Title: Status Symbol

Rating: G

Summary: Just trying my hand at my new ship, Kibbs.

A/N: Thank you for the reviews, they were great to wake up to. Because of all the positive feed-back I've decided to do Kate's pov as requested by Beach chickJASSNL. Hope this is still okay, I'm still very unsure about my characterization and spent all of yesterday (Saturday here) trying to find the first three eps on tape. I managed to find two, which is impressive since I don't remember taping any of them and watched both just to try to get a better handle of the characters. Thank you all for the encouragement, I hope you enjoy this update.

Kate was beginning to think that she actually preferred the work at NCIS over her old Secret Service job. The cases were more interesting, she didn't have to suck up to anyone and she actually felt like she was doing something productive rather that just chasing her own bureaucratic tail. Plus she was out in the field. She'd never admit it to anyone but she'd recently discovered that the rush she got from getting the chance to run around with her gun, wear boots and, in all, get her hands dirty, was incredible. She loved it.

Their most recent case had been wrapped up the day before and she'd entered the bullpen at nine that morning knowing she had a long trawl though the resulting paperwork ahead of her. And now, after many, many hours of toiling over her computer, she had managed to not only complete the required paperwork for that case but had caught up with every other task she'd managed to avoid over the past two weeks, and that could only mean one thing. It was time to go home.

Glancing at her watch she found the second hand ticking by in slow motion, if she was honest with herself, going home really didn't appeal to her today. She'd had to call her latest boyfriend two hours before to tell him she was 'once again blowing him off' as he put it. And she didn't really have an excuse, just passing it off as being because of 'work.' Apparently that didn't cut it with men these days and he'd promptly dumped her over the phone and told her he'd have his stuff out of her apartment before she got home. Then he'd hung up.

Another woman might have cried or sulked, or at least felt a little bit bad, but she'd only been dating Rob for a month or so and in that time there really hadn't been much going on. Kate always found herself too busy. If she was honest with herself, she didn't really care that he dumped her. She'd been silently hoping he would and now she didn't have to worry about making the time to see him. Her work was her life...or her life was her work, whichever way she looked at it, it made sense.

She'd had enough of having to keep a boyfriend. It was simply too much trouble and it wasn't even like she'd enjoyed the company of the last how- ever-many she'd had. They were like status symbols, her saying to the world, 'Look, I have a social life!' But this was the last one. Or so she told herself.

In the darkest recesses of her mind a little voice reminded her that was exactly what she had said after David...and after Mark...and after Daniel. She sighed, there would be another to come, there always was. And he would always have a boring name. Her eyes flickered away from the computer screen she'd been 'reading' off to the photo frame to her right, containing a picture of her mother.

Her eyes went to the image that it was reflecting, not the actual picture. He'd probably kill her if he ever realized just how strategically it had been positioned on her desk. Looking at it now, she had an imprecise view of her boss: the coffee-addicted grump of the bullpen, Agent Gibbs. Now he had an interesting name.

She flexed her neck to the side, getting a sharp crack out of it as she tried to stop herself from thinking things she shouldn't. Not that she ever would. Going back to the reflected image she squinted as she tried to register just what his eyes were focussed on.

Shocked, she realized that he was, for lack of a better phrase, checking her out. For a moment she thought about turned around to make sure she hadn't been mistaken but then she paused, her whole body freezing as she silently wished she hadn't taken her shoes off an hour ago. If he was in a bad mood, he could easily fire her over such an unprofessional move. And she wasn't wrong, he was watching her, she checked the reflection again and saw him sigh. She watched, eyes narrowed trying to make out just a little more detail, as he looked in the general direction of the clock. And then back to her. She gritted her teeth, debating what she could possibly do.

Ditching any hope she had of remaining completely still until her boss chose to stop looking at her so attentively, she slowly angled her head around in his direction. Apparently he didn't notice and, in the few seconds she had, Kate noticed the small smile playing at his lips as his eyes slowly slid up her form until their eyes locked together. Her own narrowed brown ones meeting his piercing blue ever-so-slightly-startled ones in the middle of the expanse between them.

She watched, somewhat bemused, as he stood up and grabbed his coat from the back of his chair in one quick, fluid motion and headed towards the elevator. He didn't look back at her, not once, while she couldn't tear her eyes from his departing form. What, she wondered, had just happened?

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