First of all - just so I don't confuse any of you guys - I would like to start off with saying that this is not an update. No, I was just hoping that some people who had me on their story alert list would come back to see why the heck this story was updated. I would also like to put in a small, shameless plug and bring it to everyone's attention.

I am going to have new story up soon.

Yep. But the reason for this post is really to ask someone a favor … You see, the story will be much more similar in characterization and style because it involves our favorite characters in a setting very similar to the one found in my previous story High School Royalty. However, it will not be a carbon copy or even remotely similar in plot. If any of you are interested, I will be posting this story sometime this or next month - so keep an eye out!!


As for my favor …

I am going to be needing someone to read over my work and give me some suggestions. You will correct any grammatical errors, suggest things you feel should be different about scenes and dialogue, and, ultimately, help me when I'm stuck. We will communicate (I hope!) and you will receive credit and much thanks. Haha. I will have the first three chapters available pretty soon - so if anyone is interested in doing this, please review with your email address and any comments.

Thanks and I look forward to hearing a response!!