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::The camera turns on in a large studio. There's a desk in front of a red curtain & a chair by it. Applause is heard as Prince Izzy & his associate walk on stage::

Me: Welcome to the show! As you know, I'm Prince Izzy and this—::Points to my associate::—is Izzy, my personal fan character.

Izzy: Hi. Please don't explain the whole dimension hopper thing. If they read your other fics in this series, they would know.

Me: -    - Ok, ok. Let's just go to the Wheel of Plotlines to see which dimension we're going to for this fic. ::Snaps fingers and the wheel appears::

::On the wheel are several panels. One has a white circle with a two pictured, another has a poké ball pictured, one has a rocket ship, another has a fire flower pictured, and the last one has a ring pictured. Floating besides the wheel is a ? block::

Izzy: ::Walks up to the wheel:: Ok. Start it up! ::The wheel starts spinning and he hits the ? block immediately, making the wheel stop and land on the panel with the rocket ship pictured on it:: A rocket ship? What's that mean?

Me: Beats me. I'll take a look. ::The panel opens & I take out the paper and read it:: Oh! We're doing a Rocket Power fic.

Izzy: Cool! I always wanted to go to California!

Me: Glad you liked the decision. Now get outta here! ::Izzy leaves and I laugh evilly:: What he doesn't know though is that this is a slash fic, meaning boy/boy, yaoi, in other words, a story depicting GAY RELATIONSHIPS!!! GWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!! Don't like, don't read! That's the only warning you get. Oh, by the way, this is a teen RP fic. Here are the ages for the main characters:

Otto, Twister, and Sam- 17

Reggie- 18 (I always thought she was two years older than the boys, but—::Shrugs::—I'm going by what someone told me in a review for a past story. I would appreciate it if someone can direct me to a site that mentions the official ages, if there even is one.)

Other warnings (I guess they can be warnings): There will be various references to video games and other shows in this fic. The reason? I'm slightly nuts (I'd have to be to write this type of story)! One more thing! I'm issuing an OOC warning for the entire fic, but that should go without saying 'cause it's a slash fic. If you lasted this long, then you're good to go! Enjoy!


The Runaway Ch. 1: The Arrival

"Wow! The ocean looks so beautiful here!" A boy exclaimed. He was about six feet tall. He was wearing black sweatpants, a long-sleeved, dark blue shirt, and white sneakers. He was also wearing a black cape, black tint sunglasses, and a gray bucket hat. He had kinda dark tanned skin (Think Lars). He also had a backpack on. The boy was looking over the coastal city from atop a hill.

"I wonder what this place is called." He looked to his left at a sign that said, "Welcome to Ocean Shores."

"Ocean Shores, huh? Looks like a peaceful place to relax in." He started to walk down the hill to explore the city.


'Hmmm… Not bad.' The kid thought as he passed by buildings and people. The people were giving him odd looks because of the cape that was wrapped around his body. When he got to the bottom of the hill, his stomach growled.

'Ugh… When was the last time I ate something?' He looked ahead and saw a pier. At the end was an amusement park. To his left was a row of shops.

'I guess I better find a place to eat.' He walked toward the crowded pier. His stomach was still hurting him and the blazing California sun didn't help much. As he walked under the sign that marked the pier's entrance, he noticed a skate park underneath. He looked in awe at the kids and teenagers soar through the air, do a trick, and land back on the half pipe. He saw others grinding a rail, among other things. They honestly made it look too easy.

'I could never do that…'

"Hey! Look out!" He heard someone shout. The kid looked ahead of him and found the source of the voice. It belonged to a boarder about his height, maybe a foot or so shorter. The boarder was carrying something in his right hand; a bag full of food. He was coming at a fast speed. To avoid a possible collision, the caped kid jumped out of the way. The boarder continued on, not even giving a second glance.

"Ouch! I can't believe some people!" The caped kid yelled as he got up and dusted himself off. He considered giving chase, but his stomach had other ideas.

'You are annoying.' He thought angrily as he continued on. He soon passed the skate park.

'I'm gonna keel over if I don't get something in me!' The kid thought with urgency as he wiped sweat off his forehead. He looked around for anything that resembled a restaurant. He looked up at a nearby building and read a banner.

"'Shore Shack, home of the Hot Durgers.' Finally, some grub!" He didn't care about the odd name of the place's specialty. He just wanted some food! He walked inside and went up to the register.

"Hi. What can I get for you?" The man behind the register greeted. He was wearing a green bucket hat and a chef's jacket. He also looked pretty old. The kid put a hand to his chin.

"I'll have a hamburger and an order of fries."

"Anything else?" The man asked.

"I'll take some pineapple soda if you have any."

(A/N: If you haven't had some pineapple soda, you're missing out on something great!)

"Sure. That'll be $5." The kid fished into his pocket and took out a wallet. He opened it up and took out a $100 bill.

