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Kikyou narrowed her eyes at the dazed hanyou. She could see by the expression on his face, he was thinking of her again.

She waited too long for this. She wasn't going to give up now.

Kikyou squeezed Inuyasha's hand and tugged him gently. The prince reluctantly tore his gaze away from the entrance door and looked at the woman in front of him. Immediately, she gasped.

It was like looking at an exact replica of her own eyes, except coloured amber.

There was so much pain within those golden orbs of his.

Was it because of .. Kagome ?

What did he see in that pitiful peasant ?

Inuyasha peered intently into Kikyou's eyes, as if he was trying to tell her, that he would never love her, the way he loved Kagome.

But Kikyou did not and will not accept it.

He will love her.

He will be happy with her.

He will be hers.

No !Inuyasha wanted to scream. I don't want be with you, Kikyou ! Don't you understand ? I don't care if she doesn't love me, I will do everything in my will to win her back ! She means everything to me, she's my world. I can't pretend my whole life that I'm in love with you cause I'm not. If I do, I know someday, I would leave you, because I know I won't and can't live a life lying to myself and to you. I don't want to hurt you like Kagome has hurt me.

No matter how hard Inuyasha tried to tell Kikyou, Kikyou did not listen. She would plead to Inuyasha with the eyes of her own. Begging him to forget Kagome and be with her instead.

But can't you see, Kikyou ? Nobody can live with someone happily ever after if they don't love them !

Kikyou, just let go !

" I will not let go of you, " Kikyou whispered, low enough for just the two of them to hear.

Inuyasha ignored the confused looks the audience was giving them and looked at Kikyou with gentle eyes. " Kikyou .. "

Kikyou ignored him again. If Inuyasha wasn't going to give up, then neither will she.

" Inuyasha, I know it will be hard for you, but it is the best. You cannot live a life loving someone who will neverlove you back. You must know that. "

The way Kikyou said it, brought a knife into Inuyasha's heart.

Why did she have to make it sound so convincing ?

Why did she have to take away the last bit of determination and hope to win Kagome back within him ?

Why did she have to do that ?

Is it possible that Kikyou is merely trying to help Inuyasha out of the pit of heartache ? Or is there something else hiding behind it ?

No, Inuyasha did not see anything in Kikyou's eyes but love and desperation.

Desperate to help him ?

Inuyasha didn't know what to do.

Now, thanks to Kikyou, Inuyasha is sure Kagome would never come back. Inuyasha couldn't hurt another being because he was thinking of himself now. He knew what he had to do.

Inuyasha looked at his feet and grasped Kikyou's hand tightly. I hope you're safe .. Kagome.

" Kikyou. I d .. "

" STOP !!!!! " a tearful voice suddenly sounded.

All heads snapped up, especially Inuyasha's and Kikyou's. Inuyasha directed his eyes immediately to the sound of the disturbance, and found himself looking at a bloodied figure at the entrance door.

Behind the figure were two guards. They were lying on the floor, scrambling to get up to pull the girl back outside who had barged in, uninvited. Inuyasha didn't see the look Kikyou had sent the two men.

The girl, who was now standing breathlessly and looking very faint, took a step into the aisle. People from the crowd gasped and backed away, but she paid no attention.

Her eyes. They were filled with so much determination and happiness. And it was all directed ..

To Inuyasha.

Inuyasha gazed into her brown, brown eyes. They were so beautiful.

It was just like three months ago.

Kikyou narrowed her eyes, as Inuyasha's widened.

" K-Kagome .. "


Kagome dragged herself painfully across the velvet red carpet, the one she use to adore back at home.

Kagome scowled. Something she normally did not do ..

She was here to stop a wedding that wasn't suppose to happen, and she was thinking about how nice the carpet was.


" Kikyou ! " Kagome managed to stutter out. She pointed a trembling finger at the woman standing at the pillar. " Y-you sabotaged everything ! "

Murmurs and surprised whispers erupted in the room as Kagome dragged herself closer down the aisle. " Inuyasha never said any of those things about me. The things about hating me and only being nice to me because I was your little sister. No, he didn't ! Even if he did, I would ask him face to face .. I would never believe you ! "

What ?!Inuyasha's amber eyes widened as he stared at Kagome's bloody figure. K-Kikyou told her that I .. I said that ?!

