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In the office the next morning, Raido was holding his hand out to Anko, who was grudgingly counting bills and placing it on the open palm.

"I told you! I told you! I told you my plan would work!" Raido said, almost dancing on his toes in joy as more bills were piled onto his palm.

"Yeah, yeah. All you did was tell me to go and make Genma think I like him so that Iruka would wake up! I did the work! Shouldn't you just get half of the bet?" Anko reasoned, not wanting to shed more money.

"Nope! You never believed it would work! Well, hah! You saw it yourself! Iruka entered Genma's apartment with him and never came out again!" Raido clapped once in joy as he counted the bills he received.

"What makes you think they're having sex?" Anko asked.

"Oh believe me! They will be." Raido began to laugh like a maniac. He glanced at everyone in the office, which included Aoba, Gai, Kurenai, Asuma and Shizune. "You guys want to bet on it?"

A loud chorus. "NO!"

Raido continued laughing.


Iruka woke up at the unholy hour (according to him) of nine in the morning. He found himself staring right at Genma's sleeping face, and he smiled, remembering the other night's escapades. Gently brushing the hair out of Genma's face, he got off the bed, covered Genma with the blankets and padded to the bathroom. He took a spare towel from the rack and turned on the hot shower. He washed away the dried semen on his thighs and stomach, soaping himself clean till he was feeling refreshed.

Turning the knob off, he grabbed the towel and dried himself, before wrapping it around his waist and padding back into the room. His clothes were damp with sweat from their make out session the other night, and just remembering it made him blush. He shook his head and looked around. He hoped Genma didn't mind if he borrowed something for a while. He spotted a robe folded on the chair in the corner of the room and pulled it on. He wrapped the terry cloth robe around him tightly, not wanting to be exposed for the mean time. He ran a comb through his hair took the towel to hang in the balcony to dry before padding to the kitchen.

"Let's see." Iruka mumbled, and spotted the kettle. He began to boil some water, and as he waited for that to finish, he went about searching the cupboards for things to eat. He found some biscuits in one of the cupboards, along with a bottle of apricot jam and a sealed bottle of chocolate syrup. There was a can of tuna, which he ignored and a can of sweet corn, which he stared at for a moment before ignoring it completely. He opened the freezer and found some bacon still in its plastic package. He took one glance at the expiry date and tossed it in to the bin. He looked at the fridge and found a packet of frozen chicken nuggets, which he also threw away because it was already five months past their expiry date. The freezer was practically empty after he rummaged through it and the kitchen bin was already half full.

Sighing he looked at the bottom fridge door and found some eggs, a whole shelf with foil wrapped sandwiches, some pears that seemed fresh and crunchy, a new pack of toast, a packet of expired milk and a drawer full of rotting vegetables, it being cucumbers, tomatoes and a potato.

"Silly man. You're not supposed to put potatoes in the fridge." He mumbled and threw everything away. He tied the black plastic of the trash bin and sent one of his clones to throw it out. He sent another clone to fetch some breakfast from the nearest supermarket. A good ten minutes later, he was flipping pancakes and stacking them onto a plate. He was turning the burner off when arms snaked around his middle, the hands playing the opening of the robe.

"You look good in my clothes. Very sexy." Genma whispered, smelling soapy and clean from his shower.

"Good morning." Iruka greeted, and turned around, promptly kissing Genma senseless. Genma crushed him to his chest, kissing with equal fervor, as his hands began to get a bit naughty and began to cup Iruka's taut bottom. "Breakfast?"

Genma nipped at Iruka's neck. "What? You're not?"

Iruka laughed. "Come on." He led him to the kitchen table and sat him on a chair, placing a mug of warm coffee beside him. "I found some chocolate syrup in your cupboard." Iruka set a plate of pancakes before Genma who helped himself to some syrup.

"Oh, I love these." Genma said, and took a bite. "Hmm! But I think you're tastier."

Iruka blushed at the comment and teasing, and went about eating his own breakfast. While Genma wolfed his down, he took his time. He was sipping his coffee, minutes later when he heard Genma's chair scrape the tiled floors, and him carry his plate and mug to the kitchen sink. It surprised Iruka a lot when Genma took his plate and his mug and set them on the kitchen counter, promptly clearing up the table. Even the chocolate syrup was gone.

"Uh - do you have to be at work? I'm sorry, I -"

Iruka found himself pinned on the table, Genma above him, a jar of apricot jam in his hand. "Shush, Iruka. I'm not going to work today and neither are you."

Iruka was staring at the jam. "Oh."

"Raido will take care of things."


"He knows you're here."


"In fact, he was the one who urged me to follow you. Last night."


"He's a great friend." Genma smiled fondly. "Annoying, but one of a kind."


"But anyway." Genma shrugged.

"What about Anko? Last night, weren't you two supposed to -"

"Raido told me to forget it and just follow you."


