A/N: This is a Jack / Alexx story told from Jack McCoy's POV.

Ice Queen

I turn away to hide my smile at the bit of conversation I just overheard as I walk through the courthouse. Two defense lawyers discussing on of the ASA. One had just lost to Alexx, and the other I believe lost to her a few weeks ago. They called her "Ice Queen". If only they knew. But I'm glad they don't. I glad that I'm one of the privileged few to know how warm, and passionate, Alexx can be. She certainly has the cool, blonde beauty of an Ice Queen, I'll have to give them that.

After losing Claire I never expected to love again. Then I met Alexx. Abbey introduced us, and the three of us went to have drinks that evening. Abbey ended up leaving early and Alexx and I stayed talking until late. She said she'd enjoyed the evening and I asked if we could see each other again. She said yes. We've been dating ever since. It's been . . . 3 months. Feels like it's been longer. I think Abbey knows, and Alexx said she thinks Olivia knows, but no one else.

Most would probably say we're mismatched and have little in common other than being lawyers. But they'd be wrong. We both believe strongly in the value of the legal rules, but we're also both willing to bend them if we think it' the right thing. I am perhaps more obvious about letting my emotions show, but Alexx feels things just as deeply as I do. We also share the same sense of humor, it just doesn't often get to show in our work.

Abbey suddenly appears at my side. "What are you smiling about Jack? Or don't I need to ask?" she asks with a smile of her own.

I give her a look but don't answer.

"You have a date with Alexx tonight don't you?"

"Yes. I do," I admit.

"Have fun. You both deserve it."

"Thank you Abbey. I'll see you tomorrow."

"Night Jack," she says and then walks away.

I smile as I walk out the courtroom doors and see Alexx there talking to Olivia and Elliot. They greet me as I join them. Olivia quickly ends the conversation and drags her partner away, but not before giving Alexx a grin that says she's purposely getting herself and her partner out of our way so we can be alone.

Since there are still a lot of people around I don't take Alexx into my arms like I want to. That will have to wait until we are truly alone.


This fic was mostly a way to find out if anyone else likes the idea of a Jack / Alexx pairing. So please let me know what you think. . . If people like it I'll probably do another (longer) Jack / Alexx story