Losing Control by Kayez

Rating PG-13

Summery: During a battle one of the rangers is thrown into another dimension, one where things are very different. How do the others get their team mate back? What happens when feelings are forged in this strange dimension? And what does Marah have to do with it?

Parings: Dustin/Marah, Hunter/??, Blake/Tori

Disclaimer: Power Rangers Ninja Storm, and everything related to Power Rangers Ninja Storm, is copyright of Saban, Disney and whoever else. I own nothing but the characters and places unrecognisable from the series.


Part 1: Too Deep

Lothor sat in his chair on the bridge, bored and with a headache. Marah and Kapri, his more than just annoying nieces, were once more arguing about who was the most evil.

"Who was the one who captured the most ninja's? Me. Who came up with the most idea's? Me. Who has the best wardrobe? Me." Kapri said, raising her nose at her sister. Marah huffed, her hands on her hips.

"I'm so a better dresser than you, and I'm a better fighter. I have more evil friends than you do, too. I even have more friends than you." Kapri spun on Marah.
"You do not!" Kapri stamped her foot on the ground, her face scrunching up in a very unattractive way. "I'm a better Evil Space Ninja and I'll prove it!" With that the pink haired female walked away, muttering to herself about being better at everything than Marah.

"Have you two finally stopped you childish bickering?" Lothor asked, sounding completely uninterested.

"Do you think Kapri's a better space ninja than me?" Marah asked, pouting and whining.

"Well, why don't you show me who's better." Lothor said, coming up with an idea to get both Marah and Kapri out of the way and to cause trouble for the Power Rangers. "Whoever can destroy the Ranger's is the evilest. Now go, and don't fail." Marah ran off, leaving Lothor in the bridge of the ship, smiling at the silence.


Blake and Tori had spent the day at the beach, Tori continuing Blake's surfing lessons. Hunter had thought it amazingly funny when Tori had told him about Blake's first lesson, the elder Bradley had laughed for almost ten minutes straight. When they arrived back at Ninja Ops Shane and Dustin were already sparring while Cam seemed to be making alterations on CyberCam.

"Hey, where's Hunter?" Blake asked, noticing that his brother was missing from the group. Dustin and Shane stopped for a moment to look at Blake and Tori.

"We thought that maybe you would know." Shane said, sighing and dropping his hands. "I can't believe he blew off his training."

"This is the second time this week." Cam reminded them.

"Hey, he's probably got a reason for it." Tori said, defending the Crimson Thunder Ranger. The blonde surfer turned to Blake. "Has he even been like this before?"

"No. Not usually." Blake frowned. He was glad that Tori stood up of Hunter with him, but his brother's behaviour was strange. Hunter hadn't been to training twice this week, he had been late three times in the last two weeks and he was even slacking when it came to racing. None of this was like Hunter.

"I'll have a look on the…" Cam was cut off when an image of Kapri and a strange looking monster showed up. "It'll have to wait. They're at the beach. Hurry, I'll see if I can contact Hunter and we'll meet you there." Cam told them, typing away at his computer.

"Ready?" Shane asked as the rangers got into position behind him. They all nodded, Blake feeling strange at not having his brother there to morph with them.

"Ninja Storm."

"Thunder Storm."

"Ranger Form! Ha." The group finished in unison, changing into their ranger gear before heading over to the beach.


Hunter awoke to the sound of his morpher beeping at him. Falling out of the bed in a desperate bid to reach the device sitting on his bedside table, Hunter forced himself to ignore the pain in the back of neck to answer the thing.

"Go for Hunter." Looking at the clock on the wall of the room Hunter realised that he was very late for training again.

"It's Cam, the guys need you at the beach, and then we're going to have to talk about your commitment, or lack of." Hunter winced at the sound of Cam's voice. Okay, well, he would find out sooner or later, right? Maybe he should just tell them.

"Umm, sure…on my way." Hunter kicked the covers off his body and quickly dressed into his civilian clothes before morphing. He decided that, should he be injured and have to power down, he'd rather be in civvies than in just his boxers. Hunter streaked to the beach, finding Blake, Tori, Dustin and Shane all battling with kelzaks and another one of Lothor's aliens. Cam streaked down in front of him, hitting whatever alien it was this week with a strong kick to the head. Taking a deep breath Hunter followed suit, his kick hitting the alien in the chest instead.

The six rangers regrouped a little bit away from the alien and kelzaks. That was when Hunter noticed Kapri, standing with some sort of blaster in her hand and a strange smirk on her face.

"Nice of you to join us." Shane said sarcastically. Hunter was about to respond but amazingly Tori beat him to it.
"Shane, leave it out just now." Hunter raised an eyebrow, knowing that they couldn't see his face. Why was Tori defending him, against Shane no less?

