Title: Distraction

Rating: G (wow, that's a first)

Summary: Just trying my hand at my new ship, Kibbs.

A/N: Gotta warn you, living in Australia, I've only seen the first three episodes so I'm not too hot at characterisation right now. And there are probably a few details which are incorrect but I wanted to try it out. Hope you like it, will be a stand alone, I think. Please review, I always love feedback, even criticism.

He sat at his desk, fingers locked together beneath his chin as he hunched over, staring at the open folder and the words which had been out of focus for the last twenty minutes. It had been a long day, uneventful but still busy. Nothing which could actually be called interesting but enough paperwork and loose ends to keep them without an excuse for leaving too early. Not that he would have wanted one.

Agent Gibbs didn't look for an excuse to go home often. After all there was little to go home to, unless you counted the half-completed boat in his basement. That was something he enjoyed, the distraction that working with his hands provided meant that he didn't have to think. Not about the dead men he dealt with at work, good and bad. Not about any one of his three ex- wives. And not about...other things. He liked his boat; it was his, a distraction, an obsession, the only thing to ever go home for.

And on most nights, Gibbs did, when everyone else was slowly leaking out the door, he'd eventually rise and walk out of the bullpen without looking back. But not tonight. It was well after the time he usually left, and a Friday at that, the one day he would often find himself aching as he waited for his time to go home with the knowledge that he wouldn't have to deal with work for a few days. Unless of course an assignment popped up in which case he'd be there in a minute.

But tonight, a Friday, late on a Friday, was different. He didn't want to leave. The pull of his boat wasn't as strong as the pull to stay. Another computer blinked off and he looked up to see another agent wandering off to her weekend, on the way she waved to a few of the other agents, wishing them a good weekend.

Taking a deep breath and reminding himself about the still-unread file in front of him, he sat back in the chair and ran his hands over his face. He reached for the ever-constant cup of coffee but found it stone-cold at first sip.

That meant he'd run out of distractions. Funny, that was what his world was made up of, distractions, his work distracted him from his personal life, his boat distracted him from his work and right now he was being distracted from his boat. His current lack of distraction had brought him to focus on the woman that was keeping him from his boat. A half-smile flittered over his face as he watched her across the few meters that separated them.

Kate, or Katie as he called her every so often. The newest addition to his team: demanding, obnoxious, intelligent...driven, vibrant, beautiful. He'd admitted it to himself even before he had hired her. She had it all going for her, except, perhaps, that strong mind which he was sure would scare away a heck of a lot of guys. But not him. He wasn't prepared to go near her for another reason; relationships like that, did not work in environments like this. That was the mantra he repeated to himself at least ten times a day.

Every time she made some smart-assed comeback, nine times out of ten aimed at Tony, every time she gave that smile accompanied by the arch of an eyebrow, telling Gibbs that she knew something. When she argued with him, when she managed to find something to grin at, when she laughed and even now, when she was just sitting there, reading something off her computer screen, hair slightly messed up after thirteen hours at the office while one hand held her chin up and the other fiddled with a pen.

He wasn't stupid, he knew this was okay. He was allowed to watch her, allowed to think about her whenever he had a spare minute, as long as nothing ever happened or anyone found out, it was fine. He was confident she hadn't noticed that he watched her more than he watched anyone else, so she had no idea.

With that thought, Gibbs let his eyes stray from his profile view of her face down her neck, her brown tresses ending at the point just over her shoulder blades. She was sitting on the edge of her seat and from his point of view he was able to trace a line with his eyes down the rest of her body, over her skirt-covered thighs and bare calves, ever-perfect, and down to her feet. At some time in the last two hours she'd slipped off her shoes and her feet now curved in beneath her chair.

He sighed. It was a real shame they worked together. He glanced at the clock and did a double take, it really was getting late: if he could just escape the distraction he could go home. He let his eyes trace back up her legs, past her waist back up to her face. He was surprised to find her eyes staring back at him, slightly narrowed.

Calmly, he stood up, still managing to remain graceful; he grabbed his coat and headed directly for the lift that would take him home. He didn't look back; this was just another event to never mention again, at least not outside the parameters of his own mind.