"Let's see." Genma slowly unscrewed the lid of the jar and dipped his finger in. He was dressed in nothing but old Jounin pants that had a hole on one cheek of his butt and it looked like he wasn't wearing any underwear either. He pulled his finger out, licking the sweet jam and smiled. "I like jam. Especially apricots. Actually, I like raspberry better. But the store didn't have raspberry. Do you like jam?"

Iruka was staring at him stupidly, as he licked his finger and scooped some more from the jar, only to lick it away again. "Uh-huh." Iruka nodded.

"Good! Because, I'm going to share my jam with you." Genma said, taking two finger full in to his mouth and smiling down at Iruka, almost childlike and cute. He leaned closer and kissed Iruka, and shared his jam with him. "I can share some more if you want?" Genma said, licking his lips.

"Put that mouth of yours to better use than talking!" Iruka growled.

"Oh, authoritative, are we?" Genma teased and got rid of the knot that held the robe closed and spread it open, running his eyes over Iruka's body, and smiled. "You sound very sexy, Iruka-kun." Genma reached out for a spoon and scooped jam on to Iruka's stomach, spreading it all over, while Iruka yelped at the cool jelly-like substance. "But as much as you turn me on, I don't take orders. Bad, bad Iruka! I should punish you." He chuckled and began to lick the jam off Iruka's stomach.

"Genma!" Iruka gasped, bucking under the skillful tongue that was licking him clean like a cat. "I just took a shower!"

"I don't hear you complaining." Genma said in a singsong voice, and toed a chair over. He unzipped his pants and sat on the chair, gathering Iruka in his lap, while he pushed the robe off completely. "You're so beautiful." Iruka blushed. "I can't help but feel so incredibly lucky. You're smart, you're sexy, you're hot and boy, have you got one hell of a tongue!"


"Hmmm! Just remembering you last night, hmmm!" Genma closed his eyes as he spread some jam on Iruka's throat with his finger. "You know what I mean, love?"

Iruka blushed. Genma was such a romantic. "Genma, it's broad daylight. We're in a town filled with nosy ninjas and the curtains aren't even closed!"

"So what?" Genma whispered, running his tongue up Iruka's throat to his chin. "Let them see."


"Hey, it's free porn."

"What the - "

"But I love you! I do this, because I love you so, so, so much! I can't get enough of you." Genma whispered, now sucking at his Adam's apple, that he so loved for some reason. "So, to me, it's not just sex. It's just you! Being with you." His voice dropped to a husky tone. "Feeling you."

Iruka swallowed, and grabbed onto Genma's shoulders as Genma shifted to a more comfortable sitting position. "Genma, I -"

"I love you. Don't forget that." Genma kissed him gently, softly. "Don't ever forget that, okay?"

Iruka smiled. "I won't."

Genma grinned. "Good. Kiss me."

Iruka obeyed.


It took a month before Genma moved in with Iruka. The news spread like wildfire amongst the office staff, and everyone, especially Raido, was very happy for Genma and Iruka. It was practically glowing in Genma's face that he loved Iruka to bits whenever Iruka's name was mentioned. And vice versa for Iruka.

Raido couldn't forget the one time when a student called Rika gave Iruka a daisy during valentines day.

"Iruka-sensei, here's flower for you."

"Thank you Rika."

"Iruka-sensei doesn't get any flowers from Genma-sensei?"

"Oh, Genma-sensei does give flowers still. Not all the time though." Iruka laughed nervously.

"You look happy, Iruka-sensei. Genma-sensei makes you happy, ne?

"Well, that's something." Iruka laughed nervously again, not sure how to handle the child before him.

"That's good! Iruka-sensei is not lonely anymore! And you look younger now!" Rika giggled and waved good bye to Iruka as she ran out of the Academy gates to her waiting mother.

"Hey, what do you mean younger! I'm twenty-five!" Iruka suddenly snapped, huffing.

Raido couldn't stop laughing after that day. Every time he remembered it, he would laugh so hard, tears would trickle down his cheeks. Iruka still worried about Naruto and no matter how many times Genma told him, he still looked for him during his missions. Raido once told his friend that he had to respect Iruka's love for Naruto and Iruka was not the type to give up easily and in time, Genma did and at the most, he accompanied Iruka on his missions.

There were times when Iruka would cry and Genma would hold him. There were times when Iruka would feel sick and Genma would take care of him. But Genma never complained and continued to give Iruka his undying support and love. Raido would sometimes laugh at how the relationship started, all because of a pot of hot coffee. Now, watching Genma and Iruka walk down the street, side by side, after coming home from a mission, he couldn't help but smile as he walked down the opposite way to his own home.

And he chuckled during his walk, because for the first time in a long time, he was felt truly happy for Genma and Iruka. "Looks like the cheesy saying is true after all. True love spawns from the silliest things."

In Iruka and Genma's case, it was the pitcher of coffee.


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