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Chapter 19: Epilogue

3 years later

Spike sat in the audience with Giles, Willow, Xander and Anthony. Each and every one of them wore a smile and infinitely proud look on their face. They listened as her name was called

"Buffy Summers"

Spike watched more proud than any of the others as she walked across the stage. She was finally graduating. She looked radiant as she crossed the stage. Be cause of her pregnancy she had missed much of her sophmore year, so she had started her studies from there. She had returned to school for her senior year, and therefore had attended her second senior prom This time she was crowned queen. She had passed all of her classes determined to get into college and follow her dream. She was almost twenty years old.

Spike was going into his final year of college in the fall, his 22nd birthday was soon and he didn't think there was anything else that could happen to make him happier. In the past three years he had found everything he ever wanted. He had a family, that was all he needed.

Buffy beamed as she left the stage. She was proud that she had found the courage to go back to school, she wouldn't have missed the experience for the world. She had been juggling her life for two and a half years to get to where she was, she had made it because of the support of her friends and most importantly Spike. Since that day three years ago life with him had gone from strength to strength, he made her happy, she loved him more every day, with the birth of their own child life had been officially announced perfect. But Spike never made differences between the two. If one got a new toy so did the other, he kissed them both at night as he tucked them in. His love for them both was unconditional.

She smiled as she walked down the school steps walking towards the love of her life. He scooped her up in his arms as soon as she was within reach and spun her around, kissing her as he lowered her to the ground.

"I am so proud of you baby" he said to her with a wide smile

"Thank you" she replied

"But you have to wait until later for your graduation present" he murmured that part seductively in her ear. As he smiled wolfishly at her. She let out a small giggle.

They looked at the people around them all trying to give them a moment alone. Giles was talking to Jenny and Joyce. Joyce Summers had realised she was wrong In her treatment of Buffy and had come to Sunnydale within days of her husband's death, even having him buried there. She had been trying ever since to make things up to her daughter and getting to know her grandchildren. She adored Spike and she was glad that everything that happened, happened.

Xander and Willow who had announced their own relationship 3 months ago were standing together watching the two children run around giggling. Oz had been gone for about a year, things hadn't worked out with Willow and so he had transferred to a British university for a change of scene. Life was good.

Buffy and Spike listened to the sounds of their children's giggles, a sound neither one ever tires of. Spike turns towards them and calls

"Anthony, Abigail come over here" The giggling children run toward them and Buffy scoops their daughter up while Spike does the same with Anthony. Anthony is now almost five years old and first grade in the fall. Abigail is two and looks exactly like her father, both have those blue eyes that would melt any heart and means both always get their own way. Spike had never been so happy as the day he had held his daughter in his arms for the first time, he had cried as he watched her being born, it was the most amazing thing he ever saw. He remembered Buffy's words as the named her

"How about Abigail" she asked looking at him "it means-"

"Father's joy" he cut her off, he leaned down and placed a soft kiss on her lips before whispering "it's perfect" And they had their daughter.

Buffy saw the far away look in his eyes and knew what he was thinking about. She had never seen a bigger smile. She looked down at her left hand, looking lovingly at the platinum band on her finger. Spike had proposed to her the night she had chosen him and she didn't hesitate to accept. She knew she wanted to spend the rest of her life with him. He had surprised her with the wedding though. For months he had her making decisions about what she wanted including the dress and had Willow relate everything back to him and he arranged it all. On the day of her eighteenth birthday he had Willow lure her away

"Buffy had no idea what Willow was doing, she had inquired about it many times but never received an answer. She wandered for thirty minutes until they were in the middle of nowhere, she continued to follow Willow until they came to a clearing, there she saw an old church with Spike standing outside, She was still unsure of what was being planned but she would give him a chance.

"What's going on?" she asked curiously He smirked at her before answering

"What does it look like?"

"It looks like you're taking me to church" she told him He chuckled

"Do you remember when we started making wedding plans you said I could pick the location? Well I pick here. This place is hardly ever used now but I managed to get permission to use it. This place is like a sanctuary, I used to love to come here and think and be on my own. I always dreamed of getting married here"

"Well then I guess we're getting married here" she smiled

"I'm glad you said that sweetheart" he then dropped to one knee and took her hand in his. Buffy was astonished to say the least

"Buffy, I love you more than anything in the world. This past year and a half has been the happiest time of my life, we are a family and I want you to be my wife, I want you to be my wife today"

"We don't have anything yet Spike" she said

"Well you see, that's where you're wrong. Red's a sneaky little thing, we've been planning this for months so when you picked something out she told me and we arranged it. Don't be mad I just wanted to give you a good birthday, I want to marry you. And don't worry I don't know what your dress is like, dad just gave her the money to pay for everything" he assured her

"So, I ask you again. Will you marry me today Buffy Summers?"

