Losing Control by Kayez

Rating PG-13

Summery: During a battle one of the rangers is thrown into another dimension, one where things are very different. How do the others get their team mate back? What happens when feelings are forged in this strange dimension? And what does Marah have to do with it?

Parings: Dustin/Marah, Hunter/??, Blake/Tori

Disclaimer: Power Rangers Ninja Storm, and everything related to Power Rangers Ninja Storm, is copyright of Saban, Disney and whoever else. I own nothing but the characters and places unrecognisable from the series.

Part 2: Discovery

Hunter landed with a thud, rolling with the blow he stopped and jumped to his feet. Looking around he couldn't see the others, everything was deserted. A scream to his left caught his attention and he turned, falling into his ranger stance. After a moment or two Hunter realised he had demorphed, and was very glad he had decided to get dressed before leaving the apartment he and Blake shared. Looking around he saw what was the disturbance, some guy was chasing the screaming girl before tackling her to the sand and tickling her. Not exactly the most evil of deeds. Hunter sighed, where was he? Better yet, where were the others?

"One ranger, one monster! Now there's a fair fight." Hunter turned, facing the skeleton alien they had been fighting before Kapri's beam hit him. The beam must've hit him too, when he and Shane had blasted it. Well this was just dandy. Hunter glanced around him, no one watching or looking over, good.

"Thunder Storm, Ranger Form." Hunter morphed into this ranger gear and brought out his thunder staff. "Let's tango!"


Cam sat the blaster on the table in Ninja Ops, Sensei had asked that Marah be brought back to Ninja Ops, although blindfolded by Shane's persistence. None of the rangers were too quick to trust Marah, but they needed to find out how to fix the blaster and then how to reverse the effects and get Hunter back.

"So, what exactly does it do?" Dustin asked, Cam sat at his computer, seeing if he could get a lock on Hunter's DNA or morpher, while Dustin sat by the table with Tori and Blake listening to Marah.

"Well, it just sends people to another dimension." Marah said with a shrug.

"Like when I was hit by that stardust thing?" Marah brightened when Tori brought that up.

"Yeah, exactly like that." Dustin wasn't sure if Marah was just glad to have a way to explain what had happened or if maybe she had been proud of the wipe-out Tori went through. But he wasn't about to ask.

"Well, all he needs is to get back the same way he got there." Dustin said, before he fully realised what was needed. "Oh…never mind." Tori patted Dustin's shoulder, giving him a weak smile.

"Okay, I'm pretty sure I can fix it. The only problem would be the fried data chip. I'll have to make a new one." Cam said, details about the blaster flashing over his computer screen.

"How long do you think it would take?" Shane asked, standing at the back of Ninja Ops, arms crossed over his chest.

"A few hours, maybe a day or two," Cam said, "it's really impossible to tell for sure." Shane nodded.

"So we just have to try and cope without Hunter till then…" Tori said, sounding slightly down. She looked over at Blake; he was frowning and looked just ever so slightly lost.

"That shouldn't be too hard." Shane said, not trying to keep his voice down. Blake's head snapped up and towards the Red Wind Ranger, his expression turning from worry to anger in a second.

"What's that supposed to mean?" Blake asked, standing up. Even if Shane was taller than Blake was, the Navy Thunder ranger could be just as intimidating as any other ranger. Shane pushed off the wall and held his hands out.

"No offence, your brother's a great ranger. When he shows up." Shane said, sounding just like he had before Blake and Hunter joined the team.

"Hey, that's not fair. Hunter may be a little lax in his training but he always holds his own in the ranger battles." Tori said, standing beside Blake.

"Listen, I know he's a good ranger, and a great fighter. But he isn't the most reliable of people and that's what we need."

"Dude, you don't even know what's going on. Hunter might have a good reason for all this." Blake argued. "It's not like him, he's the most dedicated guy I know."

"That is enough rangers. Until Hunter returns we shall not discuss this." Sensei said, hopping from his 'house' to the table in front of Marah. "You shall stay here at Ninja Ops, Marah. You understand that I will have to have you under constant supervision during your time here?" Marah looked rather gloomy but nodded her head in understanding.

"Yes, I understand." She replied her head down. Sensei nodded, turning to Dustin.

"Dustin, would you kindly show Marah too the guest room?" Dustin nodded, standing up and motioning for Marah to follow him. "The rest of you will try to go about your usual duties." Blake sighedbut knew that there was nothing he could do other than what Sensei told him.

"I need to go talk to Kelly. I'll have to tell her that Hunter's sick or something." With that he left, pushing past Shane with a glare. Tori shook her head, following Blake. She stopped at the door, looking to Shane.

