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Chapter 1

It all started when Seto was designing another Virtual World game. Ever since Noah's virtual world disaster, he was inspired to create another one. Hopefully, this one won't get hacked into. And at long last, he had finished.

"At last. My creation will be born!! But I need someone to test it...and I know the perfect group of people."

2 hours later

"This is my latest Virtual World game," said Seto to everyone.

He called Yugi, Tea, Tristan, Duke, Serenity, and Joey. Ever since Battle City, he was slightly nicer to them...except for Joey, of course. Everyone had shown up according to plan, but Joey decided to come along too.

"Stop babbling and let's go in!" said Joey impatiently.

"Patience, Wheeler. I didn't invite pitiful dogs to my lab. If you haven't noticed, the sign outside says 'No Dogs Allowed.' And that means you!" He smirked. "So maybe you should leave."

Everyone forced straight faces, but it was impossible. It was too funny. They burst out laughing.

"Hey!" Joey said betrayed. "I thought you were on my side!!!"

"Sorry, Joey." Sniggered Tea.

"It was just too funny!" said Tristan.

"Yeah, yeah, big deal." Said Joey.


They turned around. Seto was trying to get their attention back.

"Now, as I was saying...this is my latest virtual world game. I decided that you guys were the best to test it out since you survived Noah's game." Seto said. "Now," he said walking to the controls. "Time to go back to the virtual world!!" He pulled the controls. "Now...all systems go!!" shouted Seto. "Get inside pods before it's too late!"

Everyone rushed to get a pod. They sat inside and closed their eyes. The next thing they knew, they were being transported to the virtual world.

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