waiting the crowd was silent, he found it strange since they had been so noisy ever from the moment he entered, as he was thinking a green rupee popped up, and without beating an eyelid he snatched an arrow and sent it dead on the target. As the hit was confirmed the crowd 'oww-ed' and 'aww-ed' something he felt was very disturbing.

Other than the first target it was little competition, the jumping one took his somewhat of guard, but he got it, and in the end he had hit all ten targets with only ten arrows. As the crowd went wild the owner presented a prize, but Link had little use for the quiver that was presented, but a though began to form in his head as he declined the presented prize.

"You don't want it? But you won, it's yours to have" Link shock his head "Tell you what; let me play again and you don't have to give me that" the owner looked at him question, but let it go and pulled out another bundle of arrows, but seeing the eyes and shaking head Link gave him made him put it away.

As the game started again Link was ready and took the first targets swiftly, not doing anything ordinary. That came as the double blues came out. As the targets appeared he pulled the bow away from the targets and shot an arrow that ricocheted of the ironclad wall and took both rupees at once, the cheering stopped abruptly. The same thing was done both times when the double reds passed along the line, resulting in a final score of ten targets with seven arrows.

Link grinned towards the owner "There's your new record" but the owner wasn't staring open-mouthed as the others, he was thinking. After a while he told Link to wait as he went out the back door for a short moment, but when he came back he looked even more serious, and he was carrying something, but it was wrapped in cloth, so Link couldn't tell what it was.

"I want ye to have this" the owner said as he handed Link the clothed object, Link was, least to say a bit reluctant to it, but did take it after seeing the look on the face of the owner, it wasn't a request, it was an order. As he relived it of the clothing he saw that he held a bow, it was bigger than his Gerudo bow, but still to short to be a long bow, it was clad with various gems and made of the finest oak. As he took it in his and he felt that it was a mighty bow, the handle was made of sturdy leather to improve stability, and just were the handle ended there was a tiny ruby sticking out as an arrow holder. He looked over the bow and his eyes caught the emeralds making up the edges, this was a mighty bow indeed, remembered him of his old fairy bow. He let his finger trail over the string, which was made of a material he could only phantom, he looked up at the owner again, and nodded.

"I hope ya take good cerr of it, it was my pops last work, but a bow is best in the hands of a good archer" the man smiled and Link mumble a awe filled thanks as he turned to leave, but he stopped as he remembered something and turned to face the man again "Neyii, that's my name," the man nodded and wrote it down, but stopped what he was doing as he heard the low mumble that Link by mistake thought out loud "but you'd call me 'strange fairy boy" but as he looked up Link was gone.

Link was at a much better mood as he once again walked the streets of market town, but being given such an item it was understandable. After walking aimlessly for a moment he heard his stomach grumble and he realized that he was hungry, he had missed out on the snack he had thought of as the gallery came into the picture.

But this time he really was hungry, he looked around a bit and saw many different stalls with food of all sorts, he could feel saliva threatening to come out from his mouth if he didn't eat soon.

He walked rather quick to find the best stall, he didn't care much for quality, quantity was his main aim, he had learned to eat much to store away, and he had learned the hard way over the times he almost starved to death on his travels. After a while he spotted a old lady who had a huge roast boor over a fire, he wasn't all that attracted to the boor though, it was more the old ladys' way of doing her best with it that told him this was the place. He waited a while in hope of someone else buying a portion; he wanted to see how much meat you got. To his outmost surprise no one bought anything, and he stood there for at least fifteen minutes. He thought that maybe it was something wrong with the lady that had given her bad reputation, since a lot of people seemed to buy food in the neighboring stalls.

After a while he couldn't restrain himself anymore, if something was wrong so be it, but he wanted meat, not those fried vegetables and other strange foods that the nobles bought. He walked over to the lady, and had to pronounce his presence since she was sitting and fanning the fire under the boor, but as soon as she heard him she picked up a cane and walked over.

"Hello young man, would you like something to eat?" He looked her over, she was rather short and her hair was all gray and pulled into a bun by her neck, she looked like the perfect picture of a grandmother to Link, except the fact that she was soaking with sweat.

"Yes please, but are you ok? You look like you've been walking in the desert during noon" the old lady just smiled and waved it of "I as well as one can be – but thanks for asking – I guess it just the fire and the constant fanning that gets to me, but enough about that, one portion coming up"

She walked over to the boor and took a knife and a big fork; she then cut out a fair amount of meat and impaled it on a stick, which she then handed to Link, which he accepted with a smile. He brought it up to his face and smelled the meat at first, just in case there were something fishy with the lady, when he found no fault in how it smelled he took a bite, and now he was surprised.

"Well I'll be... this is one of the best things I've ever had!" he greedily ate as a big and warm smile spread on the woman's' face "I'm glad you like it, not many like my old food anymore, I might have to close down if the costumers doesn't come soon" she stopped as she saw Link looking at her with concerned eyes "B-but there no need for you to worry sir, now, don't let this old hag spoil your food, please, eat up, eat up"

But it didn't really taste as good as the last bite, it was still delicious, but he couldn't help but feel sorry for the old lady, and that ruined the taste. He took another nibble of food as he wondered if he could do something to help the lady, one thought came to his mind, and he didn't like it since it was rather childish, that or it reminded him of how he was once.

For the old lady. This one time for the old lady, goddesses in heaven I hope the girls don't hear about this.

"Lady, just play with me now ok?" she looked at him, most likely because she didn't have a clue why he'd say something like that all of the sudden, then he whipped his arms out.

