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Man, she's too formal with that thing. Hey, it's Plex. Well, all that I can say is that this story originated from a conversation where I was sitting under my dad's computer desk, and Ryoa asked "If we were Xanth characters, what would our talents be?" We got to thinking and here we are.

If you know us personally, then you would be able to tell who wrote what, but since you probably don't, I'll give you a basic rundown:

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The whole of Xanth was sleeping peacefully in the night. Looking closer, you could see castle Roogna and its surrounding area, along with a hut right along its eastern side. Suddenly, a set of joined ellipsis flew out into the dark night, unnoticed in their flight except by a certain powerful demon. He stopped the ellipsis and examined it.

"Hmmm…more from the royal line. Very well then." And he sent it on his way. But something had happened. The order was now laced with magic more powerful then the one that moved it.

As the rosy dawn gilded the skies, a great white stork carrying a bundle came into view. If one looked closely, you could see a tiny head poking out of the bag, its eyes aimed downwards as they became as large as saucers.

A decidedly feminine scream filled the air and a large, glittering firedrake appeared and got too close to the stork. A scalding stream of fire straight at the large bird, thoroughly roasting it. The bag fell downwards toward the trees at an alarmingly fast pace in a drop that no human could survive, let alone a baby

But as it hit the ground, it simply bounced. The baby started wailing.

Nearby, a centaur family was taking a walk through the woods. The dam, named Jane, dashed off towards the sound without bothering to tell her mate, Karl, where she was going. Karl and their foal, Klepto, dashed off in pursuit of the female. They came upon her in a clearing, cuddling a small human girl. Karl went over to his wife, but Klepto, ever curious, went over to the bag and reached in.

"I think it needs a diaper change," she said, grabbing a second baby by one leg as she held her nose against the smell. Taking the baby from her daughter and handing the first one to her husband, the family ran off into the forest.

Dawn walked through the door of the centaurs' hut, greeted Jane, her new friend, and sat down at the table. When they had just started to talk, two young human children came running though the room. They were boy and girl, but were obviously twins. The girl, who was riding a small lap dragon, was chasing the boy, who was running in fear for his life. Suddenly, they stopped, turned and stared at Dawn.

The boy, complete with blue spiked hair and a childish grin on his face, ran up to the table, climbed on a chair to get up to the table, which he then climbed onto. He positioned himself in front of Dawn, and grinned.

"Hi!" he said, waving and jumping just a little.

Then he lost his balance, and fell into the chair next to Dawn. Dawn was shocked and worried for the toddler and reached out belatedly to try to catch him. She could only imagine how much pain he would be in. To her surprise, the boy was not crying, but bouncing on the now soft chair as if it were a piece of elastic. He also happened to be bouncing on his head. He was grinning and giggling as he bounced, and he gave her a few small waves.

The girl, exhibiting supreme understanding of grown-up ways for a three-year-old, rolled her eyes and rode up to Dawn.

"Hi." She said, though slightly less energetic than her brother. She also had blue-tipped hair.

The boy continued to laugh as he jumped upright on the now regular chair. The girl rode up to the boy, shook her head, and knocked him off the chair backwards.

Dawn was appalled. How could an innocent toddler be so malicious? She got up immediately to pick up the boy, and when she got to him, she found him sitting there with a dazed expression on his chubby face. She picked him up and turned to look at the girl.

"How could you do that? He could have been seriously hurt!" she lectured.

"No he can't," the girl argued.

"And why not?" Dawn was curious as to why the girl thought this.

"He just can't. That's him." The girl obviously thought this was a sufficient answer, but Dawn still did not comprehend. She turned to look at Jane.

"What Ryoa means is that Plex can't be physically harmed. That's his talent." She explained further.

"Yep," both the twins, Plex and Ryoa, confirmed.

"Ah, I see." Dawn said. "That reminds me of my great-grandpa Bink…" she mused aloud.

Jane looked at her softly. "That is because Bink is Plex and Ryoa's great-great grandfather. Plex and Ryoa are your children, Dawn." Jane informed her gently.

"Mommy," Plex and Ryoa called out. Plex flung his chubby arms around her neck, and Ryoa encircled her legs.

"My…children…" Dawn was stunned by this information. She knew that it was true, because centaurs did not lie, but it was still hard to believe. She had always thought that she and her husband Jeff should have children by now, but had never fussed over the ordeal.

"Mommy," the twins said again.

Dawn sat down roughly in her chair, and Ryoa climbed into her lap as well as Plex.

As Dawn sat absorbing the new information, Plex and Ryoa fell asleep. She felt more than heard their breathing slow, and looked down. The toddlers were sleeping peacefully in her lap, contented smiles on their twin faces.

Dawn felt a sense of motherly pride swell as she looked at them, and knew that even though she was just entering their lives now, she would love them just the same as if she had been in their lives all along.

She looked down at the children, her children, and knew that they would always be as they were now, at least to her. Whenever she looked at them, she would always see two sleeping twin angels.

Her angels.

End of prologue

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