Malfoy Bash-a-Thon

Kitty: Welcome, all, to the first annual Malfoy Bash-a-Thon!

Seto: It's not "annual," Kitty. "Annual" is for yearly stuff.

Lina: (sticks her tongue out) IT SOUNDS COOL, SO SHUT UP!

Kitty: (grins at the audience) Now…we shall be calling up our dear reviewers to torment the Amazing Bouncing Ferret known as Draco Malfoy. (points at the wizard on her chandelier)

Malfoy: (struggles)

Yugi: (picks up a box) The choosing will be 100 percent random, as we will pick the order the torture will go in by picking names out of this box. Kitty, will you do the honors?

Kitty: (puts her hand in the box)


Kitty: (picks a name) CLAIRE, A.K.A. SGCRED! (puts on show host voice) COME ON DDOOOOOOWWWWWWWWNNNNN!

(Claire gets up on the stage to applause and cheers)

Kitty: (gives her friend a hug) Hi, Claire! Glad you came!

Claire: (grins) Wouldn't dream of missing it! Now…to tormenting Malfoy…

Malfoy: (wide-eyed) EEP!

Claire: (closes her eyes and concentrates) With my almighty semi-authoress powers…I chain Malfoy up…

Malfoy: (gets chained up)

Claire: …and hook him up to a crane…

Malfoy: (gets hooked up to a crane)

Claire: …right over Fluffy's waiting jaws.

(Fluffy appears under Malfoy)


Fluffy: (growl) (snarl) (bark) (ATTACKS)

(…two minutes later…)

Kitty: Okay, Fluffy, time for your nap. (plays Dare's magic flute)

Fluffy: (asleep) ZZZZZZZZZZ…

Malfoy: (school uniform torn to shreds) Ugghh… (looks sick)


Yugi: Who's next, dear Kitty?

Kitty: (draws the name) MEANAE THE THORN!


Seto and Marik: (whistle)

(Meanae the Thorn jumps up onto the stage)

Kitty: (grins) Hey, girl. Did you bring Trigun?

Meanae the Thorn: Did I bring Trigun? OF COURSE I DID! (grins as she holds her flamethrower up)

Malfoy: (struggles) EEP!

Meanae the Thorn: But before Trigun has fun with him…say hello to my pet wolf!

Wolf: (appears next to Meanae the Thorn)

Kitty: AWWWW!!!! (pets the wolf)

Wolf: (licks her hand, and then growls at Malfoy)

Malfoy: EEP! Nice doggy! Nice doggy…!

Wolf: Grr… (bites him in the butt)


Kitty and Yugi: (laughing)

Meanae the Thorn: (tries not to laugh) Wolf! You don't have your rabies shots yet, come back here!

Wolf: (goes over to his mistress)

Kitty: (finally stops laughing) Besides the wolf, anything else?

Meanae the Thorn: (grins evilly at Malfoy) Do you have any hair die?

Kitty: Of course we do! How else do you think we were able to die Seto's hair green and Serenity's hair purple for the first Japanese episodes?


Seth: Forget it, Hikari. The moment has passed.

Seto: Oh, shut up!

Kitty: (rolls her eyes) Here. (hands hair dye to Meanae)

Meanae the Thorn: (sprays the hair dye all on Malfoy)

Malfoy: (hair turns out a bright pink)

Yugi, Atem and Lina: (roaring with laughter)

Kitty: (wipes a tear of laughter from her eye) Ah….that was fun. Who's next?

Bakura: (tries to pick his name from the box) OW! (pulls his hand out and a little crab has his pincers locked on his finger) GEROFF! (tries to shake the crab off, but with no success)

Kitty: (not paying attention to Bakura's whining and picks the name) RAINBOW GUARDIAN ANGEL!!!!

(Applause, Atem & Yugi whistle)

Kitty: (gives Rainbow Guardian Angel a hug) Where's Mizumi?

Mizumi: (falls through the ceiling) PRESENT! (grins)

Lina: (sweatdrop) Did you have to break through the roof?

Mizumi: (strokes her flamethrower) Baby and I were having fun with Quirrel.

Lina: Oh, okay. (grins evilly as she takes out her own) Shall we?

Mizumi: We shall.

(the two Yamis run after Quirrel)

Kitty: So…whatcha plan, girl?

Rainbow Guardian Angel: (holds up her mallet) I brought my Mighty Yu-Gi-Oh mallet!

Kitty: YESSS, NOW WE CAN PLAY… (takes out her Whack-a-Mole mallet) WHACK-A-FERRET!

Malfoy: NO, NO! NOT-

Kitty and Rainbow Guardian Angel: (start smacking him at once)

Malfoy: …that… (falls unconscious)

Kitty: Yay! That was fun!

Mizumi & Lina: (chase after Quirrel through the room and only start to burn Malfoy)

Malfoy: (jerks awake) YOW!

Kitty: And now…the moment you've all been waiting for…THE FINAL REVIEW! (picks) ANAYAS-CREATER!!!!


ANAYAS-CREATER: (hauling along a big container of spoiled fruit) Can one of you help me with this?

Kara: (comes to help)

Yugi: (smiles evilly) Let me guess…the "Food-Fight-With-Only-One-Person-Being-Hit" game?

ANAYAS-CREATER: Yep! (starts throwing fruit)

The Whole Yu-Gi-Oh Cast and Reviewers: (start throwing stuff at Malfoy too)

Kitty: (ducking under some of the food) STAY TUNED FOR THE SEQUEL! UNTIL THEN, SAYONARA!