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"Mr. Malfoy, I do believe you know what I do to students who disobey my orders and skiv off in class?" 'Professor' Potter asked imperatively.

Draco couldn't help himself but to shake and shiver with pleasure at such a commanding tone. Although, not quite visible yet, what was going on beneath his robes was nearly given away by the flushed expression on his face. Goddamn that stupid, sexy, ruffled, post-sex looking professor of his! Nonetheless, he shook his head submissively.

Even if he didn't know what the punishment was, he was hardening just thinking about what it could be, even if he had to get on his hands and knees to clean the floor or wipe off the desks. It only meant more time basking in the scent Mr. Potter was giving off. Oh how delicious it was.

"Mr. Malfoy!" Harry admonished, pulling the blonde out of his naughty thoughts. "Pay attention! You never heard what my solution for disobedient students was. As a homosexual, younger teacher who is unfortunately, currently single and has his own sexual frustrations, the willing, male sixth-year or seventh-year students end up with kissing lessons after class from me."

The student's jaw nearly dropped to the floor. He was growing harder and harder by the second just listening to Professor Potter's tone of voice. "Close your jaw, Draco. Or you'll catch flies before I can kiss you and I certainly don't plan on eating insects while trying to teach a student."

Mr. Malfoy shut his mouth almost immediately, only opening it to ask a question. "Sir, what is your purpose for these 'lessons' other than taking your sexual frustration out on willing students?" Draco couldn't have helped but to ask.

"So that the students don't show up have an intention to show up tomorrow. Because, if the student shows up on time all week, they get a lesson after class sometime the next week and it just goes on like that. How well you improve is counted towards extra credit as well. Now, if that is understood, can we proceed?" Draco could only nod.

Harry stood up from his desk, sitting on the couch he'd placed in the classroom and beckoning Draco to sit next to him. He shrugged off his robe first, leaving him clad in all black. Trousers, that is. "I didn't have time to put a shirt on this morning, so hope you'll excuse my lack of clothing."

The blonde nearly tripped on his own feet. In fact he actually did and landed right into his teacher's lap. "A bit forward, aren't you?" Professor Potter taunted sexily. He smirked to go with the tease. A bit of a good idea.

Alas, Draco couldn't control himself anymore and the teacher found himself with a pair of soft lips on top of his. Of course, he had to be the dominating teacher. Mr. Potter took hold of his student's upper body, feeling arms wound around his neck then aggressively demanded entrance into his mouth. Obviously, he was welcome.

To both of their advantages, their tongues intertwined as if involved in a power struggle. Harry won that too. His hands lightly touched Draco's smaller, but strong body. That was enough compensation for both of them as well. Harry got his bit of sexual activity for a while because they didn't just stop after one kiss.

And as for Draco Malfoy, he was never late, nor did he skip another one of Professor Potter's classes ever again.