A/N: This sort of picks up, timeframe wise, just after Bubbles, and it might be handy to read that because of what I'm planning for later chapters. Anyway...I'm kind of stuck at the moment, but this WILL be continued. I wanted to go ahead and post the first chapter up just to get some feedback. Enjoy!


Darkwing sighed as the blue armchair stopped spinning in his living room, choosing to remain slumped in it instead of getting up right away. Launchpad got out of the other chair, heading, as usual, straight for the kitchen.

"Gee, DW, that's the third toy store robbery this week. D'you think Quackerjack is behind it?" the large duck questioned a few minutes later, returning with a bag of potato chips and offering some to the masked mallard. Darkwing shrugged, finally getting up out of the chair.

"I don't think so, LP....the robberies don't show any signs of Quackerjack's handiwork," he replied, waving a hand at the chips to decline them. "In fact, if I didn't know any better..." He trailed off and shook his head, unable to voice his doubts aloud.

"Huh?" Launchpad asked, flopping down on the couch and turning on the television.

"Er, nothing. I think I'll turn in. S'been a long night," came the reply, and Darkwing yawned and stretched as if to prove his point.

"G'night, DW," Launchpad called cheerfully, his eyes glued to the TV screen while he changed the channel to a cartoon that, for some reason, was on at that obscene hour of the morning. Unable to keep from smiling a little at his sidekick's simplicity, Darkwing shook his head and started up the stairs.

'Something's too familiar about these robberies,' he thought, changing out of his costume and into his pajamas. He hated to admit it, even to himself, but the black cats and bats he'd seen leaving the looted toy stores were all too reminiscent of his girlfriend's old techniques for crime. 'But that's impossible! She gave up her villainous ways; and for ME, thank you very much,' he thought to his reflection in the mirror, and his chest puffed up a little with pride.

'But who else leaves behind cobwebs at the crime scene?' a nagging voice echoed in his brain, and he sighed, reaching for a framed picture of him and Morgana at a barbeque the Muddlefoots had invited them to. Binkie had taken the picture, and neither one of the ducks in it was looking at the camera; Drake was making a valiant attempt at appearing grateful while Morgana coaxed him into another helping of her ghoul goulash. Even though the smile on his face was hiding a grimace at the food, both of them had eyes full of love, and it was obvious that the two of them couldn't be happier.

He sat the picture back down in its place beside another photograph of he and Gosalyn with a tender smile; sometimes, just the thought of how lucky he was to have the love of his two girls threatened to overwhelm him. He didn't know what he had done to deserve either of them, but if some nameless good deed had brought them into his life, he was certainly glad he had done it.

"I don't care what the evidence looks like," he said aloud to the empty room. "Morgana's not a crook anymore." Satisfied, he flipped off the light and found his way to bed in the darkness.


"Dark? Darling? Honeywumpus?" Morgana called gently, trying to get the attention of her boyfriend, who was currently staring down at his plate while he pushed his food around with his fork. She got no response; he had been in a gloomy, half-attentive mood all night. Sighing, she nearly shouted, "Darkwing Duck!"

"Gah! What? Where?" he cried in response, jumping out of his seat and drawing his gas gun, whipping around. Morgana sighed again.

"Just trying to bring you back to this world..." She trailed off, and decided to switch tactics a bit. "What's on your mind, my little honeywumpus?" she crooned, reaching over to cup his chin in her hand after he sat back down. "You've barely even touched your cobra cutlets!"

"I'm sorry, Morg," he apologized, pulling his head away just enough to leave her hand empty, then promptly reaching up to clasp it in his own. "I just can't seem to get my mind off these robberies we've been dealing with lately...three weeks, eleven different break-ins, and we STILL don't have a real lead on the criminal!" he exclaimed. That was only partly true; they DID have a few leads....but all of them seemed to point directly to Morgana, so he was continuing to dismiss them.

"It's not one of your usual suspects, then?" she asked, green eyes wide and questioning.

"No....er, it's...certainly an unusual criminal, at least..." he began, somewhat nervously. He knew he had to at least ask her if she knew anything about the crimes...but no, if she did, she would have told him! Right? But then, if he didn't ask...

"Dark?" her voice interrupted his thoughts again. "Dark, why do I have a feeling that there's something you're not telling me?"

He sighed; may as well get things out in the open. "Well...sweetiekins..." He stopped, trying to think of the best way to say this. He had learned from past mistakes that saying the wrong thing with Morgana could end up giving him fried tailfeathers. Then, suddenly, he had an idea of what just might work. "Actually, I think I may need your help figuring out who the criminal is..."

She brightened, and he inwardly berated himself for even thinking she could be involved in the robberies; she was obviously eager to help him. "Oh, Dark! Really?" she fairly squealed, and he marveled for the umpteenth time over how quickly her voice could go from seductive to girlish.

Smiling at her enthusiasm, he squeezed her hand gently. "Next time there's a robbery, I'd like it if you could come with me, so you can see the clues for yourself. Think you could handle that?"

"Of course, my little honeywumpus," she murmured, right back to the seductive voice again as she leaned in to kiss him. He immediately melted into a (figurative) puddle of goo, and all thoughts of the robberies were forgotten for the remainder of their date.


A/N: Well, let me know what you think so far! And I know it may seem like Darkwing asks for help too readily, considering the size of his ego and all...but, look at it this way. It's either let his girlfriend help him in order to appease her, or risk getting turned into something unpleasant.