The next morning Harry woke from a dream that involved mirrors. Lots and lots of mirrors. He had been reflected in all of them, but rarely did he look anything like him self in them before him was a woman in a white dress who was reflected in none. "Oh dear" she said, "I think you are rather lost. Mother will not be pleased!" then she had run off through the corridors of the maze "Has any one seen an empty panel?" she called. And all the Harrys in the mirrors shrugged and turned away. And Harry was led by the trailing hems of her dress and the tendrils of her hair that seemed to shimmer between the colours.

In the darkness of the Slytherin dorms Harry thought about the woman. She was mentioned often he knew, in the lore of druids and the like, back when wizards and humans had believed in gods. He wondered if maybe the gods really did exist and the life he lived was all that it was because he was lost in the corridor; But it mattered not. He was hear in a in a world where he apparently lived the life of Malfoy with all the pig headedness and cruelty.

Harry pulled on the same robes that he had been wearing since he'd been released from the claws of poppy, and strode out of the dorm feeling entirely naked without even his glasses to hide behind. Luckily he wasn't as blind as people thought. His glasses were thick due to the Government Issue plastic lenses, and he always wore them because it was some thing that Dudley could never ever take away. It had not occurred to Harry that he had only ever received the one pair when he was seven and never again until Hogwarts, and by then they were a part of his identity. He told him self he kept them because they made him look like his father, but his Slytherin side insisted it was for people to underestimate him and keep him safe from basilisks (although the parseltongue would probably take care of that). In any case it was just wired to go about without them.

Harry was also missing his wand, and daggers, and potion vials, and emergency portkey, and silk-mail cloak (made with chain mail so fine it was like silk and has hard as dragon scale). Well about the only thing he had with him was his wits and we all know how lost you are with out your wits about you.

Harry stalked through the lower levels of the dungeons, to the main stairs and was half way up when he noticed it was still dark. The clock at the very top of the stairs announced it was four thirty. Normally this wasn't a problem, during the war years, everyone was up early. Afterward an amazing amount of people suffered from insomnia; however in this peaceful hell, Harry knew the only insomniacs were Snape and Dumbledore, nether of whom he wanted to run in to.
With a sigh Harry retreated back to the Slytherin commons to stare at the fire until the first student stumbled half awake from their dorms.

Unfortunately that student was Malfoy.


Harry was out the door before Malfoy could remember the fact that there was two of him.

He hurried up the stairs now sparsely populated with cranky early risers and to the great hall where he stuffed down some porridge, and then made his way to the front hall. Apparently some one was to meet him there and take him to Diagon ally.

The escort turned put to be filch. Wonderful. This place kept getting better and better.

"Hurry up boy! If I don't get my supply of Portico's Potion Picker-Upper you'll be the one scraping the walls!"

Upon arrival at the ally filch thrust a bag into his hand.

"Portkey twelve sharp from the back ally of the Cauldron." growled Filch, and Harry was let to his own devices for the next six hours. Gringotts as usual was the first stop. Armed with nothing but a letter that supposedly reached both Gringotts and the ministry earlier that morning, Harry had to bargain and plead and threaten the goblins into loan barley enough to cover the school supplies of a Malfoy.

However Harry was not a Malfoy, and so rather than waste a million galleons on robes and sweets, Harry hit the one and only wizarding junk shop. He came out with a purse that was still mostly full, three sets of robes that weren't quite rags, a set of seventh year books complete with Hufflepuff gossip scratched in them from the year before, and a trunk with two compartments nether of which had a key.

Harry then went straight for the apothecary, and arranged for the fresh supplies to be mailed to him the next morning. He stopped over at madam Malkin's and bought a utility belt, undergarments, and checked the price of the silk-mail witched turned out to be in the price range of the combined inheritance of Malfoy and himself (his other self that is.
He stopped at a weapon shop on the edge of Knockturn ally to pick up daggers, and was kindly in formed that he was under age and would he please leave.

In an equally nice voice Harry informed the shop keeper if he couldn't get is knives for gold, he could certainly pay for them by not cutting of the mans balls with his own blade.
Harry left the building feeling much safer.

The last stop was Ollivander's, the same faded wand lay on the pillow, the same layer of dust on every thing, the same creepy old man that crept up ever so silently to scare the shit out of Harry.
"Mister Potter.... Twelve and three quarters, unicorn hair, rosewood...excellent for charms and pranks was it not?"

"I'm afraid you have the wrong Harry potter. Holly, eleven inches, and a phoenix feather..."

Ah" said Ollivander "your the sprite that had the prophet in a conundrum. From somewhere so close yet so far..." he was giving Harry the creepy stare and it really freaked Harry out.

"My wand?"

"Ah yes of course." the moonlike eyes seemed to follow Harry even has the man disappeared between the stacks. Moments latter they returned along with a thin box. Harry took the wand offered o him and gave it a wave. Red and gold sparks showered down apron the floor as they had last time.

"Ah excellent!" cried Ollivander, that will be seven gallons if you please" Harry reached for his purse, but paused as he saw the feathers of an owl out of the corner of his eye. It would not due to have Ollivander rush off and contact the head master about Riddle's brother wand.

"Mr. Ollivander, I'm afraid I have a little problem or two with this wand...."


"Hmm....yes, I'm afraid if the headmaster of Hogwarts was to find out about this wand, there might be...trouble"

"Ah too stay silent I must ask you to do another task then" Ollivander leered "because by law I am to report every wizard in my shop to the ministry. And it would be a shame if I had to lie about your purchases."

"Of course. Than perhaps you can help me with another problem" said Harry "it seems that this particular wand has a brother, and it's always such a burden when I dual with a certain Mr. Riddle. It seems that all we can manage is prior incantatem."

Ollivander laughed, "To solve your problems me boy have the perfect solution" he leaned in close so that his mouth was nearly touching Harry's ear, "buy another wand." he whispered.
Harry smiled and discreetly slipped his original wand in to his pocket. Ollivander winked and then whisked the box down the isles coming back with another stack.

"Since we already have an idea of your wand type lets try this! Willow and unicorn? No no-rosewood and dragon tongue? No- ash and dementor skin no-"

"Thank Merlin!" mumbled Harry has wand after wand was shoved in his hand, although these had a much wilder verity of cores than the ones he was given first year.

"Hazel and basilisk scale-" the wand was almost snatched out of Harry's hand before he could feel the warmth of it pivoting out of the wand makers reach he brought down the wood in a mist of silver and green.

"Oh my cried Ollivander "that was an excellent show! Twenty four gallons if you please!"

"Any brothers I should watch for?" asked Harry fingering the new bit of wood.

"No I'm afraid there will be no fun for you in that department, that scale was found on the Hogwarts grounds oh- twenty years ago in a back passage. Who knows how long its been there? It is the only opportunity I've ever had to work with such a core."

Harry let out a breath he had not known he was holding. Brother wands were such a hassle. He remembered when Ron had broken his wand during the war, and purchased a new one- one that happened to be connected to Draco Malfoy. Malfoy had been so disgusted he had snapped his wand on spot and bought another. Ron would have done the same except that he had absolutely no money at that point that he could spare.

Harry swept out of the shop more than happy to be away from the wizard. He made one last stop at Telsa's tannery for leather to make wand holders. He could have bought them, but sometimes, it was best to make things your self. Harry arrived at the all behind the cauldron with only seconds to spare and the frayed Hogwarts patch swept him away.

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