"You're right, we can leave this till we get back to Ops." Shane seemed to understand that there was more important things to take care of. "Blake, Hunter and Tori, you guys take care of the kelzaks. Cam, Dustin and I will knock out this over grown skeleton." Hunter nodded, looking over at Kapri warily, even if she wasn't the worst thing in the galaxy, she was still pretty dangerous. But Shane didn't seem to factor her in on his larger scale of things. I'll just have to keep an eye on her then, Hunter thought to himself.


Marah watched the whole thing unfold from her position, high above all the fighting on a rock. She hadn't managed to come up with a plan on her own, in truth she hadn't really put much effort into it. So Kapri might have been the eviller of them, but that didn't mean she would be able to beat the rangers.

The brunette Space Ninja watched the ranger's battle, the two Thunders and the Blue Wind ranger making quick work of the useless kelzaks while the other two Winds and the Samurai took on Skull Crack. Marah snorted slightly, thinking about the stupid name to give the alien. So he was made of bones and carried around skulls to hit people with, it was a dumb name.

Once all the kelzaks were finished off the six rangers went against Skull Crack, who was a pretty weak match against them. But then Kapri was holding something; Marah couldn't see what but she had a pretty good idea. Oh no, Marah thought. Well, if I can't be a better bad guy, I'll just be a better good guy. I hope.

With that last thought Marah tried to quickly climb down from her place on the rocks, hurrying to get to her sister before she got a shot fired.


The skeleton, who had introduced himself as Skull Crack, stood laughing. Dustin had trouble understand this, the alien had just got his bony butt kicked and he was laughing? Definitely something masochistic going on there.

"Dude, your getting hammered here, what's so funny?" Shane asked, sounding rather confused. Good, it's not just me, Dustin thought.

"You're about to find out Rangers." Kapri stated, stepping out from beside the alien and pointing a strangely designed blaster at them. "Say bye bye now rangers."

"NO! Look out!" Kapri turned, pulling the trigger while pointing the blaster at Skull Crack. In a blaze of grey light the alien disappeared, a fog surrounding where he once stood before dispersing in the wind.

"Awe, shoot." Kapri looked at Marah, who was now running towards her. "Marah, what's the deal." Kapri didn't get an answer, and each of the rangers were stunned when Marah just kicked Kapri in the stomach, sending the elder of the sisters to the ground.

"I'll show you I'm better than you at something." Marah stated, standing akimbo. Kapri slowly got up, pulling a face while looking at Marah.

"You're what?" Marah just raised her head.

"I'm going to show you who's best at being good." Marah charged at Kapri, knocking the weapon to the ground as the two Space Ninja's started to battle.

"Umm, is anyone else confused?" Dustin asked, trying to scratch his head before realising he had his helmet on still.

"Yeah, but I don't know what's more confusing. The skeleton dude disappearing, or Marah actually helping us."

"It could be a trick again." Dustin said, remembering all too well the last time that Marah had convinced them she was good.

"I guess we'll just have to wait and find out." Cam said, still watching the two battling females.

Kapri got in a cheap shot, sending Marah to the ground. Kapri quickly picked up the blaster again.

"And you thought you were a better fighter?" Kapri laughed. "Uncle will make you pay for your treachery. And it still won't do any good." Kapri aimed the blaster at Tori, smiling as she did so. "Now where was I?" Just as she pulled the trigger Blake moved to push Tori, at the exact same time as both Cam and Dustin, Hunter and Shane had taken a different approach, both firing their blasters at Kapri's.

There was a huge explosion, sparks flying and fog shifting through the air. Both Marah and Kapri were coughing while the rangers attempted to see through the fog.

"Is everyone okay?" Shane asked, waving his hand around in the air to move the haze.

"I will be, once whatever's on top of me is removed." Tori said, trying to figure out what had landed on her.

"Sorry Tori." Came Blake's reply. Soon the smoke cleared enough for the rangers to make out what was happening again. Marah had struggled to her feet, moving away from Kapri, who stood a few steps back from where she had been with a few singe marks on her outfit. The blaster she had used was on the ground at her feet, almost completely destroyed from Shane and Hunter's shots at it.

"Well, may not have been what I planned but it got the desired effects." Kapri muttered with a small smirk. "You're gonna pay for this one Marah." With that she disappeared back up to Lothor's ship, leaving Marah behind.

"Okay, wanna explain this one to us?" Shane asked, standing over Marah with his arms crossed over this chest.

"Umm…guys. Where's Hunter?" Tori asked, interrupting Shane's interrogation. Looking around the other rangers noticed that indeed Hunter was missing. Now it was Blake's turn to play the bad ranger.

"What happened to my brother?" Blake said, clearly angry.

"He's probably in some alternate reality now." Marah said, coughing as she stood up. "And the only thing that can get him back is that!" She told them, pointing to the heavily damaged blaster.


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