Summary : ChiChi, Bulma, Launch, and Marron are the most popular girls in school. They are apart of a clique that everyone looks up to and respects. This story takes place during their final year of high school, and includes their parties, classes, mistakes, and some romance... Hopefully it's a different kind of high school fic… I tried to cut out the silliness and not make it too angst.

Authors Note: Okay, well this is just the first chapter of my high school fic.. I got the basic idea from the movie Mean Girls, but the plot has really nothing to do with the movie. Although I will slide some thing in, so if you have seen the movie something's may sound a little familiar. But for the main part this is a, hopefully, original story.

Parings : Bulma / Vegeta, Goku / ChiChi, Launch / Tien, and Marron / Yamcha

DisclaimerI do not own DBZ, the characters in this fic, nor anyone/anything famous that I might drop in this story.

Chapter 1

High School Royalty

Shades of Crimson

A silver convertible sped down the parking lot in the front of the school; as it drove on past the other cars the sun seemed to emit it's rays especially on it so that the silver paint glistened as the other students stared. The car jerked into a space in the front of the parking lot and four girls stepped out of the car - each simultaneously slamming the doors.

"Uh, Marron." The blonde driver complained, taking off her sun glasses after straightening her almost inappropriately short skirt, "Careful with the paint -- Daddy would kill me if I chipped it again."

The dark purple haired girl rolled her eyes and scuffed at her friend, "Launch, chill, like your dad really cares about the 'Vet's paint job."

A dark haired girl, who had stepped from the passengers seat spoke up, "Marron, Launch just got her car repainted due to a little accident between her and a parked bus."

The fourth girl, who had soft curly, blue hair, let out a small laugh as the four began to walk towards the school, "I still cannot believe that you ran into a parked bus! I mean it's huge, and it's yellow, and it's parked Launch!"

The blonde haired girl nodded and rolled her eyes in response to her friends mockery, "Yeah, yeah." she retorted, nonaligned, her eyes glued to a mirror she had pulled out of her purse, checking her perfect makeup with a toothy grin.

As they walked down the concrete pavement towards the wide pair of double doors, all eyes where seemingly glued to them. People literally stepped out of the way so that the fabulous four could make their grand entrance.

For, they where teen royalty, and there was nothing anyone could do or say to change that.

The leader of the clique stood in the middle of the group.

She was currently talking on her cell phone, to her longtime boyfriend, Goku Kakerot, most likely, as her free hand ran through her dark, long straight hair.

Her name was ChiChi Applegate, and her status labeled her as the most popular girl in the entire school.

She rolled her eyes, shielded behind a pair of Coach sunglasses, at something the person on the other line had said and angrily shut her phone and crammed it in her purse, her expensive glasses following suit into the expensive handbag.

This raven haired vixen was the queen bee, and the most respected of the group. Not only was she the longtime girlfriend of the teams start quarterback, but she was captain of the cheerleading squad to boot.

She smirked as she watched a group of rather attractive guys check her out. Glancing down at her outfit - her outfit that consisted of a denim skirt and a red shirt from Abercrombie that complimented her dark hair and showed a small section of her tan midriff - her smirked turned into a smile that was followed by a shrug. Her only thought was … who could blame them for staring?

The girl to the right of her was, obviously, her right hand man. Well … more like beautiful best friend.

Beauty, however, was only one of the few words that described her; wealthy, intelligent, impetuous where a few of the others.

This beauty had loosely curly blue hair, bright blue eyes, and a perfect, fit figure. She was also a cheerleader; and her name was Bulma Briefs.

Yes, daughter of the famous Dr. Briefs, inventor of many technological advances and other assortments. For example, his newest invention is now referred to as a Toasterstrudel.

She took another sip from her coffee. Starbucks, grande, cafe mocha. It was the same everyday, they had memorized her order.

Bulma was currently single, but had her eye on the hot guy that sits behind her in French. Nothing was official though … she had never been one for long time commitments.

She smiled as she sipped her coffee and listened to a couple of people shout 'hey Bulma' in her direction. Looking down at her ensemble, a brown and pink plaid skirt with a matching pink shirt, she smiled and took another sip from her Starbucks cup and continued to walk down the hall.

The girl farthest to the left was Marron.

Your typical blonde -- minus the blonde hair.

Well, I guess you wouldn't conceder Marron a complete idiot, okay, just kidding, yea you would. There was more common since in a pack of gum than between the purple haired girls ears. But she was pretty, and had managed to snag Martin Samuels, not exactly the baseballs teams greatest player -- but definitely the one with the cutest butt.

She was currently playing with her perfectly manicured nails as she hummed along with a song that was stuck in her head. She was wearing a leather skirt with a bright pink shirt that had black letters that spelled out the word 'HOLLISTER' across her chest.

She looked around as the entire students body stared as her and her friends walked down the rambunctious halls and she smiled and waved at a group of guys walking past her.

The final girl to complete their clique was the pretty blonde named Launch. She was tall and slender. Today she wore a dark blue skirt with a matching jacket over her white tank top.

