Marauders Forever
By Bianca Jenkins

Year Three of the Marauders Chronicles

These Characters and Places belong to J. K. Rowling

This is the third book of the Marauders chronicles. If you have not read the first two, I suggest you do that first. They are not long. The titles are: A Year For Learning and Another Year, Another Lesson. I hope this book will be longer.

Thanks to Freakyratlover for reviewing. I am glad you have enjoyed these so far. I am sorry I took so long to update, but I have been busy with school and stuff.

Now, without further ado, I present to you:

Chapter One:

Hello Again

Sirius quickly escaped his family and went off in search of his friends. He couldn't wait to see them again. He hadn't seen them since last school year. Where were they? They had to be here somewhere. Then he saw James with his family. He ran over to join him.

"Hey, James!" he yelled. James turned and smiled.

"HI!" he said enthusiastically. "My friend's here, mum, we Gotta go."

"Okay, dear." She said. "But remember what I said about staying out of trouble. And I really want you to be careful around that Lupin boy. I don't think it's a good idea to-"

He cut her off. "There's Peter, Siri. Let's go. Bye mum." He ran off, and Sirius followed.

They soon found Peter.

"Hi." Said Peter. "You guys can meet my parents." he turned to his parents. "Mum, Dad, this is James, and this is Sirius."

"Pleased to meet you." Said Mr. Pettigrew.

"Honored, sir." Said Sirius. The introductions were quickly completed.

"Where's Moo-Remus?" asked Peter, remembering just in time that his parents were still there.

"Dunno." Said James, looking around. "I reckon he's here somewhere."

"I don't see him." Said Sirius. "Let's wait for him on the train."

"Okay." Said James.

"Okay." Said Peter. The four boarded the train and found an empty compartment. Soon they were playing Exploding Snap and planning pranks. After a few minutes, the door opened and in came Moony. He sat down on a seat, leaned back, and sighed. He looked exhausted. He had dark circles under his eyes, and he was paler and thinner than usual.

"Hi." Said James.

"Hi." Echoed Peter.

"Hi." Agreed Sirius.

"Hello." Replied Moony hoarsely. "How are we doing today? Ready for a new year?"

"You betcha." Said James. "We've already got some pranks planned. How are you?"

"Fine. Not much worse than usual." He answered.

"Oh." Said Sirius. That wasn't saying much.

"Look," said Moony, "do you guys mind if I sleep on the trip up to Hogwarts? I am exhausted."

"No problem." Said James. "We don't mind at all. Do we, guys?"

"Nope." Said Peter.

"Not at all." Said Sirius.

"Thanks." Said Moony. Within a few minutes, he was fast asleep.

"Wow." Said Sirius. "I wonder what his summer's been like. Must have been rough."

"Yeah." Agreed James. The other three were silent for a few minutes, then James spoke again.

"Hey, I've been thinking."

"Did it hurt?" asked Sirius.

"No." James said. "Now hush. I've been thinking. Moony has a nickname, right?"

"Yeah." Said Peter, not knowing where this was leading.

"So?" said Sirius.

"So we don't." said James.

"And?" asked Sirius.

"We should come up with some."

"Okay." Said Peter.

"Just shorten ours, really." Said James.

"Like what?" asked Sirius.

"Like I could be Jay, Peter could be Pete, and you could be Siri."

"Cool." Said Peter.

"I guess so." Agreed Sirius.

"Then it's settled." Said James happily. Peter and Sirius just shook their heads. Sometimes it didn't take much to please James, and if this would make their friend happy, that was fine.

As the train reached its destination, Remus woke up. The marauders quickly changed into their school robes and left the train. As they rode the carriages to the school, James told Remus of the marauders new nicknames. Remus just shook his head. James was a bit odd. But then, weren't they all?

They entered the Great Hall and sat down. The sorting went by slowly, with constant comments from Sirius. He said something about every student as they were sorted.

"She's nerdy. He's funny looking. Her nose is huge. What did he do to his hair? He's a geek, no offense, Moony."

"None taken."

"She's too tall. He's shorter than Jay was. That guy looks like a walking pork chop. Who is that? She is gorgeous. Ugh, what is that? A tub of lard with legs? Gross." After many comments of that type, the sorting was over. Dumbledore stood up, and every eye turned to him.

"Now, if I could have your attention for just a few moments, we will soon be ready to eat. First, I have a few reminders. The Forbidden Forest is, obviously, forbidden. The Whomping Willow, of course, will whomp you if you get to close. These areas are to be avoided, for your own good. First years are not allowed to have their own brooms. Curfew is now 10:00 p.m. Students are not to be out of the common room any later. Lastly, we have a new Muggle Studies teacher. I would like you all to welcome Professor Jenkins." At this a young witch with brown hair and glasses stood up. Polite applause filled the hall. She sat down, and Dumbledore continued. "Now, as we are all no doubt hungry, let us eat." Food filled the platters, and everyone began eating.

"Hey, Jay." Said Sirius.

"Yeah?" came the reply.

"I bet I can eat more than you."

"You're on." Soon the two were seeing who could eat the most. When both were stuffed, they leaned back in their chairs and sighed.

"I think Moony beat you both." Said Peter. "He's still eating." Both of the overstuffed students groaned.

"Hey," said Sirius again, "Does anyone know who that girl was?"

"The one you described as gorgeous or the one you said had a huge nose?" asked Remus.

"The gorgeous one, duh."


"Do you know?"

"Yes." James and Peter just grinned at each other. Moony could sometimes be just as impish as the rest of the marauders.

"Who is she?"


"The girl."

"What girl?"

"You know what girl."

"I do?" By this time James and Peter were holding back laughter. Moony was in a malicious mood tonight.





"Just tell me!" said Sirius, growing impatient.

"Okay. Obviously she is a first year. Her name is Amanda Westfall, but she prefers to be called Mandy. She is a muggle born. She is a Ravenclaw. She is very shy. Are you happy now?"

"Yes. How did you know all that?"

"I am psychic."

"Are not."

"I am. I knew you were not going to believe me. I knew you were going to say that."

"Sure you are. Sure you did."

Soon the feast was over, and all went to bed. The marauders were too tired to stay up late, and if they had tried, Frank probably would have killed them. So the marauders managed to not get in trouble on their first night back from the holidays.