" I know what you told Inuyasha, Kikyou ! " Kagome grinned, her smile hollow. " You probably told him that I hated him and was in love with Kouga ! But you're mistakened ! I don't love Kouga ! "

In a more desperate voice, Kagome turned her head to Inuyasha, her eyes shining bright. " I never loved Kouga, and I never will ! The only person I would ever love .. "

" Silence ! " Kikyou ordered the room and raised her hand up. " I have no idea what you're talking about, Kagome ! Guards, take her away ! It is obvious that she has gone insane. "

" Kagome ! " Inuyasha yelled and started to walk to her, but Kikyou was still holding his hand and wasn't letting go.

Inuyasha jerked back and glared at the woman. " What the hell are you doing ?! "

Kikyou narrowed her eyes at the surprised hanyou and tightened her grip. " You are mine .. nobody can have you ! "

" Nobody said so ! " Inuyasha spat and turned back to Kagome with worried eyes. " Kagome ! "

Kagome was in panic. Dozens of guards were swarming around her and were grinning at her slyly. " You won't escape this time, little lady. " Quickly, five of the guards grabbed her thrashing arms and chained her. Three of them grabbed their whips from their belt and brought it down to the trembling girl. Hard.

Loud smacks echoed in the whole room, as a bloody scream followed it. People in the benches shrieked and scrambled up to flee. Inuyasha could not bear to see anymore.

" Kagome, no ! " Inuyasha yelled. He started to move but Kikyou's grip was firm.

" You are mine .. nobody can have you ! " She yelled and pulled him back.

" I don't see your name on me ! " Inuyasha roughly swung his fist at her face. Though it failed to make contact with her face, it did cause her to loosen up her grip.

Inuyasha smirked, but before he could escape, Kikyou grabbed him on the arms with both of her hands. " We'll see about that ! " She yelled, and swung the half demon into the air.

A crash rang through the air, Inuyasha seemingly had smashed into the piano. Kikyou wasted no time.

As fast as she could in her long kimono, she grabbed the knife next to the wedding cake, and ran up to crowd of guards. The men parted, and revealed a bloodied, terrified Kagome.

" K-Kikyou .. " the girl whispered, her cobalt eyes widening at the sight of the knife. Kikyou you wouldn't ..

" See you in hell, little sister ! " Kikyou hissed.

Ignoring Kagome's weak cries to her, Kikyou brought the knife down to the young girl, her eyes flashing for her blood.

" KIKYOU !! " a voice shouted from behind. Before Kikyou could react, a powerful hand knocked the knife out of Kikyou's grasp before it connected with Kagome's chest.

Kikyou whirled around and was immediately pinned to the ground by a angered half demon, " How dare you .. "

Inuyasha picked Kikyou up and threw her recklessly across the room and back to the pillar. Kikyou cried out when she hit the ground, but Inuyasha didn't care.

Inuyasha growled at the shocked men and knocked them all down. When he got to Kagome, she wasn't moving. " Kagome ! Kagome ! "

With the guards down and unconscious, Inuyasha grabbed the bloody heap on the ground and embraced her with ease. " Kagome .. "

" I-Inuyasha .. " Kagome's voice weakly called out. Inuyasha laid her back on his arm and gazed at her worriedly. " Kagome, are you .. "

" I-I thought .. I would never see you again .. " Kagome interrupted, her voice was barely audible.

Inuyasha panicked and growled. She's so weak she can't even hear me ! Damn it !

Gently, Inuyasha stroke her cheek with his claw. " D-don't say that .. wench .. "

Kagome let out a weak laugh as her eyelids began to droop. " I never said whatever Kikyou told you I said. I never loved someone so much, and I would never say anything to hurt him. "

Inuyasha's eyes widened and his grip on the girl tightened. " Y .. you love me ? "

Kagome nodded lazily, her eyes falling closed. " With all of my heart. "

Inuyasha could feel Kagome's life slipping away from him. No ! This can't be happening !

Inuyasha violently shook Kagome and frantically whispered, " Kagome, wake up ! Don't fall asleep on me now ! We're too close to .. "

" I .. love you .. Inuyasha. " Kagome whispered softly.

" Kagome .. wait .. don't .. "

Inuyasha froze. " Kagome ? "

Inuyasha peered into the angelic face of the one he loved. His face turned as white as sheet of paper.