Currently, her eyes were scanning the busy halls with her eyes, studding the faces of the people who where studding them.

She hated the way the entire school looked at her, judging her and her friends, but she knew that it all came with the role of being popular. She, however, wasn't looking for anyone to judge … To put it simply - she was looking for someone to date.

She had been single for the entire year. Though her friends had constantly tried to set her up, none of the guys where quite what she was looking for. But she was looking for someone.

Launch's father was a notable lawyer who had been buying her love since the day she was born; her mother was killed in a car accident when she was only two, so her friends were more like a family to her. Her fathers newest gift was the silver corvette she had driven her friends to school in this morning.

She frowned, the same silver corvette she had previously driven into a parked bus.

It wasn't stupidity that made her run her car into the bright yellow bus, no, she was not ignorant unlike her best friend Marron, she had simply dropped a CD into the passenger seat and had bent over to pick it up -- how was she supposed to know that the bus was going to stop in the middle of the freaking road?

The group walked down the hall until they where met with room 108, Bulma's first period. As they stopped in the noisy halls Bulma gave them each a slight hug and walked into her Anatomy class.

The blue haired girl let out a small sigh as she took her seat, second row from the front. This class was mainly full of nerds, and there was only one person in the class that she would talk to.

Taking advanced classes as such, she didn't have many socializing options so she was forced to converse with a male member of their clique who also took some advanced classes.

She threw her purse and backpack onto the floor behind her and began to flip through the text book on her desk.

"Shit." she heard an all too familiar voice curse from behind her.

She couldn't help the smirk that grazed her perfect features and she turned around to greet the boy sitting behind her. "Well good morning, Vegeta."

Vegeta, the attractive dark-haired boy lifted his head from his backpack he was previously shuffling through and rolled his eyes at the sound of his voice, sounding all too sarcastically sweet from the woman's lips, "What do you want?"

Bulma smiled and shook her head, "Looks like someone forgot to study." she watched him shift his jaw and she laughed, "again."

He narrowed his eyes at her, "Let me guess, little miss perfect was up till eleven studding her perfect ass off for her anatomy test."

She rolled her eyes and flipped her hair over her shoulder, reaching for her Starbucks cup she took another sip, "Yeah right." Another roll of cerulean eyes, "Vegeta, you should know that I, unlike you, don't have to study. I'm naturally brilliant." she leaned over his desk and smiled, "And that's not the only thing I'm naturally good at."

A dark eyebrow quirked at her statement at the woman in front of him and smirked, but she wasn't finished.

"And I'm glad to see that you noticed my perfect ass, good luck on the test Vegeta." She added with a wink and turned around to face the front of the classroom.

He watched the back of her head, shaking his own with his trademark smirk that would cause so many girls in their school to swoon.

After two more periods had completed, the clique met at ChiCi's locker -- a routine that they had decided on -- for ChiChi had insisted that they had to walk into lunch together.

Bulma and Launch where walking down the hall together, making small talk, but when ChiChi's locker was in site Bulma rolled her blue eyes with disgust.

"Ug, Chi, get a room." she muttered, so that only Launch could hear.

The black haired girl was in a deep lip lock with her boyfriend, Goku, who had her pushed against her locker with his hands on either side of her head. Launch couldn't help but feel a bit envious of her friend's state, but her bluehaired companion cound't disagree more.

"Disgusting." She mumbled, and fishing through her bag she grabbed her small flip phone out of her purse. ChiChi's broke away from Goku as she grumbled angrily and pulled her cell phone out of her own purse, looking down at the phone only to roll her dark brown eyes and glared up at her blue eyed best friend, who was smiling sweetly at her.

ChiChi didn't take well to interruptions.

She let out an angry sigh and pushed herself away from Goku and straightened her denim skirt, "What do you want Bulma?"

The blue haired girl remained smiling and shook her head, "Uh, lunch Chi."

ChiChi nodded and grabbed her boyfriends hand, "Where's Marron?"

Launch shrugged, "Probably with Martin somewhere."

ChiChi nodded again as they entered the lunch room, and once again all eyes where on them.

They sat at their usual table, the surrounding tables where full but everyone knew not to take theirs. It was a sort of undefined rule.

"So." Bulma said, sitting down at the table and pulling out her lunch, "What's the latest news, Launch?"

Launch smiled and took the seat next to Bulma, causing ChiChi to roll her eyes. Bulma and Launch where the worst gossipers, possibly in the school. Not that she would know, she didn't converse with everyone.

She turned to her spiky haired boyfriend and smiled up at him, brushing his lips with her own, she grabbed his hand and pulled him into the lunch line.

Something she knew he would not argue against.

Most men thought with their dicks … Goku thought with his stomach.

After ChiChi and Goku had walked off, Marron made her grand arrival, sitting at the table and fixing her long, straight purple hair, "Guess what?" she said suddenly, a smile springing to her face.