"GRANNY! How do you keep doing it?! It taste as lovely as usual! Can't you tell just me about it? Please granny!" most of the close by people was now giving him looks so a part of his plan had worked, now he had to get them here, but the old lady had to get the game. He was just about to give her a look as her cane came down very lightly on his head; of course he over-dramatized the whole thing by holding his head with a yelp.

"When will you understand boy? This is my life's experience, not a recipe! Now eat your food before it gets cold, though, it's usually good then too" she sighed "I'm getting old, I can't ever yell at you for longer periods anymore, would you just behave for a while now?" she walked over to him and motioned for him to show her his head, which he had been caressing for a while now.

"There's not going to be a bump, now take care and come visit me if you have the time, ok?" Link smiled and hugged the old lady "I will granny, bye!" he took both her hands in his before he left and gently shock them, then he walked away waving with one hand and holding the stick with meat, which he had miraculously been able to keep away during the play, with the other.

After walking away a bit he turned around and looked at the lady who was staring so lost on the small tribute he had given her that she didn't notice that a few people had formed a line in front of her stall, she soon regained her scenes and began working again.

If she closes down now it's not because of lack of money anyway, the little thing I gave her should keep her on her feet until next year.

Having filled his stomach and spent some time on doing absolutely nothing he now began a slow walk towards the Temple of Time, his head screamed second thoughts about it, but he had to go there.

He walked over to the stairs leading up on the grounds in front of the temple and saw only a few people walking to the temple, it still was more than all those years ago though, and he couldn't remember anyone coming here at that time.

He walked over the grounds and passed the funny looking stones that had been raised by the fence, as he remembered all the things he had done to those stones he couldn't help but chuckle, but he passed that quickly as he stared upon the mighty frame of the Temple of Time.

For a moment he wondered if he should enter, the next he wondered if the goddesses would let him, but enter he did, and once again was chills running down his spine as the silence and spiritual presence overwhelmed him.

He scanned the room and found that four or five people were sitting on benches and praying, he gave the benches presence a quick thought but didn't care, it was due that some things would have changed during his time away.

He himself didn't want to sit on one of the benches, the altar was where he felt most a peace, seeing how many thing he had gone through with it, but before he even got to the middle of the room a priest of some sort came over to him and pointed meaningly at the two bows strapped over his back. He got the point and handed his few remaining weapons to the priest who then put it by the exit, Link was already on his knees before the altar as the priest moved away.

So... I'm here again, funny, I guessed I would, but I have no idea what I should do. He looked up at the ceiling, what do you want me to do Farore? Beg for forgiveness? You know I'm not like that; Farore did what I do those years ago make you hate me? In some strange way he felt answered, as if she was looking down at him and saw things in his light; and she didn't mind. Sure she was mad at him and would make him do as she had planned for him, but right now; she didn't mind at all.

You know this went a lot better than I thought it would, and a lot quicker, so I can't really think of anything to say... how've you been? At that though a mystical giggle soared through the room, it was full of life and happiness and brought a smile to the lips of those in the temple, even if it made some of the people present think that the temple was in someway haunted. They changed their mind about it after a while though, now claiming it was just their fantasy playing games.

Link looked at the triforce mark on the door of time and smiled, you know, working for you wasn't really the worst thing one could do, and if it wasn't for that setback with the princess of destiny, which I'm mostly over now by the way, I think I would still be fighting with you.

He waited for a while; not knowing if she wanted to say anything or if she knew it was simply a dramatical pause.

But, you know... I gave you my word to do whatever you wanted me to, I haven't let many down, and I'll do my best to keep also this promise.

As he finished what he said a warm and loving feeling fell over him, just like one a child would get from a caring mother after they had a fight and then talked it over, he had to do his very best not to cry, he failed to the decent that tears rolled down his cheeks.


After the meeting he felt more at ease and walked freely in the market, he saw the girls on one occasion and gave them a short greeting, he wondered if they noticed as he walked away, he guessed by their unstopping bidding that they didn't.

Other than that not much happened during the day, he tried to visit the old lady again, but got second thoughts when he saw the line, she didn't have to worry about money, that's for sure. So as the day went towards night Link went back to the blacksmith he had left most of his equipment at, it took him some time since the town had grown so big, but he found his way in the end.

He politely knocked on the door frame before he entered, he was greeted by most of his stuff laid out nicely on a leather mat on the floor, only his smitars were missing, but he saw the old man working with them in a corner of the room, so he sat down and waited. The man worked restlessly with what he was doing and Link found himself in deep concentration over the effort he was putting in on his work.

After a while the man swapped to the other blade, but only did a few, short, strokes on that one, he then turned and place the blades with the other things on the leather, he wiped sweat off his brow with a skirt-less arm.

"That must have been one of the most straining things I've ever done lad, but I still hope you'll bring em' back to me when it's needed"

Link only nodded and then threw a glance over his things, it seemed ok, and he didn't have the will to look it over more carefully, the man seemed to have been working hard, so it should do fine.

He gathered the things and put them in their pockets and sockets and then thanked the man and left with the promise that he would one day be back, he didn't put it in the 'sooner or later way' though, seeing how he didn't know.

He quickly made his way back to the inn, before anything he looked over Epona so she wouldn't fret, she wasn't used to being locked in stables. After a quick scrub and refilled fodder he patted her good night as she nibbled at the carrot he held in his hand, he then walked back to the inn.

He skipped saying good night to the girls, the deep breathing told him they were already sleeping, so he did the same, went to his room and got to bed after removing all his stuff, after that he lay in the bed and just stared at the ceiling.

Tomorrow will be the first time I see her since she gave me the Ocarina before I went to Termina... at the though he pulled out the Ocarina to stare at it in the moonlight, then he played the Goron lullaby and fell to sleep with a last thought; How will I react?