"You might want to start working on an apology." She said, making clear there was little room for argument. Shane left Ninja Ops a few moments later, mentioning something about the Skate Park to Cam.

"You must work quickly my son. If Lothor knows of Hunter's absence, he may use it to his advantage." Cam nodded.

"Yes father."


Dustin opened the door to the guestroom in Ninja Ops and let Marah walk through before him. She entered and looked around, smiling at the place.

"It's not all that big but…" Marah shook her head.

"No, it's nice." She grinned and Dustin just had to laugh at her.

"You know, I don't get you." He said, sitting down on one of the chairs present. Marah sat on the bed and looked at him, expecting an explanation on why he didn't get her. "I mean…why did you help us?"

"Because I'm terrible." She replied, making Dustin more confused.

"Terrible at what?"

"At everything." Marah said, Dustin had a mild flash of déjà vu when she said this, remembering the last time she had been this insecure. "I mean, Kapri always comes up with the evil plans. And even if they don't work, they're better than mine. Uncle likes her more than me, I'm just some charity case that got dragged along." Marah sniffed a little, she looked up at Dustin. "I'm going to do it this time though. I don't care what they say; I don't care if I don't fit in. I'm going to show them that I can do something. That I'm not hopeless." Dustin smiled at her determination.

"Well, I'm willing to give you another chance." She smiled at him as he stood. "I don't know if I'm just a chump but…I know you can do some good Marah. You really have it in you." Marah leaped up and hugged Dustin, shocking the ranger slightly before he returned the hug, a little reluctantly.

"Thank you so much, Dustin. I promise that this time you won't regret it. I'm going to show you, and everyone, I can be good."


Hunter brought his thunder staff down on Skull Crack, causing the alien to fall back. The alien stumbled, losing his balance and taking a few steps backwards.

"Well this isn't going too well." Skull Crack muttered before dropping three skulls and disappearing. The skulls all exploded simultaneously, blowing Hunter off his feet and rolling him a few yards. He got back up and looked around.

"Damn." Hunter muttered, trying to see if maybe the alien was just hiding. Just then three streaks flashed around him and the Thunder ranger turned. Standing in front of him now was the three Wind Ninja's; all suited up in their ranger gear and all with their ninja swords out. Hunter rolled his eyes. "Okay, day not getting any better."

"Who are you?" Called the Red one. Hunter raised an eyebrow behind his helmet, confused beyond all understanding of it. This is just too weird, he thought.

"You first." He called back, not wanting to be at too big a disadvantage. Then a thought struck him; Tori had been through this. She had been sent to another dimension by one of Lothor's aliens, one where everything was backwards. And the rangers were the bad guys. But Tori had said that he and Blake had been there too, so surely they would recognise him.

"Listen dude, can't you just like work with us here?" The yellow asked, sounding exactly like Dustin. At least he could work out that their colours hadn't changed.

"Fine, I'm Luke Skywalker, I lost Master Yoda. He's about this high," Hunter made the movement with his hand, signalling to his mid thigh, "he's green, with a stick. Talks funny too." The blue ranger, presumably Tori, shrugged her shoulders and looked at the other two.

"I really don't have the patience for this." Red, or Shane hopefully, told him, holding up his sword in what appeared to be a threatening gesture.

"So what else is new?" Hunter asked back, forgetting that they didn't know him and perhaps too much antagonising might lead to a rather painful and long battle ensuing between himself and the Wind's, which may just be a little unfair considering their three on one advantage.

"You're pushing it." Shane told him. Hunter sighed, deciding that things would be a lot easier if he loosened up.

"Fine, you know what, I'm just wondering how I get home." He demorphed, clearly stunning them and stood with his arms stretched out to his sides hoping it would show them he wasn't planning anything. "I'm not exactly from around here." Dustin was the first to drop his sword to his side, followed by Tori and then Shane, who still had a firm grip on the weapon.

"Well who was your friend?" Shane asked, referring to Skull Crack.

"Not a friend, he just tagged along for the ride." Although it was probably the other way around since Hunter was sent second. There was a noise and Shane looked at his wrist, probably talking into his morpher. One by one they demorphed and Shane just glared at him.

"Follow us." Hunter scratched the back of his head, looking around him before heading off after the other rangers who appeared to be heading in to the forest area. Ninja Ops, Hunter thought.

"I'm Dustin, this is Tori and that's Shane." Hunter nodded, trying not to let the 'well duh' look on his face. "So umm, you go by anything else or will we just call you Luke?" Hunter laughed.

"Hunter." He stated simply, he'd have to wait to see how much he could give away. Maybe once he'd talked to Sensei or even Cam things would be a little bit easier.


