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Chapter 6


.........3 minutes later...........

They had finally reached the village. It was completely destroyed. Suddenly they saw a huge Blast Lizard. (A/n if you don't remember, Duke used it in DDMonsters.) The Blast Lizard was carrying a girl.

"Put me down this instant, you overgrown crocodile! HELP!!" she screamed. "HEY, KAHZU, STEVEN! HELP ME!"

"Hey," said Steven. "I need a duel monster to help her and beat the lizard. Preferably, something strong and that can fly."

"Here," said Joey. "Use red-eyes." He said summoning it.

The monster roared and nudged Joey. Joey petted it.

"Not this time old buddy. You go with Steven." He said. Then he looked around and leaned to its ear. "And there's a damsel in distress!"

The dragon roared in approval and let down his tail for Steven to climb on. Steven climbed on and shouted directions. The dragon obeyed and took off after the monster. Once they were behind Blast Lizard, Red-eyes launched an attack and the dragon was destroyed. But what about the girl? When the lizard was destroyed, she fell through the air.


Steven jumped off red-eyes and dove after the girl. Once she was safely in his arms, he realized that they weren't standing on anything. Steven whistled for the dragon and it came and scooped them onto its back. As they were landing,

"Nice fall, Sakura," said Steven who had his arms around her.

"Grr!" she said playfully punching him in the arm.

Red-eyes touched down to the ground. The dragon waited for Sakura and Steven to get off and then returned back to the card.

Sakura looked around at the rest of them.

"Hey Kahzu, how are you?"

"I'm fine, and you?"

"I'm good."

Then she looked around at them again and spotted Rika. She smirked and walked to her.

"Well, well, well," she said. "If it isn't the squirt."

"Sakura..." grumbled Rika angrily.

"ANYWAY" said Yugi noticing the tension. "Who's this Toshiro guy you were talking about?"

"Oh yes," said Steven. "Well, it kinda a long story."

They all sat down.

"Make it short, I like short," said Seto.

"Well," said Steven. "Toshiro is my uncle, and Kahzu and Rika's father."

"WHAT?!" they shouted.

"Yes," said Steven solemnly. "You see, we were all at the training school and he was the principal. He always checked the virtual things shipped in from Kaiba Corp..."

"You gave them your toys?" asked Joey.

"WHEELER!!" shouted Seto angrily.

"ANYWAY," said Yugi. "Continue,"

"So one day, he was checking a new order for virtual teleporters, and he saw this new model. The problem was, that it wasn't from Kaiba Corp. So he must have gotten curious and played the game. He played it and was sucked inside...something that was not supposed to happen. The teleportation was successful in transporting him there, but something made him forget his family and friends. When he got here, a group of evil people intent on destroying the world brainwashed him again incase his memory came back. They forced him to destroy us from the virtual world by doing something that affected the ones we used at school. So the reason why we're here is to defeat Toshiro and set his mind free."

Everybody was silent. Then,

"We will help you bring him back to his senses." Said Ryou.

"That's right." Said Yugi. "We'll do anything in our power to help."

"I was hoping you'd say that," said Kahzu.

Everyone stood there blankly for a minute.

"Er..." said Tea. "Do we have the slightest idea as to WHERE we're gonna find Toshiro?"

"Er..." Steven and Kahzu said sweat dropping. "We don't know."

The rest of them sweat dropped.

"I think that the best thing to do is to wait it out and let him find us." Said Sakura.

"Good idea," they agreed.

"Um..." said Rika. "Question. How do get home if he find him?"

"Um..." said Steven and Kahzu sweat dropping nervously. "We don't know that either."

(Anime fall) "WHAT?!"

"Our teacher didn't have time to tell us," explained Steven.

"We were in a rush." Said Kahzu. "She shoved us in there and said good luck. That's all!" he added frowning at the thought.

"Whoa, whoa, whoa!" said Joey. "Your martial arts teacher is...a girl?"


"You have GOT to introduce me!" said Joey.


"Oh, I bet she's gorgeous!" said Joey giggling.

"But she's um...79 years old." Said Steven laughing.

"S...s...SEVENTY-NINE?!" they all shouted.

"Aw!" said Joey "There goes my beautiful thought of the beach...aw, Steven, why did you have to burst my bubble?"

"cuz I don't like bubbles."

Suddenly, the sky turned dark and the wind started blowing hard.

"Where did this storm come from?" asked Serenity.

The sky parted and a beam of light shot down right in front of them. It suddenly got really bright so they had to look away, but when they looked back, the light faded and in front of them stood a menacing looking man.

"Toshiro!" gasped Steven and Sakura.

"Dad..." said Kahzu and Rika sadly.


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