Kagome had stopped moving. He couldn't see her chest rise and fall back down again. She was dead.

Inuyasha couldn't believe it. He wouldn't believe it. This wasn't happening. No .. no ..

" Kagome ? Kagome ?! KAGOME !! "


Inuyasha laid the limp girl down and stood up, unwavering. His heavy bangs covered his angered eyes, as he clenched his fists tightly. He had had enough.

Kagome ..Inuyasha thought angrily. I will avenge you.

" Inuyasha, it is useless to help her now. " Kikyou tonelessly retorted behind him, her grey eyes flashing.

Inuyasha turned his head to her. His own amber orbs were glowing and his face spelt out ' revenge '. " You .. "

Kikyou narrowed her eyes at him, but failed to hide the fear in them. " I only did this to help you Inuyasha. "

" Help me ? HOW !? " Inuyasha shouted. He waited for no answer, and lunged.

Kikyou moved to one side, but barely missed Inuyasha's claws. " If you dare harm me, Inuyasha, you will be sentence to prison for life ! "

" I've already lost my life, Kikyou ! " Inuyasha slashed at Kikyou, missing again. " What makes you think I care what you do ?! "

" You are a pitiful fool ! " Kikyou shouted and jumped an attack from Inuyasha. " Have you have no time to think about the Shikon no Tama ?! If you have it, it can grant you any wish you desire ! "

Inuyasha froze in midair. The Shikon no Tama ?

Kikyou half smirked and jumped back a few steps. Slowly, she reached into her kimono and pulled out a necklace holding a pink sphere in the middle. " Judging by your confused expression half-breed, I don't think you remember what the Shikon no Tama is. "

Inuyasha returned the smirk with one of his own and jumped at her. " It's the jewel of four souls, and YOU are guarding it ! "

Kikyou glared at him while she dodged another one of his attacks. She slipped the jewel back inside her kimono and smacked Inuyasha on the face. " And if you want the jewel, you will have to get through me first. "

Inuyasha recovered from the slap and smirked at the princess on the move. " This will be like taking candy from a baby, " Quickly, the half demon grabbed the woman's arm. " Don't worry, you'll still live. If you cooperate with me, that is. "

" We'll see about that, " Kikyou hissed. Quickly, she grabbed Inuyasha's arm with her free hand, and with the flick of her wrist, flipped the demon over and slammed him into the ground.

" What the hell .. ? " Inuyasha gasped. Pain seared through his ribs and he knew that they were breaking.

But he couldn't let Kikyou know he was weakening. Slowly, he began to push himself up, every push sending pain in every section of his abdomen.

Kikyou glared at him and slammed her foot on his back, bringing him down again. " I may be a princess, but that doesn't mean I don't know how to fight. Back at home, I practice martial arts, to overcome weaklings like you. "

Inuyasha grinned back at her, revealing a bloodied fang. " You mean we're fighting ? I thought we were just fooling around, but since you insist on playing it rough, " Inuyasha pushed a surprise princess off of him. " Then let the games begin ! "

Kikyou gave a startled cry and fell on her back. Taking this as an opportunity, Inuyasha jumped on her and brought his claws just a millimeter away from her throat. Kikyou gasped and froze, fear radiating off her aura evidently.

" Give me the Shikon no Tama Kikyou .. or I'll have to take it away by force. " Inuyasha warned, his voice low and dangerous.

" Never ! Get off me, you monster ! " Kikyou grunted and flipped Inuyasha over with her feet. But before Inuyasha hit the ground, he let his claw make contact with Kikyou's face.

His body was thrown backwards, but his talon managed to hook her chin, making a neat gash right in the middle of her face, all the way to her forehead.

Inuyasha could hear Kikyou shriek, and he smirked. He had barely moved a muscle to perform that injury.

" You .. beast ! " Kikyou scream and touched her face. Dark blood burst through her wound, seeping into her eyes.

" You're going down, Kikyou ! " Inuyasha declared, before jumping on her and wrapping his arms around her waist.

" W-what're you doing ?! " Kikyou screamed and thrashed her arms madly at the smirking prince.