'My last bit of money. I'll have to get a job if I expect to leave here & continue on.' He thought grimly as he handed the money to the clerk. The clerk looked at the money and the teenager with suspicion. He held the bill up to the dim light and after seeing that it was real, opened the register and gave the kid his change.

"Your order should be ready shortly." The clerk said as he handed the order to a bigger man working the grill. He seemed to be wearing a blue Hawaiian shirt under a white apron.

"Thank you." The kid said as he put the change away and went to a table near the exit. He put down his backpack next to the chair and swung his cape around the back of the chair, revealing a pretty thin body. He sat down and took off his hat and sunglasses, showing a bush of black hair and sullen eyes. He propped his head on an arm and looked out towards the beach, occasionally wiping sweat off his head.

'It's been so long since I've seen the ocean. It's a lot cleaner here than back home.' He took out the wallet again & pulled out a picture.

On the picture were four people. At the top of the picture were a man & woman. The man had short hair and stubble growing on his face. He was somewhat strong-looking. The woman had long hair and was very beautiful. At the bottom of the picture stood two boys. On the left stood a slim kid that looked to be about twelve. His hair was cut into a fade. He had a face full of life. On the right stood a younger version of the caped kid, except he wasn't wearing the hat or the sunglasses. He had a small amount of hair and bright eyes. Everybody in the picture was wearing capes and looked so happy. They all also had tanned skin and black hair. The kid on the left had his arm around the one on the right and was doing a peace sign. The caped guy gave a heavy sigh and put the picture away.

'Happy memories I can no longer enjoy.' He thought as he put his head down on the table and closed his eyes.


"Mom!" A young voice yelled. "Dad!" Two people, a man and a woman wearing capes, were being dragged off by two extremely strong-looking men while a little boy cried.

"You are under arrest for treason against the king!" One of the men yelled.

"What!? We didn't do anything! This is all a big mistake!" The man being handled yelled back.

"What did we do?! Who will take care of our son!?!?!" The woman yelled as well.

"Silence! The king will take the kid into custody." The man holding the woman gruffly replied.

"No! Mom! Dad! Don't leave me!" The boy yelled.

"Come on, kid." A third thug said as he started to pull the boy away from his parents. Again, he yelled for them.

"Izzy, be brave son." The father said.

"Yes. We love you." The mother said. The boy—or Izzy, as he's now known as—tried to pull away from the big man with little success.

"Don't leave me!"


"No...no... Don't leave me!" Izzy yelled as he was being nudged by the clerk. He woke up panting. He was back in the Shore Shack. He looked at his surroundings and calmed down.

'Just a dream…' He thought as he brought a hand to his forehead.

"Are you alright?" The clerk asked, giving him a strange look. Izzy turned towards him & nodded.

"Yes. I'm sorry about that. I guess it was just a nightmare." He looked around again and saw that nobody walking past the restaurant was staring at him.

"Well in any case, your order is ready." Izzy looked at the register and saw a delicious-looking hamburger sitting on top of some fries. A bottle of pineapple soda was next to the basket. He gave a nod and walked across the empty area towards his food. He grabbed them and headed to his table.

'That dream… I've been having it since that day.' Izzy thought as he ate. His gloomy mood started to brighten a little as he ate. As he finished the burger and started on the fries, his ears picked up a sound. It sounded like something rolling on the concrete, getting louder with every passing second.

'Sounds like…a skateboard.' He shrugged it off and went back to chowing down. The sound was then very close. Izzy, who had his eyes closed, opened his right eye and noticed a skater coming into the restaurant.

"Hey Dad." The skater said. Izzy promptly choked on his fry when he heard the voice. It was the same guy that almost ran him over! After drinking some of his soda and regaining his composure, he cast a casual glance at the skater. He was going so fast earlier that Izzy didn't get a good look at him.

As mentioned earlier, the skater seemed to be about as tall as Izzy, maybe a foot or so shorter. He was wearing a yellow shirt & burgundy jean shorts. He was also wearing knee pads, shoulder pads, and a red helmet. He had a reddish tan. Izzy was able to make out some red dreadlocks on the back of the boy's head. He couldn't tell, but the boy was wearing a pair of green tint sunglasses.

(A/N: I know I'm making the characters older. Just imagine him and the other Rocket Power kids wearing bigger versions of their regular clothes.)

"Hey Otto. I guess the delivery went through ok?" The clerk from earlier addressed the kid.

'Otto, huh?' Izzy thought as he continued to listen to the conversation.

"Yeah. You should've seen me, Raymundo. I was grinding all over the place and everything!" Otto replied.

"So, no problems then?" Raymundo asked.

"Not at all. Well, there was one thing..." Otto said as he ushered his dad into the back room. Izzy picked up his garbage and went to toss it out…and listen to more of the conversation.