"Of course I will" she exclaimed through the teas that were falling from her eyes. He kissed her and made a whoop of joy before ushering her inside to get ready.

Two hours later Spike and his best man Xander were standing at the alter. His palms were sweating and he was extremely nervous. But then he heard the music start and watched as Willow as Buffy's maid of honour walked down the aisle. His breath caught when he saw Buffy on Giles arm make her way toward him. Her dress was a simple two piece. The top was a corset style encrusted with diamantes at the waist and a simple full, ball gown style skirt which skimmed the floor. On her head was simple diamante tiara. To Spike she was stunning, the picture of pure beauty.

They made their way to the vows and minister informed everyone that Spike had written his own, with a shaky voice he started

"Buffy, since I've known you my life has been wonderful. You turned my life around. You've shown me what it's truly like to be loved by some one other than family. But now that's what we are. We are our own family, and everyday I love you more for giving me that. Buffy, I love you with all my heart, you are more than just my girlfriend or my lover, you are both of those things, but you are also my soulmate and my best friend. So the vow I make to you is to continue to love you, to be there for you and take care of you. I promise to make you proud, because everyday you make me want to be a better person. But the vow I give you now, the most important, I vow to be yours forever" he finished as he felt tears begin to fall from his eyes. Buffy had been crying form the second word. The vicar turned and asked Buffy to recite her vows

"Well I didn't know about this so I'm a little unprepared. I'll give it a go anyway" A giggle sounded through the church at that

"William, Spike, when I met you I was facing the worst time of my life. I felt like my world was falling apart around me, but even without knowing the whole truth about me, you gave me the courage to not give up. You stood by me, defended me when no one else would. You refused to give up on what we had. But you were also prepared to give me up to make me happy, but I could never be happy without you in my life. I thought I had been in love before, but I realise now that I didn't know what love was until I met you. I vow to you that I will do everything in my power to make you happy. I promise to be there for you through anything that happens. I know that life won't be easy, there will be obstacles in our way, but I vow that we will face them together and overcome them. I vow that I will love you for the rest of my life. I vow to be yours forever" she repeated his words at the end simply because it was the truth.

They exchanged rings and then came some of the greatest words they ever heard

"I now pronounce you husband and wife. You may kiss the bride" And Spike did just that, he kissed her with all the love he felt inside. They were forever.

Buffy was torn out of her thoughts by the sound of her friends congratulating her.

"Thanks guys" she beamed

"So Buff, you want to grab your graduation meal. We all had it." Xander said excitedly She looked at Spike who touché something in his pocket as he nodded to her

"That sounds great. But there's something I have to do first" she told them.

Half an hour later Buffy stood in front of his grave. She looked at the head stone, where it was declared

'Hank Summers. Beloved husband, father and grandfather'

Buffy couldn't help but smile at how much of a lie that was but she had to do this

"Hi dad" she started "I really don't know why I'm calling you that, but I just want to thank you. You helped me realise what a father really is. Because of you my life is perfect, my son has a real dad and a baby sister and I have a family. The kind of family you never gave me. I just wanted to say goodbye, because you were still my father" she concluded. Spike walked up behind her and put a calming hand on her shoulder and placed a kiss on the top of her head. She looked at him before walking away and joining the others.

Spike stood before Hank's grave, fingering the paper in his hand that they had gotten without a problem after they had let Ripper out to play. That had happened sixth months after Hank died. Spike remembered his words that one time he met him 'he'll never be yours'. Spike smiled and looked at the papers, he looked where it said Certificate of adoption. Anthony was now Anthony Giles, and legally Spike's son. Spike placed the photocopy in an envelope and laying it on the grave, he said

"You were wrong Hank. I didn't really need these papers to tell me this, but you were wrong. He is my son" Spike turned and went to his wife. He took her hand and lifted his daughter into his arms while Anthony held onto his mother's arms. Together the family and their group of friends exited the cemetery, looking forward to the future.

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