Inuyasha slipped his hand behind her back and the other under her legs. Immediately dropping his smirk, Inuyasha narrowed his eyes and whispered in a deadly tone, " I have every intention of killing you Kikyou, but I won't. I will spare you, if you promise you will LEAVE .. THIS .. PLACE .. FOREVER ! "

Before Kikyou could scream, Inuyasha lifted the girl over his head and threw her across the room with a frightening speed, sending her right into the wedding cake.

As Kikyou and cake made contact, the creamy substance burst into the air.

Did I mention that the cake was the size of two Inuyashas standing on top of each other ? Upright ?

Chunks of cake and cream flew into the air, as Inuyasha quickly shielded himself with the sleeve of his kimono.

He darted to the ground, and peered through the sleeve.


Through the sleeve ?!

Oh wait. This wasn't his fire-rat haori. It was that tight one Sesshomaru had forced him to wear.

Tight one ?!

Oh no.

Short sleeves ?


Before Inuyasha could jump out of the way, he was bombarded with sweet gobs of cake. He fell on his back, sputtering the longest sentence of curses anybody has ever heard.


Inuyasha watched Kikyou's carriage take her away. To Inuyasha's great relief, Kikyou had followed her promise and leave. She didn't say goodbye though.

Not that he really cared.

She had also taken the Shikon no Tama with her too.

Inuyasha growled. The witch took it on purpose, so he couldn't revive Kagome.

Kikyou had looked over her shoulder and had said that he still had his life, but he was too blind to see it.

Inuyasha could care less what she says.

Nobody had gotten in any trouble in the fight between Inuyasha and Kikyou.

That's cause nobody saw.

Everybody had fled the minute the whips were taken out, and when they returned, the place was a wreck. The three remaining people inside, had all fallen unconscious. For Inuyasha, the smell of blood and sweet cake mixing, wasn't a very intoxicating smell to smell.

When Inuyasha woke up, he was terrified to see Kagome not there. And that's when it all hit him.

Kagome was dead.

Everything he lived for, was gone.

If only I could get my hands on that mangy wolf for sabotaging Kagome's mind, Inuyasha thought miserably. He would be turned inside out before he could even scream. I don't know where he is now but I could care less.

Turning away from the dirt road in fury, Inuyasha leapt off to the one place he could think and relax.

The beach.

His beach.

He quickly rounded the cliff corner, hoping the wind could take away the memories that flow through his head.

But at the same time, he didn't want them to go away.

They were the only things that reminded him of the one he loved and lost.

Inuyasha automatically smiled, when he thought of the raven-haired girl. He remembered how she had blown up when he had declared the beach he sat on right now, was his.

" So .. you're that annoying girl at my beach, "

" YOUR BEACH ?! What makes you think it's YOUR beach ?! "

Inuyasha's smile grew broader, as he remembered how cute Kagome looked when she was angrily poking him in the chest. Inuyasha rolled his eyes. Did she expect her finger to hurt me ?

" I don't know. I thought our argument was pretty dense .. so lets start over. Hi, I'm Kagome. KAGOME. "


" The last thing you usually call me is WOMAN ! Yeah ! "


" Yes. I think you're very, very strong. "

" I know. But why would you come rushing to my defense when you THOUGHT I was in danger ? "

Inuyasha sadly looked at the water washing up on the shore that left a foamy trail. It's because I do care. Kagome.

Inuyasha wished he had told her earlier. But it was too late now.

Kikyou had not taken Kagome with her to bury her dead body, because Inuyasha had requested that she would be buried here. He remembered Kagome telling him that everybody looked as her as Kikyou's clone, and she hated it. Inuyasha wanted to protect her, even though she was dead now. If she was to be buried back in her home, she would always feel lonely.

Inuyasha would never allow that.

He clenched his fists. If only I trusted you when you told me you didn't like that wolf bag. If only I trusted then I wouldn't have fallen into Kikyou and Kouga's dumb trap. If only I trusted you.

Inuyasha's eyes burned, and then he realized it was hot water. His face crinkled up as if he was in a lot of pain, as his lower lip trembled slightly. He fiercely wiped the water away, not knowing why he was like this. He jutted his chin out to show whoever he was tough, but inside, he felt like a child once again.

Inuyasha blinked and stared at the liquid in his hands. A-am I .. crying ?

He closed his eyes, letting tears fall. Yeah. He was.

He missed Kagome that much.