Bulma had another cup of Starbucks, which no one was quite sure how she had acquired, in her hand and she looked up over it with an emotionless face, "What?"

A wicked smile grazed Marron's face and she grinned, "Clint Melton asked me to come over Friday night."

Launch gave her a look of disapproval, "Um.. Marron, what about Martin?"

Marron rolled her eyes, "Martin? What?"

Bulma sat down her cup and gave Marron a look, "Your … boyfriend Martin."

Marron smiled and shook her head dumbly, "No!" she giggled, "I know, I'm going to see him on Saturday."

Launch nodded and rolled her eyes, "But don't you think he's going to care that your going to be with another guy on Friday?"

Marron laughed again, "No, you two are so delusional." Bulma gave her a strange glance at her diction, but the purple haired girl continued, "He sees other girls, and I see other guys. Martin says that what we have is a special kind of relationship -- we just sleep together."

Bulma looked her over her Starbucks mocha and frowned, "Marron..."

Marron continued with a laughed, "Which is weird.. because we never actually sleep when we're together."

"Marron." Launch said, setting down her low-carb sandwich, "That is not a relationship."

Marron rolled her eyes and took a bite of her Snackpack with her plastic spoon, "At lease I've been in a relationship this year."

Bulma bit her lower lip and watched as Launch's face turned to a hurt, "Whatever Marron."

"So." ChiChi said cheerfully, slicing the mood as she sat her salad bowl down, followed by her boyfriend and his overflowing tray of food, "What's the convo?"

"Oh, we're just talking about how Marron's a slut." Launch said with snobbish, angry expression.

ChiChi nodded slowly and turned to Marron. Looking down at her chocolate pudding she frowned disgracefully, "Marron, you're going to gain weight like crazy if you keep eating like this."

Marron rolled her eyes and smiled, "Yeah right, like I could gain weight."

Bulma took another sip of coffee and when she looked up she met eyes with Vegeta. He had on a pair of faded jeans and an Abercrombie shirt that was tight enough that she could see the outline of his well-defined muscles. She didn't find him attractive or anything, she convinced herself, he just happened to have an exceptional body.

"Well look who decided to show up for lunch today, couldn't find anyone to make out with you in your car today Vegeta?" Bulma asked with a smile.

The dark haired boy glared at her nonchalantly and took his seat next to her and across from his 'best friend' Goku.

"Kakerot." He said gruffly, causing the tall man to look up from his lunch and send a questioning glance into the shorter mans direction.

Vegeta continued, "There's a new guy from West Chester trying out today."

Goku nodded, "Oh, yea, Tien or something. Coach said he's not half bad!"

"Tien." Bulma mused , mostly to herself, a thoughtful expression crossing her features and her coffee resting on her lips, "Wonder if he's cute."

Marron smiled, "Oh! Oh! Launch! The guy we saw walking down the hall!"

The blonde haired girl smiled and nodded, her eyes widening in excitement, "Oh, Bee, he's so hot."

ChiChi shrugged with a look of indifference, "He was okay, bald, but okay."

Bulma wrinkled her noise, "Bald?"

"Yeah." Launch said, almost dreamily, "He's so got the Vin Diesel look down."

Marron frowned suddenly, "Speaking of Vin Diesel, where is Yamcha?"

Bulma rolled her eyes and slammed her Starbucks cup down, "Who knows, who cares."

"Uh." Marron said, pointing to herself as if to get the point across, "I care."

"How does Yamcha remind you of Vin Diesel?" ChiChi asked, confusion filling her dark eyes.

Marron rolled her eyes, "Have you seen Yamcha?"

Bulma rolled her eyes back at Marron, "Yeah Marron, he sits here everyday, but how does he remind you of Vin Diesel?"

"Well." The purple haired girl looked up at the ceiling, as if in deep thought, for a moment and then smiled, "He's totally hot --"

"Yamcha?" Bulma asked, raising an eyebrow.

"Yea." Marron said, "And he's a street racer--"

"No." ChiChi said, rolling her eyes, "He's not."

Marron shrugged, "Well, anyway, where is he?"

Vegeta shrugged and growled, "Like the woman said, who cares."

Bulma smiled up at him and then she suddenly gasped, "Oh! We so have to go to the mall after school, I was walking by Charlotte Russe the other day and I saw a skirt that I had to have."

She spoke as if it had everything to do with their previous conversation. Goku and Vegeta frowned.

ChiChi smiled and nodded, "Alright! I need to go shopping!"

Marron smiled, "There's Yamcha!"

Launch gave her a sideways glance and then frowned as the bell rang, "Uhg... I hate gym."

Bulma smiled as she stood up, tossing her paper cup into the waste bin, "At least we all have it together!"

Goku smiled and grabbed Vegeta by the arm, "Let's go, Vegeta!" the friendly gesture only causing Vegeta to growl.

Bulma watched him leave from the corner of her eye and then heard Launch say something about the new guy, she looked up and smiled, "Is that him Launch? Go talk to him!"