Band of Brothers: LOTR Style

Cheryl W.

Disclaimer: Disclaimer: I don't own The Lord of the Rings or anything in conjunction with The Lord of the Rings. I also do not own Band of Brothers or anything in conjunction with Band of Brothers. Nor am I making a profit from this story. No copyright infringement is intended.

Author's Notes: If you do not like AU, then this story is not for you. This is a total AU in which I put some of the characters of LOTR into the setting of World War II as depicted in the mini series Band of Brothers. In this realm there are no elves or hobbits but only men of flesh and blood. The characters are soldiers in an American paratrooper company called Fellowship Company (corny, I know but I couldn't resist). I will be posting a chapter a day and will conclude this tale on Monday (Memorial Day). I mean absolutely no disrespect to any veterans. They are all heroes in my eyes and I owe them my life and my freedoms.


Captain Aragorn Thorongil

1st Lieutenant Boromir Stewart

2nd Lieutenant Legolas Mirkwood

1st Sergeant Gimli Durin

2nd Sergeant Peregrin "Pippin" Took

2nd Sergeant Meriadoc "Merry" Brandybuck

2nd Sergeant Frodo Baggins

2nd Sergeant Sam Gamgee

Captain Denethor Gondor


January 1945, On the outskirts of Foy, Belgium


Chapter 1

Fifty miles back from the front line was like crossing into another an episode of the Twilight Zone. The improvised aid station where 2nd lieutenant Legolas Mirkwood found himself was by no means quiet but it held a silence that the front line didn't. A silence that did not whisper of danger...of doom. It seemed a haven...a place where he could feel safe..even if for only a little while. But that feeling did not come without it's cost, mainly guilt. He was safe but he knew the other men in Fellowship Company were far from safe, they were fighting off death every second. And he was not there to share in that danger...or to protect those he loved like brothers.

He was young for an officer and he had feared that he would be unable to earn the respect of the men under his command, men that were older and more experienced than he. And maybe it would have been that way...except for Captain Aragorn Thorongil. The captain, instead of resenting getting sent a green officer, offered Legolas his steadfast friendship and guidance. Realizing that Legolas had garnered their Captain's approval, the men under Legolas's command readily accepted the young 2nd lieutenant's leadership.

Legolas owed Aragorn his life...and not just for his endorsement and friendship. No, the captain had risked his own life to save Legolas after a skirmish had left the lieutenant wounded in open ground. It was that wound that had sent him to this little holiday in the hospital. But now his wound had been tended to and he was anxious to return to the ranks, to his men, to his captain's side. He had a debt to repay after all.

The doctors, however, had another opinion. Namely that he remain in the hospital for another three days. With sharp disregard for those opinions that ran contrary to his own, the lieutenant was packing his bag and rechecking his weapons in preparation to return to the fighting. He looked up as a new batch of wounded arrived, thinking that at least he could offer them his bed.

He didn't recognize the company but that was nothing new. More and more troops flooded into the area each day. But the company's sergeant's words caught his attention as the officer informed a nurse, "There will be about twenty more wounded here in about an hour."

The nurse frowned, "Twenty more? But we hardly have supplies to treat these new wounded. Maybe we could send them to another aid station?"

"No ma'am, this is the closest station to Foy."

The nurse nodded in agreement and walked to the nearest new patient.

"Foy?" Legolas questioned the sergeant, his tone sharp with dread, as he approached, "These injured are from the assault on Foy?"

The other man turned to look at the young lieutenant that questioned him, "Assault?!?" he retorted. "We can't even keep our line in the sand. Last night, we lost a whole company to shelling 'cause it ignited a forest fire. The two closest companies only survived at all because they retreated back two miles."

Suddenly Legolas couldn't breath, couldn't think of anything but the other man's words 'lost a whole company'. Fellowship Company was holding the line on the advance to Foy...the front line. "What company?" he croaked.

"What companies pulled back?" the other man questioned

"No, the lost company, which company was it?" Legolas demanded, swallowing down his growing fear.

"Fellowship Company," the sergeant informed him like he was giving baseball stats, never noticing that his companion had gone bone white with his words. "The company nearest them said the whole area went up like wildfire, sweeping across fox holes and jumping tree to tree and burning away the snow like vapor."

Before the man could utter his full description, Legolas had pushed by him and ran for the outside doors. Stepping outside, he saw a jeep parked across the street. Immediately he ran over to it's driver. "I need to get to the front line on Foy," his desperation unmasked.

The driver smiled, "Just your luck, I'm heading back to hell myself. Jump in."

Without further prompting, Legolas got into the passenger seat an instant before the jeep jerked into motion. He said nothing to the driver as they tore down the bomb rutted road, his own thoughts screaming in his head. He had not been there when his men, his friends, his brothers had needed him. The rational part of him knew that he could not have swayed the fate that had befallen Fellowship Company but his heart wished he had at least shared in it.


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