Inuyasha peered out at the blue sky for a while, occasionally wiping his face. " Kagome .. " he whispered, " I miss you. "

" And I missed you. " a voice replied behind him.

Inuyasha froze. That voice. It can't be .. Inuyasha whirled around.

" Kagome ! " Without a second wasted, Inuyasha had bolted right into the small girl in front of him, embracing her like there was no tomorrow.

" Inuyasha, " The girl spoke gently. Tears were streaming down her face. Happy ones.

" Kagome, I thought .. I thought .. " Inuyasha couldn't believe it. He really couldn't. Kagome, his Kagome, was in his arms. Right now, right here. He didn't get it. Wasn't she .. she ..

" You thought I was dead ? Well thanks a lot, Inuyasha. " Kagome laughed and slapped the shocked hanyou playfully on the shoulder. " Actually, I was never dead. I just fell unconscious and you jumped into conclusions. Though, I want to thank you for ' avenging ' me. " Kagome laughed again and squeezed Inuyasha's waist.

" Kagome .. " Inuyasha started in a soft voice, which confused Kagome. When was Inuyasha ever .. gentle ?

" Inuyasha ? What's wrong ? " Kagome asked in concern.

" Kagome .. I .. I really thought you were dead. " Inuyasha continued in a slow and hesitant tone.

Kagome cocked her head to one side and raised her eyebrows. " But I'm not ? "

" I was .. scared. " Inuyasha mumbled and tightened his grip on Kagome, whose eyes widened.

" I thought .. I lost you. I thought my life would mean nothing when you left me .. "

" Oh Inuyasha .. I told you. I wasn't .. "

" Kagome .. I love you. "

Kagome's jaw dropped into a small ' o ', but immediately gave the embarrassed hanyou a warm smile. " And I you, Inuyasha. "

Inuyasha furrowed his brows and tried to look tough, even though he was blushing like crazy. " What the hell does that mean ? "

Kagome grinned and buried her head into his chest, " It means ' I love you too ' Inuyasha. "

" Psh. Why didn't you say so then ?! It would make it a lot .. "

Inuyasha's eyebrows went up. Way up.

Before he could finish his sentence, Kagome had stood on her tippytoes, and laid a kiss on the shocked hanyou.

That's when Inuyasha realized, when he had kissed Kikyou .. it seemed almost magical.

But when Kagome kissed him ..

It was definitely, definitly magical

" Inuyasha, " Kagome broke the kiss and smiled at Inuyasha, whose never felt happier in his entire life. " I have something for you. For our future relationship. I mean, if we ever have one. "

" Of course we will, " Inuyasha quickly assured, with a tint of curiosty in his tone. " So .. what is it ?! "

Kagome smiled slyly and pulled out a necklace out of her pocket. Dark beads were strung all around, with a tooth in between every five beads. Inuyasha could tell there was something else behind that ugly thing.

He cocked a suspicious eyebrow at the girl and eyed the jewellery, " What is it ? "

Kagome rolled her eyes and dangled it in front of his face, " It's a necklace of course, silly ! They're called prayer beads. And I got it just for you. Just think of it as a .. remembrance of me if I'm not around. "

" Who said you were you leaving ?! " Inuyasha immediately demanded.

Kagome laughed, " Nobody, but you never know. Just wear it. "

Kagome giggled as she watched the confused hanyou slip the necklace over his neck. She hated hiding things from the Inuyasha but she knew if he found out what the necklace actually does, he would never wear it.

A strange pink light glowed off necklace the minute Inuyasha put it on. He leaned back in surprise and waited it for it to subside. When it did, he stuck his face in front of Kagome with an even more suspicious look on his face. " What was that ? "

Kagome shrugged and smiled innocently. " If we ever happen to fight, which I think we will, I know I'll always win the argument. "

" Why's that ? " His tone was getting so suspicious, Kagome knew he wasn't going to give up till Kagome tells him.

Smiling, Kagome pointed a finger at herself. " Because. I can always say this word to have it my way .. "

" And the word is .. "

" Sit, boy. "

Kagome burst out laughing when the sound of something big slammed into the ground, followed by a string of incholerent curses. Quickly, the giddy girl turned around and ran. She could hear the sound of something scrambling up, and she gasped, hoping she was far away enough from the red heap on the ground. Oh no, oh no, I hope he's not too ..

" KAGOME !!!!! "

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