Buffy meets a boy from the wrong side of the tracks and ends up pregnant. She is sent to sunnydale where she keeps the fact that the baby is hers a secret. In sunnydale she meets Spike who comes to love the child without knowing that the baby is Buffy's. What will happen when the baby's father shows up. Disclaimer: I own nothing. All characters belong to Joss Whedon and ME. Although if they want to give me James Marsters I won't complain.

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Child of Mine?

Chapter 1 - My life begins with or without you.

The club was buzzing with excitement as the young blonde walked
through the door. She was very pretty, her hair flowed down past her
shoulders in blonde waves, and her green eyes sparkled like emeralds.
She wore a pair of black leather trousers and a midnight blue halter-
top. She looked fantastic as always. All around her people were
dancing to the loud music. The band was one of her favourites. This
was one of LA's loudest and most popular nightclubs. She looked
around, but didn't see anyone that she knew or she wanted to know for that fact. She decided to sit down at a table waiting for her friends
or waiting to see if someone offered to dance. She had just ordered
her drink not old enough to buy alcohol she ordered a diet coke. The
music changed and her favourite song started playing, not waiting for
a dance offer she got up to dance, not caring if she was on her own
or not. She started to sway her body to the beat of music and was
soon caught up in the middle of a group of people having a great
time. Near the end of the song, she heard someone call out to her
"Hey B, what are you doin' here? I don't think daddy dearest will be
happy if he finds out where you are," The new arrival said.
Buffy smiled.
"Hey Faith" Buffy replied, "well you know me. They say father knows
best but I never was one to do listen to my father. "
"Yeah, you got the whole rebel thing goin' on don't you"
Faith said walking up to the blonde.

Buffy Summers is 17 years old and everything she does is the complete opposite of what her father would want her to do. As one of the most prominent lawyers at the biggest law firm in Los Angeles, Hank Summers expected his only daughter to be friends with the other rich kids and always do what made him look good. After all, he had his reputation to uphold. It was simply because of this fact that Buffy never did these things. Instead, she was friends with all the people her father deemed inappropriate, and went to clubs and did anything else that she knew her father would hate. Going against the grain made her life feel more exciting then listening to daddy's rules. Buffy and Faith sat back down. Buffy's drink arrived, and the girls started talking.
"So B, does your father even know that you're out tonight?"
"Of Course" Buffy replied, "He just doesn't know the real location.
He thinks I'm at a sleepover at Cordy's, as if," She laughed. "Like I
would spend one moment with that bimbo."
"I honestly don't know how you get away with these things B." The
brunette smiled
"Well my dad knows I never do what he says, but I guess he's just
stupid about some things. I think he just pretends not to care anymore, it's starting to turn his hair gray."
"You can say that again, I mean-"
Faith was interrupted by a male voice.
"Hello ladies"
Both girls looked up into deep brown eyes and replied in unison
"So" the stranger said, "I was wondering if I could have a dance with
you." This request was directed at Buffy yet it was more demanding
than questioning. She flashed him a smile and promptly answered,
"Well, that depends because you haven't even told me your name yet."
She was trying to play hard to get.
"Ok" he smiled at her "In that case its Angel. My name is Angel."
"Well Angel, my name's Buffy and I would love to dance with you" Shesmiled and stood up.And with that, he led her onto the dance floor, and a ballad startedto play. He pulled her close as they swayed together to the melody. Buffy could not stop thinking about how handsome Angel was. He had dark hair and beautiful brown eyes, any girl would love her guy to have Angel's looks and she had decided that she was going to make him hers.

The three young teens spent the rest of the night talking and getting
to know one another. Buffy learnt that Angel was 19 years old and
didn't go to college. He went from job to job, currently working as
an apprentice mechanic in the bad part of LA. He was definitely the
kind of guy she couldn't bring home to daddy. This only helped her
make the decision that she was going to have him, but that wasn't too
important. She was falling for him. Falling for his looks and that

At the end of the night, he walked the two girls to Faith's car.
Since Buffy had decided to spend the night at her friend's house, she
had to stay somewhere. When they arrived at the car, he gave her a
kiss on the cheek and handed her a piece of paper, which she noticed
contained his phone number. He started to walk away then looked over his shoulder. "Call me."
As he continued to walk away, she mumbled to herself.

"You can count on it."
She didn't realize that this was the start of something big,
something that would change her life. For the better or for the worse.