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There was blood of course, and gore and the stench of bowls sliced open and left to rot in the polluted air. But at the moment it was obsolete. The only things that mattered were the fumes of ozone, and light, and eyes of complementary colors. Christmas colors, red and green. Two figures stood on a hill above a battle, and all below paused in there trespass of the eighth commandment- thou shall not kill.

The ones above the standard troops, and the heroes and villains were THE TWO. The ones who would change the course of the world. And as all stood below and watched, the smaller killed the larger- no not killed- utterly destroyed so that there was no hope of resurrection, no hope of even an afterlife. So utterly that his grave would be cures words and his tombstone history books and his funeral a celebration

With his life and leadership gone, the troops resumed there slaughter. The friends of the smaller hero strong in the knowledge that they had won; the slaves of the larger screaming as both wand, and blade ,and the mark of there master took there lives.

On the hill a boy staggered down searching for someone. He found his quarry at the bottom of the hill clutching his arm while the Dark Mark slowly drew his very soul out of his body.

"Please," wisped the man, "please don't let him take me" and sobbing the boy complied drawing a deadly dagger over the man's throat. Then he took the dead thing in his arms and sobbed for what could never be.

Weeks latter one Harry Potter sat in history class scratching a dry quill across a blank page. It was pointless this class, the endless drone, the glorification of death made dull by death himself- or as close to death as any self respecting wizard would allow any way. "...and in 1237 the Alliance of Giants was broken by Melvock the Agressor, by his slaughter of Snig Falanbolder..."

Across the aisle sat Hermione Granger, she twisted a gold ring on her finger and stared out the window. She would not look at the empty seat beside her. Once upon a time a boy had sat in that seat, Hermione and Harry would whisper conversations back and forth, they would hatch plots and create conspiracies. But that time was long gone. The boy Ron and the dark lord were gone, and with them any desire for mischief these two would hold.

The bell rang, the ghost professor, still moaning about Snig Falanbolder and his family's retaliation on Melvock. The class moseyed out of the class in to the hall and down the stairs to the dungeons to the next learning experience, potions. But one Harry Potter paused an then turned, running for somewhere, anywhere, that was not the dungeons. The Girl Hermione watched him go tears fell slowly in understanding.

Harry potter stood on the window sill of the highest room of the tallest tower, and contemplated the ground. He knew rationally, that there were wards to stop him from doing any thing, if he really wanted to die from a height, he would have to take one of the brooms. But he did not want to die. He wanted to go back to the hospital wing, and stay in the white beds, and stare at the ceiling until forever. A nasty voice in his head told him that he was being a coward, that there were people who had lost so much more than him, that he was just a silly boy starved for the lime light. Harry snarled back at the voice in his mind, he didn't WANT the attention, he NEVER wanted it. He just wanted peace. Peace that would come in the

form of the hospital wing or if he were really lucky, a private room at St. Mango's where only Hermione could see him. And only very rarely at that.

So, an exhausted, depressed, and sad little boy jumped off the highest room in the tallest tower. Well stepped off really. Or maybe he fell, but that's not the point, the point is that he fell on to a network of malfunctioning wards, that had hadn't had a proper renewal since Dumbledore had taken over for Armando Dippet. The situation was further complicated by the number of magical items on Harry's person, things like his wand, the robes (spelled against were and tear) a chocolate frog.. And then there were some very screwed up offensive and defensive ward's left over from the war. All this compiles with the fact that Harry was really, incredibly, powerful led to two things: pain, and a huge disaster on the magnitude of one savior of the wizard world, disappearing from a culture completely torn by war that was using this sad decrepit boy for there one beacon of hope.

There were a lot of suicides the next day.

Harry Potter was being held under crucio. Ok maybe it wasn't that bad but it was sure as hell close. He also noticed that the ground was awful close, but that didn't matter because at that very second he was saves from cretin mutilation and possible death, by a set of very well functioning wards. Slowly he landed on soft snow, amongst the blaring of alarms.


And has he slipped in to an undeserved sleep, Harry couldn't help but mutter "damm humor"

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