The Darkest Past

By: Animefan1717

Hey, pplz! Welcome to "The Darkest Past!" it's my third fic! I'm so happy. You might be mad at me for making this story when two others aren't finished. Bwuhahahaha! Too bad! Anyway, Here's a quick summary: It's 2 years after Battle City. Everything has calmed down. Marik and the rare hunters have gone, and the world is safe...for now. Malik comes to warn them about a new danger that could destroy the world! Will Yugi and his friends be able to stop this evil from terrorizing the world? And will Yugi and Yami finally separate? How cool! Anyway, this fic starts out all light and then...(dun, dun, dun!) gets DARK. Cool. Time for the disclaimer...I do not own YuGiOh. Now that I have that off my chest, it will make writing this much easier! Ok, R&R!!!!!!

Chapter 1

"Noo!" shouted Joey. He had lost everything. He tried to save it, but...he failed he let the whole city of Domino down.

"Joey!" shouted Yugi. "Joey, snap out of it! It's just a game!"

"Yeah, but it seems so real! I mean it even named the city I had to save Domino. That's pretty amazing."

"Yeah," said Yugi. "Our town is so small and unimportant that you would never think someone would name a game after it."

"Yup." Joey said getting up from the seat. "I wonder who designed it."

"Probably Seto Kaiba."

"NO WAY!!! You mean that I've been payin' up my quarters to help pay Kaiba's lazy butt?!! I don't think so!!!! I want a refund!!!!!!" he shouted outraged. He kicked the game. That only led to a sore toe.

"Joey!" Yugi said sweat dropping. "There are other games not designed by KaibaCorp, you know."

"Nah, I've had enough games and sore toes for one day. Let's go." Joey and Yugi walked out of the arcade. Suddenly, they heard a familiar voice.

"Hey!!" yelled Tea from the other side of the street. "Hey you guys! Wait for me!!"

They waited for Tea to cross the street.

"Hey, Tea." Said Yugi.

"How ya doin'? Asked Joey.

"I'm fine guys! Listen, I'm on my way to Domino museum to see the Middle Ages exhibit for my History class, wanna come?"

"Uh..." said Joey. "I'm not a fan of museums."

"Come on Joey," said Yugi. "I'll show you the Egyptian exhibit, and you might be able to see Ishizu there too!"

"Okay," said Joey.

They walked to the Domino museum, which was about six blocks away. After about two blocks, Joey was already complaining that he was tired.

"Joey," sighed Tea. "You're impossible. How do you walk to school everyday?"

"I dunno," moaned Joey dragging his feet. "That isn't as far as ten blocks!"

"Joey, from where you live," Yugi said, "the school is 13 blocks."


They walked the rest of the way in silence. Suddenly, they heard sirens speeding on the road behind them.

"Something big must have happened." Said Joey.

"Obviously," said Tea rolling her eyes.

After about ten minutes, they finally reached the museum. They were surprised to find six police cars parked in front. There was always heavy security at the museum, but this was way too many. Something must have happened.

"Guys," said Tea. "What happened?"

Then, as if an answer to her question, the south wing of the museum exploded. Then, someone pushed them all down and out of the way. They stared up at the flying rubble. Thank goodness someone helped them.

"Hey!" said Joey. "It's Malik! Hey buddy!"

"Did you save us?" asked Tea.

"Yes, but that's not why I'm here. Come with me...I have something important to tell you."

How did you like that first chapter? I know it may have been confusing, but what can I say? It's the first chapter! So I hope you like it and I want you to R&R! Maybe if enough ppl R&R, then I'll update as soon as next weekend. Good. Meanwhile, if you haven't read any of my other stories: The New Mission, and The Sapphire Journey. R&R those too! Ya! Be nice...which means NO FLAMES!!!! : P Ok, until next time, R&R!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!