Blake sat on the sand at the beach, Tori sitting beside him in silence. Neither had spoken since they arrived there and Blake was fine with that. After telling Kelly that Hunter had come down with some sort of flu, Blake had headed straight for the beach, not really looking for another confrontation with Shane at this point in time.

"Do you wanna talk about it?" Tori asked, breaking the silence. Blake sighed, not sure what it was she wanted him to talk about. Shane and his lack of understanding or Hunter and his lack of presence.

"I…I really don't know." Blake answered, not looking away from the water. It was soothing him, just watching the waves flow in and out, occasionally rising up to wash near their feet.

"Well, how do you feel?"

"Confused, angry and lost." Blake said, knowing that if anyone could help him then it was Tori. She understood him better than the other Winds, probably almost as much as Hunter. "I'm confused but I don't know why. I'm angry at Shane for jumping to conclusions and not trusting Hunter and I feel totally lost without him. He's always been there for me, always. Never missed a single day in my life since we were adopted. And now I don't know if I'll ever see him again." Tori moved, looping her arm around Blake's back and leaning her head on his shoulder.

"Don't worry, we'll get him back." She said, before looking up and making a point at catching his gaze. "And you are not alone. We're all here, I miss Hunter too, but you can trust us." She flashed that smiled that always helped Blake's mood lift, the one where her eyes sparkled and her face just lit up. Blake smiled a little, bringing an arm to wrap around her waist lightly. He had always liked her; he had wanted to ask her out for a while, but not now. Not while Hunter was missing, it would have to wait until his brother was home. Then he could focus on asking Tori out on a date.


Hunter looked around the area of Ninja Ops he'd been left in. Sensei Watanabe was still a guinea pig and Cam wasn't yet the Samurai Ranger. So far what he had seen was the exact same in this Ninja Ops as it was in the one he knew. The door to the room that Cam, Sensei and the three Winds had been in opened, Sensei coming out in his motorised house followed by Cam and the others.

"Sit, please." Hunter looked at the floor and did was Sensei asked him to do, even if this was another dimension or some parallel universe, Sensei was still Sensei. "You hold the power of the Crimson Thunder Ranger and yet there is no word of any other students surviving Lothor's attack on the Ninja Schools. Can you explain this to us?"

"Well, I'm not from this…galaxy." Hunter said, trying very hard not to be rude to the furry animal.

"What do you mean by that?" Cam asked him, standing at the other end of the table Hunter was sitting at.

"Well, where I come from you're a ranger, my brother and I fight with them," he nodded his head towards the three Winds, "and Shane doesn't have a stick up his butt all the time." Hunter said, quickly losing any patience he formerly had. Sighing Hunter looked straight at Cam, hopefully he would be able to figure it out. "Look, before I ended up here, we were in a battle with Skull Crack, the weird skeleton dude. Kapri fired a beam at him and he disappeared, then she fired towards us, Shane and I both fired at her with our blasters and the next thing I know I was on the beach in my normal clothes with no sign of anyone but that damn skeleton." Hunter shot out, standing up showing his obvious frustration.

"Would you be able to describe this blaster to me?" Cam asked, his tone softening slightly and his arms uncrossing from over his chest.

"Give me an hour and I can have it drawn." Hunter said, thankful that he had been that good at drawing, and for once that photographic memory of his came in handy. Cam nodded, leaving the room while muttering something to the Winds. Hunter ran both his hands through his hair, rubbing at his eyes.

"You seem stressed, dude." Dustin said, the yellow wind sat on the end of the table watching Hunter.

"Yeah, just a little." Hunter muttered, his sarcasm getting the better of him. "Not everyday someone gets thrown into some weird backwards reality where everything you think you know isn't actually what you know." Hunter shook his head. "Man, I sound like Blake."

"So what are we like with you?" Tori asked, joining Dustin on the table. Sensei cleared his throat.

"I do not believe that any more of this information should be divulged unless necessary. Rangers, you have training to complete. Hunter, if you would kindly wait for Cam to return." The three Winds mumbled a 'Yes Sensei' before leaving; Hunter received a 'Later dude' from Dustin, a smile from Tori and a not so intimidating glare from Shane.

"I take it my mouth is to be firmly sealed about anything that I know or don't know about things on my end of the mirror?" Hunter said to Sensei. The small animal nodded.

"If this is another reality where you and your brother do not join our forces against Lothor, then the fates may be changed and that is something which is not to be tempted." Hunter nodded, understanding full well what the ninja master was meaning. More than once the rangers had needed to combine their forces to defeat one of Lothor's monsters. What would happen here if Hunter and Blake didn't help?


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