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Chapter 6

"Put an end to us?" Amaya asked.

"Yes, I'm here to destroy you." Said Kaiko advancing toward them.

"But why?" Yami asked.

"Because I failed to do it 5000 years ago." Kaiko said angrily. She thought about it and clenched her fist. "And now, 5000 years later, I can finally destroy the all powerful pharaoh and his queen." She laughed evilly.

'We've got to keep her talking,' thought Amaya. 'It's the only way we can stop her.'

"Who were you back then?" she asked desperately.

"Me?" Kaiko asked a little bewildered. "I was no more than a servant who secretly learned how to read dark scriptures. I then realized that the only way that I can spread my evil intentions was to become the ruler of Egypt itself. That's when I decided to kick both of you, and your pathetic family, out of the palace." She said. Kaiko paused for effect. "But when I tried to do it, I was over powered and finally banished."

"And you died in the wilderness swearing revenge, right?" Amaya asked thoughtfully. "I think I remember."

"So do I." Said Yami.

Kaiko finally snapped back to reality. "It's time to finish the job I failed to do 5000 years ago!" she cried. A long sword materialized in her hand. She raised it over her head.

"It's time to finish what I couldn't 5,000 years ago."

She brought the sword down and it cut into Yami's arm. The gash in his arm started bleeding heavily. He put a hand over it to block it.

"I guess you weren't kidding," he said in pain.

"That was a lucky shot for you," Kaiko said. "I was aiming for your head."

"You're sick." Amaya said angrily. "You're twisted, stupid and idiotic."

"Gee, got anymore adjectives to throw at me?"

Then suddenly, she started glowing.

"What? NO!" she cried. "You cannot and will not take over! NO! I must destroy them!" Then the glowing stopped and Kaiko fell to her knees clutching her head.

"Kaiko?" whispered Amaya carefully. "Are...you okay?"

Kaiko finally looked up at them, but she looked somewhat different. Her eyes were clearer and she didn't look deranged. Kaiko staggered to her feet.

"I'm sorry," she whispered.

She gave Amaya and Yami a frightened look and ran away.

They stared after her, then Amaya remembered Yami. She turned to him. He had forgotten about his cut. Amaya went over and took out a handkerchief. She started tying it around his arm.

"It's unused, don't worry." She reassured him.

"I've got bigger problems to worry about."

Amaya couldn't argue with that. Carefully, she led Yami out of the forest.

"Hey!" he shouted suddenly. "The blood is soaking through!"

"We have to get you to a hospital. Let's go."

They ran to the emergency room. Once they got there, Yami said,

"I feel lightheaded."

"Thanks for making me panic."

The doctor took them right inside.

"Wow, that's some nasty cut you got there. How in the world did you get it?"

"Would you believe that I got cut by a sword handled by a madwoman?"

............Later at home...............

"You got stitches!" Yugi said wincing.

"Yep. It didn't hurt one bit." Yami bragged.

"Yeah right," Amaya laughed. "He was up on the table screaming bloody murder."

"I was not." Yami said embarrassed.

So did you?

Of course I did! I haven't seen those titch things ever!

Stitch. Are you sure? You've been around for 5, 000 years.

You're pushing it, shrimp.

You did not just call me that.

I did. And I don't care.

Well...you're not tall either!

I'm taller than you, Yugi.

I forgots.

That's not a word.

I don't cares.

"Are you guys done yet?" Amaya asked.

"What?" they asked.

She pointed to her head. "Mind link thing. Did you finish?"

"How did you know?" Yugi asked.

"I can do it too. Remember? Akira's my yami." (BTW: Akira in my story is a girl)

"No," Yugi said. "Yami's your yami."

"You know what I mean, you dolt." Amaya said. She still hadn't quite forgiven him for insulting her the other day.

"Hey kids," Gramps called from upstairs. "It's time for bed. Good night."

"'Night, gramps." They called.

Pretty soon, the three of them had trudged up the stairs quietly. Amaya was changing in her room when she heard a knock on her door.

'wonder who that could be?' she thought pulling her shirt on quickly. She went over and opened the door. Yugi stood there.

"What?" she asked.

"I...uh...wanted to say that I'm sorry,"

"For what?"

"You know, insulting you the other day."


"I was trying to hook you two up." He said hopefully.

"Hook us up?"

"Yep, just call me Mr. Matchmaker." He said proudly.

"I see you don't have a girlfriend?" she laughed.

(Anime fall) "Yeah well," (anime tears.)

"It's all right, Yugi. She'll come along someday."

"I know, but when? I want her to come now." He pouted.

Amaya yawned. "Well, g'night Yugi."

"Oh, Amaya?" Yugi asked.

Amaya turned to him. "Wha-?"

She was caught cold by a kiss from Yugi. She broke away from him.

"What...the...hell...are you doing?!" she yelled.

A door opened and Yami stepped out of his room sleepily, but all tiredness was erased when he saw Amaya's stunned look and Yugi's sad one.

"What's going on here?" he asked walking to them.

"That's what I'd like to know!" Amaya said.

Both of them turned to Yugi who was wearing a saddened look.

"Yugi what did you do?" Yami asked quietly.

"I...I...I kissed her." He mumbled.

"You what?" Yami asked, anger on the rise.

"I kissed her."

"Why would you-?"

"Because I love her too!" he shouted. "But since you have her, I can't! So I just did that so I can see what it feels like! I'm sorry! It just...happened!" he shouted. He ran into his room and flung the door shut.

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