"On the way to making the delivery, I almost crashed into this weird-looking shoobie." He heard Otto say.

'Shoo—? The hell!?' Izzy thought.

"What did he look like?" Ray asked.

"Well, he was wearing some pretty cool-looking sunglasses, an old-looking gray hat, and this weird cape." Otto answered. Izzy felt a vein pop as he heard the description.

'WEIRD cape!?!'

"A cape, huh? There's a customer out there who's wearing a cape." Ray said thoughtfully. It's amazing that Otto didn't notice the accomplice earlier.

'Oh crap. Time to slink on outta here!' Izzy thought as he grabbed his stuff, left a tip on the table, and left.

"Heh. Made it out without getting in trouble." He said as he slipped on his hat and sunglasses while giving a last glance at the restaurant.

"Look out!" He heard a female voice yell. He stopped dead in his tracks and looked ahead. A group of three boarders was heading for him. One of them was dangerously close. He scoffed at the boarder.

'I see ya this time.' Izzy then made to casually step aside…if he didn't step on his cape.

"Woah!" He started to stumble towards the boarder. Izzy tried to stop himself, as the boarder tried to stop as well, but to no avail.


Both of them fell backwards and landed on their butts. Their items scattered about the area. Izzy, missing his hat, bag, and sunglasses, looked ahead at the boarder. This one was wearing a dark blue tank top on top of a light blue shirt and some greenish brown shorts. Dazed, Izzy shook his head & got up.

"I am so accident prone." He groaned as he picked up his stuff and dusted himself off. He looked at the other guy as the other two boarders, a tall girl, who had purple hair, camouflage pants, and a red-violet shirt; and a shorter guy, who had blond hair, glasses, an orange shirt with an N displayed on it, and jeans helped him up. People who a few seconds ago were walking by started to crowd around the scene.

"Twister! Are you ok?" Otto's voice rang out as he, Ray, and the chef from before broke through the crowd and made their way to the group of boarders.

"So much for a clean getaway." Izzy muttered with his arms crossed. He just stood there, waiting to apologize for what happened. After checking for damage and retrieving the boarder's gear, everybody turned on the boy in the gray hat, who started laughing nervously.

"Um… Sorry?" Silence followed for what seemed like an eternity, but it was really more like five seconds.

"It's cool man." The boarder, Twister, replied. Izzy let out a relieved sigh as the others approached him.

"Are you ok?" The girl asked.

"Yeah. I'm alright. I think I've been having a touch of bad luck today." He replied as he turned towards Otto. "I just got into town and already I've narrowly avoided a hit & run and got in an accident." He added a chuckle for humor. Apparently, no one got the joke.

"Anyway, sorry about what happened." He started to walk off.

"Wait." Otto said. Izzy turned around. "Sorry about what happened earlier. It was the first delivery for the Shack that I did and I was real excited."

"It's alright. By the way, the name's Izzy."

"Cool. My name's Otto. This is my sister, Reggie." Otto gestured toward the girl, who gave a friendly wave. "My dad and Tito." He pointed at the two adults. "My best bro, Twister." He pointed to the boarder that Izzy crashed into. "And last, but not least, Sam." He pointed towards the blond kid.

"Pleased to meet you all. See ya around." Izzy said as he left the pier. He walked up a block and then sat on a bench.

"Whew! That was one scary experience. I thought I was gonna get beat up for sure. I should calm down a bit and continue exploring." He got up and started to jog a little. Soon, he started to go faster, putting his arms behind him to fight wind resistance as he traversed the hill. A few seconds later, he started to clench his open hands into fists. He closed them and went so fast, he was only a blur of black, blue, and gray.

Izzy ran past buildings and houses at an unimaginable speed. He memorized every single address he passed. The school, the pier, City Hall, everywhere. He left no stone unturned as he sped past the main and secondary streets. He went through every area at least twice before he started running in the direction of the beach. He reached a rocky part of the coast. He started to slow down, unclenching his fists, then going into a jog and eventually skidding to a complete stop. Izzy walked up to a rock and stood on top of it. By now, it was sunset and he just felt content with looking out toward the horizon.

"I love to run. It really calms me down." He kept silent for a few seconds to observe the waves breaking against the rocks and the purplish gold of the sky. He felt the wind blow his cape, giving him a mysterious look ruined only by his hat and sunglasses. Izzy gave a smirk to no one in particular.

"I think I'll like it here. This place is full of interesting people." He remembered his experience only a few minutes ago. Sure it was slightly disastrous at first, but at least he made peace. "Now I should get dinner and find a place to stay." Izzy jumped off the rock and sped off towards the city.



And there you go. The beginning of a new adventure. This baby's gonna be packed with humor, tons of action, a little sappiness, and romance (Duh! It's a slash fic!). Anyway, just who is Izzy and what's up with that running!? As a treat, I'm posting the next three chapters now!